Family Annihilator: Eben McDowell, suffering from a schizophrenic break, killed his family, then started shooting at the police, who killed him

Charles Klepetar, 78
Robert H. McDowell, 59
Elizabeth McDowell, 48,
Daniel McDowell, 22

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Man who murdered family had history of mental illness
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Eben McDowell

This Date in History: Richard Trenton Chase murders three people “The Vampire of Sacramento”

Ambrose Griffin, 51 [12/29/1977] (no picture)
Teresa Wallin, 22 [1/23/1978]
Evelyn Miroth, 38 [1/27/1978]
Jason Miroth, 6 [1/27/1978]
Dan Meredith, 52 [1/27/1978] (no picture)
David Michael Ferreira, 22 months [1/27/1978]

On January 27, 1978, Richard Trenton Chase fatally shoots three victims (a woman and 2 children) in Sacramento, Calif. Police later found that his home was full of human blood. Chase was preoccupied with the idea of his heart shrinking, and he drank the blood of dogs, cats and rabbits to stop it from happening. He then grew tired of practicing on animals and graduated to humans. In all he killed 6 people. He was sentenced to death but committed suicide in his jail cell before his execution.

Find-A-Grave: Ambrose Edward Griffin
Find-A-Grave: Mrs Teresa Lyn “Terry” Blodger Wallin
Find-A-Grave: Evelyn Elizabeth Ferreira Miroth
Find-A-Grave: Jason Bradford Miroth
Find-A-Grave: Daniel J Meredith
Find-A-Grave: David Michael Ferreira
Sacramento man shot to death
Killer found dead in cell
The Vampire Killer
The Crime Web
Richard Chase
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Wikipedia: Richard Trenton Chase
Sacramento Victim’s Family Shocked Haunted House Considered Using Serial Killer As Theme
Find-A-Grave: Richard Trenton “Rick” Chase

Dracula Killer
A Thirst for Blood: The True Story of California’s Vampire Killer
Vampire Killer: A Terrifying True Story of Psychosis, Mutilation and Murder

Lore: Deadly Obsession
The New Detectives: Mind Hunters

Richard Trenton Chase

NOTE: I have changed this entry as I had several people complain about 1 part of the entry. Please remember that this is about the crime & killer, but NOT about a disease/condition that the killer may or may not have had. The information from The History Channel website about Richard Chase is apparently inaccurate, according to at least 2 people who left me nasty messages. Sorry if this is/was offensive to anyone. But please, focus on the victims, not the killer!

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