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Psycho For Love: John Eric Hemminger kept stabbing Jessica Goeble,finally cutting her throat and beating up Jessica’s other boyfriend;

Jessica Goelbe

Facebook: Justice for Jessica Goebel (group)
Jessica Goeble obituary
Jessica Goebel ‘was a bright, bright light’
Facebook: Justice For Jessica Goebel
Trial set to begin in stabbing case that shocked community
Jury in Fort Pierre trial: Hemminger guilty of 1st-degree murder in Goebel stabbing in Aberdeen
Hemminger guilty of murder for Aberdeen woman’s death
Supreme Court uphold fatal Aberdeen stabbing conviction
Hometown Homicide: Left for Dead


Psycho For Love: Brad Reay killed his wife, Tami, then got his twin brother to help him hide her body in the Lake Oahe spillway; He was sentenced to LWOP

Tami Reay

Find-A-Grave: Tamera Dawnell “Tami” Burns Reay
In Memory of Tami Burns Reay
Facebook: In Memory of Tami Burns Reay
Father says 12-year-old daughter killed mother, not him
Girl, 13, testifies against father
Man convicted of wife’s stabbing death
Man gets life for wife’s murder
State of South Dakota v Brad Reay 2009 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
New TV documentary to recount Reay murder investigation
SD – Tamara ‘Tami’ Reay, 41, stabbed to death, Pierre, 7 Feb 2006
Dateline: Deadly Affair
In Autopsy Shocker, ‘Cold-Hearted’ Man Planted Evidence Inside Wife’s Body To Frame Her Lover

The Devil Speaks: Set Me Free
Framed by the Killer: A Lover’s Frame
Dateline: Deadly Affair


Parents Gone Wild! Theresa Bentaas charged with abandoning her newborn, Baby Andrew John Doe, in a ditch after giving birth in 1981

I read about this case a month ago and it really hit me hard. Really hard. So much so that it has taken me this long to post on it. I remember this time period in my life. I was a senior in high school, ready to graduate and go on with my life. My biggest goal at the time was to get married and have children. I did not feel any pressure for that, in fact, just the opposite. But then a month ago I read this story and it took me right back to that time in my life. All I could think of was how much I wanted to be a mother and here one threw away the life of her newborn (allegedly). I cannot imagine her mindset or how she was feeling when this happened. I expect that she was scared about what others would think. However, with that said, there was so much she could have done without killing this child. Even though there were no Safe Haven laws then, I am sure that a hospital would have taken this child as an alternative. She still could have done this in secret, in my opinion. But there is absolutely no excuse or justification for what she did. This baby had frozen tears on his cheeks. It makes me cry every time I think of it. For the record, she has admitted this all to the detectives according to one of the articles. Hopefully she will resolve this case fast. After all, she hurt her family and community. A community that still grieves for this child.

Find-A-Grave: Andrew John Doe
A Dead Baby Was Found in a Ditch in 1981. DNA Helped Charge the Mother With Murder.
‘We needed to get justice’: DNA’s controversial role in solving Baby Andrew case
Sioux Falls police seeking information about 1981 cold case
South Dakota woman pleads not guilty in cold case murder
Sioux Falls Mother Charged In Cold Case Will Stay In Jail
June trial set for South Dakota woman in 1981 death of baby
Bentaas murder case to be prosecuted under 1981 laws
‘He never got the chance to live’: Man who found Baby Andrew talks about arrest
Man who found baby in 1981 reacts to arrest in cold case homicide
Theresa Bentaas, accused of leaving newborn baby in ditch, posts bond, released from jail
Baby Andrew cold case: What we know about Theresa Bentaas
Trial for Sioux Falls Woman Charged in Cold Case Moved to September
Trial of Theresa Bentaas postponed until April
Trial in 1981 infant death postponed to April
Theresa Bentaas trial for ‘Baby Andrew’ postponed for 3rd time
Woman’s trial in baby’s death 40 years ago delayed again


First Name: THERESA
Middle Name: ROSE
Last Name: BENTAAS
Inmate Number: 19-03612
Intake Date: 2019-03-08
Intake Time: 10:25 AM
Facility: Jail
Bond Amount: 250000.00
Charges: WARRANT original charge 22-16-4 Murder in First Degree/Felony Murder

Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow murder 1/6/2017 Sioux Falls, SD *Second trans murder of 2017; Joshua Rayvon LeClaire charged with her murder*


Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow

Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow just became the second trans person reported murdered in 2017
Two-spirit Sioux Falls woman second reported transgender murder of 2017
Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow Is Second Trans Woman Killed in 2017
Two-Spirit Woman Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow Is The Second Trans Murder Of 2017
HRC Mourns Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow, Trans Woman Murdered in South Dakota
Two-spirit woman Jamie Lee Wounded Arrow is 2017’s second transgender homicide victim
Sioux Falls homicide victim was transgender woman
Suspect arrested in Sioux Falls homicide investigation
Video Identifies SF Murder Suspect: ‘It shows him as the only person to enter and leave.’
Police: Security Footage Shows Murder Suspect Entering Apartment
Charges filed against man in death of Sioux Falls woman
Sioux Falls Homicide Not Considered Hate Crime
Murder suspect’s bond set at $1 million
Man indicted on murder, manslaughter charges in death of woman

Joshua Rayvon LeClaire

Monsters Among Us: Heath Otto charged with killing his mother, Carol Simon and a his 7-year-old nephew, Brayden Robert-Emil Otto

dv awareness


Carol Simon, 48
Brayden Robert-Emil Otto, 7

Brayden Robert-Emil Otto obituary
Help Brayden’s family
Carol Simon Family Memorial Fund
Joint visitation, funeral set for homicide victims
Adult son accused of killing his mother and young boy
7-year-old homicide victim was South Dakota suspect’s nephew
Man Charged With Killing Mother, 7-Year-Old Boy In Sioux Falls
Man charged with strangling mother, 7-year-old boy
Prosecutors: South Dakota man strangled his mother, boy
Name released of 7-year-old killed in double homicide
Child’s name released in double homicide
Update: horrid details of double homicide
$5M bond set for suspect in Sioux Falls double homicide
$5M bond set for suspect in Sioux Falls double homicide

Heath Otto

Cold Case: Candace Rough Surface murder 8/2/1980 Mobridge, SD *Nicholas Scherr and James Stroh pled guilty, sentenced to prison*

Candace Rough Surface

A tale too late to satisfy
Confession ends 16-year murder mystery, but revives racist claims
Brutal 1980 Murder Raises Racial Tensions — Indians Say Bail, Long Delay Before Arrest Are Evidence Of Prejudice
Non-Indian Men Arrested for Murder, Racial Tensions Rise
Confession ends 16-year murder mystery, but revives racist claims
Suspect finally pleads guilty after 16 years
16-year Murder Mystery Ends In Tears
Websleuths: Citizens Against Pedophiles Early Release (CAPER)

Swamp Murders: Murder in the Badlands

James E. Stroh II – pled guilty, sentenced to 15 years in prison
Nicholas Scherr – pled guilty, sentenced to 100 years in prison

Age: 50
Race: White
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 191 lbs.

Transaction #31569

Sentence Date: 05/22/1996
County: Walworth
Crime: Manslaughter 1st
Sentence Length: 100 years


Age: 50
Race: White
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 182 lbs.
Alias(es) Stroh, James E
DOC Number #2491
Current Facility Outside
Parole Office NA
Correctional Status Completed Sentence
Additional Info NA

Discharged 10/13/2004

Monsters Among Us: Kristopher Houchin charged with the rape and murder of 6-month-old L’Naya Love White

L'Naya Love White
L’Naya Love White

Kristopher Houchin Charged With The Rape And Murder Of 6-month-old Girl
Rapid City Man Charged With Rape, Abuse In Infant Death
Murder charges filed after autopsy of Rapid City baby
Rapid City man charged with murder of 6-month-old girl
Bond set at $5 million in baby rape and murder case

Missing Person: Pamela Dunn since 12/9/2001 from Watertown, SD *Her ex-boyfriend, David Asmussen, was convicted of stalking her, but no charges for her disappearance*

Pam Dunn
Pamela Dunn

Facebook: In Memory of Pamela Dunn
Endangered Missing: Pamela Jean Dunn
NamUs: #88: Pamela Dunn
Charley Project: Pamela Jean Dunn
Missing Woman: Pamela Jean Dunn – SD – 12/09/2001
Family Of Missing Watertown Woman Still Searching
Asmussen Sentenced For Stalking Missing Woman
State of South Dakota v David J. Asmussen 2003
State of South Dakota v David Asmussen 2006
S.D. anti-stalking law upheld
Discovery Television Network is revisiting a missing person case at Watertown that dates back to 2001


Stalked: Without A Trace

Dave Asmussen
David Asmussen

Psycho For Love: William B. Guthrie killed his wife, Sharon Ann Guthrie because he was having an affair and hated Sharon

Sharon Guthrie

Find-A-Grave: Sharon Ann Provance Guthrie
Former minister on trial for murder
Ever consider a career in computer forensics?
South Dakota Pastor Is Convicted of Killing His Wife
State of South Dakota v William Boyd Guthrie 2001
Wolsey Minister Says Murder Trial Was Not Fair
Former Wolsey minister loses murder appeal
William Guthrie v Douglas Weber, Warden 2009
Former pastor sentenced to life dies in state prison
Former SD Pastor Sentenced To Life Dies In Prison
Find-A-Grave: William Boyd Guthrie

Forensic Files: Ghost in the Machine
Forensics: You Decide: Thou Shall Not Kill
My Dirty Little Secret: Lies My Pastor Told Me

William Guthrie

Boyfriends From Hell: Joseph Robert Patterson charged with assaulting his girlfriend’s son, who has now died

Say NO to Child Abuse

The 2-year-old boy is the son of NFL player, Adrian Peterson. Joseph Robert Patterson has been dating the child’s mother. Please remember to keep the focus on the child that was killed, not on his famous father, who is grieving for the loss of his child. The child’s name has not been released yet.

Man Arrested For Abusing Two Year Old
Vikings’ Adrian Peterson’s son dies of suspected abuse
Adrian Peterson’s 2-year-old son reported dead after alleged beating by man dating mom, TMZ report says
Adrian Peterson’s son dies after alleged beating; suspect arrested
Son of Vikings’ Adrian Peterson dies
Peterson’s son dies in Sioux Falls after assault
Sioux Falls Man Accused Of Assaulting Toddler
Man accused of beating child previously charged with assaulting 3-year-old

Joseph Robert Patterson
Joseph Robert Patterson

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