Cold Case: Convicted sex offender James Lee Mayfield raped and killed Jenny Read in 1976; Sentenced to life in prison

Jenny Baldwin Read

Find-A-Grave: Jenny Baldwin Read
Murder kept wish from coming true
Trash & Treasure: The Rediscovered Life of Jenny Read
SF cold case unit cracks cases with DNA help
Church deacon arraigned in 1976 murder
Man convicted of 1976 San Francisco murder thanks to DNA cold case hit
James Mayfield, Church Deacon, Guilty of 1976 Rape and Murder of Jenny Read
Cold Case murder conviction did not violate the Confrontation Clause by admitting an autopsy report without testimony from the pathologist
People of the State of California v James Lee Mayfield 2015 (conviction and sentence affirmed)


CDCR Number AS6479
Age 75
Admission Date 02/19/2014
Current Location California Health Care Facility – Stockton
Parole Eligible Date (Month/Year) 08/2015

Pervert Alley: Teandre Howard-Kidd arrested for the sexual assault of a 99-year-old woman

Suspect arrested in New Year’s Eve sex assault of 99-year-old, San Francisco cops say

Man charged with sexually assaulting 99-year-old woman in SF’s Chinatown

Calvin Riley murder 8/6/2016., San Francisco, CA *Shot to death in Aquatic Park while playing Pokémon GO; Random attack*

Calvin Riley2
Calvin Riley

Family: Man fatally shot while playing Pokemon GO in San Francisco
College ballplayer killed in SF while playing ‘Pokémon Go’
‘Pokémon Go’ player fatally shot in San Francisco
20-year-old man fatally shot in San Francisco at Aquatic Park
Man Fatally Shot Near Ghirardelli Square
Young man said to be playing Pokémon Go fatally shot in San Francisco

Justin Valdez murder 9/23/2013 San Francisco, CA *Nikom Thephakaysone charged with his murder*

Justin Valdez

SFPD Arrest Suspect in Fatal Muni Shooting
Man arrested in fatal S.F. Muni shooting
Justin Valdez Identified as Man Shot to Death on Muni, Police Release Video of Suspect
Arrest made in Muni slaying of SF State student
Nikhom Thephakaysone Arrested in Connection to Murder of Justin Valdez, San Francisco State Student
S.F. police announce arrest in killing of Muni rider

surveilance photo
surveilance photo

Jonathan Denver murder 9/25/2013 San Francisco, CA *Michael Montgomery arrested after confrontation after a Dodger-Giants game, but has been released*

Jonathan Denver
Jonathan Denver

Two men arrested in stabbing death of Dodgers fan after Giants game
Two in Custody In Fatal Stabbing of Dodgers’ Fan After Game Against Giants in San Francisco
Man stabbed to death after Dodgers-Giants game is ID’d
Dodgers fan slain following Giants game
Jonathan Denver, Dodgers fan, fatally stabbed during fight following game v. Giants in San Francisco
Dodger fan fatally stabbed in violent confrontation after Giants game
Jonathan Denver Identified as Man Stabbed to Death After Giants-Dodgers Game
Suspect arrested in stabbing death of Dodgers fan in San Francisco
Friends of Suspect in Dodgers Fan Murder Speak
Suspect’s Father Says Stabbing of Dodgers Fan Was Self-Defense
Dodger fan stabbing suspect released from San Francisco jail

Michael Montgomery
Michael Montgomery

Murder In The Family: Dorothy “Jazz Girl” Ellingson killed her mother, Annie, later deemed insane; Did not stand trial for her mother’s murder


Dorothy Ellingson was convicted of 2nd degree murder and sentenced to 1-10 years in prison.

Dorothy Ellingson: Jazz girl killed mother Annie Ellingson (GREAT article, has timeline)
Dorothy Ellingson, 16, Slayer of Mother, Is Called Insane
Dorothy Ellingson will be committed to an institution
Confessed Slayer of Mother Begins Court Fight
Girl to deny murder stain
Dorothy Ellingson
Dorothy’s trial to end Thursday
‘Jazz Girl’ is found insane
Jazz Girl Sane, May Face Murder Trial
Girl Trial June 15
Jangled nerves of Dorothy Ellingson
“Jazz Girl” Murderess Needs Pity and Care, Not Prison, Thinks Miami Pastor

Deadly Women: Parents Peril

Dorothy Ellingson
Dorothy “Jazz Girl” Ellingson

Binh Thai Luc arrested for the murders of 5 people in a San Franciso, CA home

Binh Thai Luc

Police arrest suspect in killing of 5 in San Francisco home
Police arrest suspect in killing of 5 in SF home
Arrest made in slaying of 5 in San Francisco
SF man arrested in 5 killings in Ingleside home

Mark “Papa” Guardado murder 9/2/2008 San Francisco, CA *President of the SF Hell’s Angels shot and killed*

Hells Angels Leader Slain; Fear Grips SF Neighborhood
Hells Angels Leader Shot Dead in San Francisco
Hells Angels leader in S.F. shot dead in fight
SFPD Alert For Retaliation In Hells Angels Murder

Ronald Jacques murder 9/16/2007 San Francisco, CA *Kenoye Stroman was charged with his murder, but acquitted at trial*

  Shooting happened outside of this sports bar, Jillian’s

Metreon victim IDd – suspect arrested
One dead, another injured after shooting near San Francisco’s Metreon
Arrest In SF Fatal Shooting
One dead, another injured after shooting near San Francisco’s Metreon
One Killed, One Wounded in Shooting at SF Metreon
Oakland man booked on suspicion of murder in S.F. nightclub shootings
Bay Area Racing Limo Becomes Getaway Car in SF Homicide
DA Charges Man With Murder in Fourth and Mission Shooting
Nightclub shooter arraignment postponed
Jury acquits Kenoye Stroman in S.F. slaying
Jury Acquits Man of 2007 Metreon Shooting Death

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Suitcase Holding Human Body Parts Found In SF Bay

Suitcase Holding Human Body Parts Found In SF Bay

(CBS 5/BCN) SAN FRANCISCO San Francisco police were investigating Friday’s discovery of human remains found in a suitcase that was floating in the water near the Golden Gate Bridge.The suitcase was reported in the area of Horseshoe Cove, just 500 yards from a U.S. Coast Guard station, but the Coast Guard could not respond to the call because the discovery did not fall in its jurisdiction, according to Coast Guard Petty Officer Josh Taylor.

At about 1 p.m., a man in a sailboat called the Coast Guard to report that he had found a suitcase that appeared to contain human remains, Taylor said.


Suitcase Holding Human Body Parts Found In SF Bay

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