Parents From Hell: Echo Butler and Marie Snyder charged with the beating and starving deaths of Marie’s daughters, Nicole and Jasmine

Nicole Elizabeth Snyder, 6 [2016]
Jasmine Jean Snyder, 4 [2017]

Girlfriend of missing sisters’ mother admits knowing about their deaths: police
Two women could face the death penalty in the starvation deaths of girls, ages 6 and 4
Two now charged with homicide for death of children in Lycoming County
DA calls for death penalty in case of two young girls killed, buried in Hepburn Twp.
Two young sisters starved to death are remembered in the wake of Friday’s arraignments
History of intense abuse and starvation: Marie Snyder, Michele Butler confess details in case
Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty for Pa. Women Accused of Torturing and Starving Young Girls to Death in ‘Conditions Beyond Comprehension’
Young Girls Secretly Buried in Backyard Were Starved, Choked, Restrained Before Their Deaths: Report
Third woman arrested in child homicide investigation

Marie S. Snyder
Echo L. Butler
Michele Butler


Custody Status:In Custody
Location:Lycoming County Prison
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:0010015
Date of Birth:04/14/1989
Additional Information:


Custody Status:In Custody
Location:Centre County Correctional Facility
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:210355
Date of Birth:07/25/1995


Custody Status:Transferred
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:0010019
Date of Birth:01/02/1973
Additional Information:

Parents Gone Wild! Roy Allen Stephens and Ruby Angeline Stephens charged with the malnutrition and starvation of their 22-day-old daughter, Betsey Kee Stephens

child abuse prevention

Betsey Stephens
Betsey Kee Stephens

22-day-old baby dies from malnutrition, Lakeland Police arrest parents for murder
Medical Examiner: 22-day-old baby girl in Florida starved to death
Warrick Co. Couple Charged with Murder for Infant’s Death
22-day-old baby starved to death in Florida, parents charged with murder
Man Accused in Baby’s Death Is In Court Today
Father of Starved Infant to Stay in Jail
Death Penalty Sought in Baby’s Starvation Death

Roy Allen Stephens and Ruby Angeline Stephens
Roy and Ruby Stephens

Parents Gone Wild! Amanda Hancock and Stephen Williams Jr charged with starving 7-week-old Data Hancock

child abuse prevention

Oregon parents accused of starving 7-week-old son to death
Oregon baby dies of starvation; Glendale parents arrested
Glendale, Ore. couple arrested after infant son dies of starvation
Glendale parents arraigned on murder charges, denied bail after infant son starves to death
Oregon couple arrested after baby starves
‘Online Pornography’ Couple Charged With Murder in Son’s Starving Death
Oregon Parents Accused of Starving 7-Week-Old Baby to Death
7-week-old baby dies of starvation; Parents charged with murder
Michael Williams And Amanda Hancock Are Too Busy With Internet Porn To Feed Their Infant, He Dies..

Williams and Hancock
Stephen Williams Jr. and
Amanda Hancock

Parents Gone Wild! Roy Allen Stephens and Ruby Angeline Stephens charged with the malnutrition and starvation of their 22-day-old daughter, Betsey Kee Stephens

Say NO to Child Abuse

Betsey Stephens
Betsey Kee Stephens

Visiting infant’s death ruled a homicide
Parents charged with murder after baby girl starves to death
22-day-old baby dies from malnutrition, Lakeland Police arrest parents for murder
Medical Examiner: 22-day-old baby girl in Florida starved to death
Warrick Co. Couple Charged with Murder for Infant’s Death
Lakeland police charge parents in death of infant

Roy Allen Stephens and Ruby Angeline Stephens
Roy Allen Stephens
Ruby Angeline Stephens

Monsters Among Us: Angela Darlene McAnulty beat and tortured her 15-year-old daughter Jeanette Marie Maples, sentenced to death

Jeanette Maples
Jeanette Maples

This is one horrific case. It appears to me that the mother is the monster here. And monster is the correct word, when you read all that happened to this child. And of course, now the mother says she is sorry for what she did to her daughter, Jeanette, and that she is “at peace” with her sentence (yeah, she said that BEFORE she was sentenced to death), which I believe was a ploy to get the jury to not sentence her to death. If she really is at peace and is genuinely remorseful, then there should be no appeals. She should accept her sentence and have it carried out as soon as possible.

Angela McNulty had her conviction overturned. However, she pled guilty and was sentenced to LWOP, so she is off of death row, but will never get out of prison.

Find-A-Grave: Jeanette Marie Maples
Paramedics describe finding girl’s lifeless body
Grandmother of slain teen says she repeatedly called the state child abuse hotline
Cries for help for Jeanette Maples got no answer
Girl’s step-grandmother called DHS to report abuse
Father of slain Eugene teenager ‘crushed’ to hear of her death
Oregon DHS repeatedly failed to help abused girl, report finds
Girl’s parents charged with aggravated murder
Eugene couple arraigned in ‘maiming and torture’ death of 16-year-old daughter
Eugene woman pleads guilty to aggravated murder in torture death of 15-year-old daughter Jeanette Maples
Jury to decide if Oregon woman gets death penalty for killing her daughter
Brothers describe childhood horrors
Angela McAnulty speaks for the first time about the torture death of daughter Jeanette Maples
Jury recommends death sentence for Eugene woman who tortured, killed daughter
Angela McAnulty’s younger daughter faces her mother in court, testifying against her
Richard McAnulty tesitifies against his wife, Angela
Angela McAnulty, Eugene woman who killed 15-year-old daughter, lands on new death row
Eugene man sentenced in torture death of stepdaughter
Richard McAnulty gets prison for torture-murder of Jeanette Maples, his teen stepdaughter
Jeanette Maples: Lane Co. judge unseals search warrant affidavit
Oregon agrees to pay $1.5 million to settle wrongful death lawsuit filed by estate of Jeanette Maples
Murderpedia: Angela Darlene McAnulty
Angela McAnulty’s Death Sentence Changed To Life In Prison

Deadly Women: Malicious Hearts

Richard Anthony McAnulty – pled guilty, sentenced to 25 years to life in prison
Angela Darlene McAnulty – pled guilty, sentenced to death, overturned, sentenced to LWOP


AngelaMcAnulty prison mug


RichardMcAnulty prison mug

Parents Gone Wild! Latisha Thomas charged with starving her 2-month-old daughter, Angel

Angel Thomas

Mom charged with starving baby to death
Mother Charged With Murder for Baby Death
Mom accused of starving baby to death/a>
Investigators: Baby Died From ‘Severe Malnutrition,’ Mother Arrested
Questions over whether mom sought help before baby starved to death

Latisha Thomas

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Robert Byrd murder 5/8/2011 Highland Park, MI *4-year-old boy dies from starvation; also endured abuse; Aunt, Matilda Gardner & Uncle, Randy Gardner, arrested*

Robert Byrd

Death of Highland Park boy horrifies community
ME Says Starvation Killed Highland Park Boy
Couple Arraigned On Murder Charges In Death Of Boy
Prosecutor: Couple Starved, Tortured Child
Charges expected today in Highland Park boy’s starvation death
Highland Park couple arraigned on murder charges in 4-year-old’s death
Funeral For 4-Year-Old Highland Park Boy Is Friday
Visitation For 4-Year-Old Highland Park Boy Begins Thursday

Randy & Matilda Gardner

Parents Gone Wild! Edyan Farah locked her children in a closet so she could go to a friend’s house *2 died while she was gone for over 10 hours*

Edyan Farah

Zuhar, 5
Zakariya, 3

2 Children Found Dead In Apartment
Mom Arrested After Children Found Dead
Mom facing neglect charges after children found dead
Police: Indiana Mom Locked Kids in Closet for 10 Hours, Returned to Find 2 Dead
Police: mom locked kids in closet
Police: Children Likely Died Of Positional Asphyxiation
Prosecutors Weigh Charges Against Mom In Kids’ Deaths
Mom accused of starving children to death wants privacy
Neighbors: There Were Warning Signs Before Childrens’ Deaths

Vajinder Toor murder 4/26/2010 Branford, CT *Lishan Wang arrested and charged with his murder*

Lishan Wang

Police: Former colleague kills Yale doctor at home
Yale Doctor Vajinder Toor Murdered at Home; Suspect May Have Threatened Victim Years Ago
Yale doctor fatally shot in Conn.; wife also targeted
Yale doctor shot dead in Branford

Parents Gone Wild: Tivasha Logan and Chauncey Gardner starved their baby to death

Chauntasia Gardner
                 Chauntasia Gardner

What the hell is wrong with these two? They had food for themselves and their other children, but no food for this 5 month old baby. This poor baby weighed barely 6lbs when she died. Watch the video of the news conference. Even the sheriff is emotional on this case.

Parents Charged After Baby Starves To Death
Chauncey Gardner arrest
Tivasha Logan arrest
Parents Jail Records
Parents charged with starving baby to death
Couple Accused Of Starving Infant To Death
Parents charged with starving baby to death

gardner in court logan in court
         Chauncey Gardner                             Tivasha Logan

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