Monsters Among Us: Robert Charles Gleason Jr. killed Michael Kent Jamerson, then in prison, he killed 2 more; Executed Jan. 14, 2013*

Aaron Cooper
Aaron A. Cooper

Michael Kent Jamerson, 53 [5/8/2007 Amherst County, VA]
Harvey Gray Watson Jr, 62 [May 2009 Wallens Ridge State Prison]
Aaron A. Cooper, 26 [July 2010 Red Onion State Prison]

Man Charged in Amherst County Murder
Feds say drug ring killed Amherst County man over possible testimony
Man pleads guilty in Amherst murder
Man gets life in Amherst murder
Man tied to 2nd prison killing befriended victim
Va. inmate who said ‘only way to stop me is put me on death row’ linked to 2nd prison death
Va. inmate pleads guilty to second prisoner murder
Man convicted in Amherst murder faces capital charge in prison death
Testimony reveals Gleason had pre-planned death schedule for all three of his victims
Video reveals details surrounding inmate’s death in the Red Onion rec yardx
‘I’m gonna do it again’
Robert Gleason Jr., Virginia inmate who fought for death penalty, executed
With execution over, prosecutor free to discuss dealings with Robert Gleason Jr.

Robert Charles Gleason Jr.

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