Update: Michelle Young murder *Jason Young murder trial Day 4: Crime scene evidence is the focus*

Jason Young in court

Jason Young murder trial Day 4
Young trial focuses on crime scene evidence
Jason Young’s sole injury after wife’s death was bruised toe
Jason Young trial: Defense continues to raise questions

Update: Dale Stark murder *Brian Moore, Shellye Stark’s boyfriend, has been arrested for the murder of Dale Stark!!*

brianmooreHonestly, what more can I say? There will hopefully be real justice for Dale now. I am sure that Brian thought he was getting away with his part in this murder. But no, justice came calling. Yes, my personal opinion (and I think one or two of you will agree) is that Brian had a big part in this. In fact, my opinion is that he is the force behind all of this. If even half of the rumors are true about Brian, he preyed on people that he felt were vulnerable and got them to do what he wanted. And he may have said just the right thing to Shellye to get her to do this. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when she finds out that her Prince Charming (as you can see in this picture) is now in jail.

And don’t forget, he got the added bonus of having the ATF involved in his arrest. For all the pain that he has caused to numerous people, especially his own family and to Dale Stark, I hope that he rots in prison for the rest of his natural life, just like I want the same for Shellye.

Be sure to watch the video in the first link. It is long, but worth it.

Stark’s boyfriend to be charged with murder (please watch the video on the arrest – has great info)
Shellye Stark’s boyfriend arrested in husband’s murder
Shellye Stark’s boyfriend arrested in Anaheim
Stark’s boyfriend to be charged with murder
News Archive: Dale Stark murder

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