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Psycho For Love: Steven Caruso stalked Sandra Benfield, who eventually turned down his request for a date; He then sent her a pipe bomb, not the usual gift of love, but this one got him LWOP

Sandy Berfield

Find-A-Grave: Sandra “Sandy” Berfield
Suspect denies sending fatal bomb to woman
Handyman guilty in bombing death
Stalker’s murder conviction upheld in pipe-bomb killing
Medford Man Who Blew Woman Up is Still Guilty
Robert Brun (executor of Sandra Berfield estate) v Steven Caruso (wrongful death)
Massachusetts Court To Hear Appeal In Mail Bomb Killing
Hudson woman tells story of attack
Slain woman’s sis urges action on long-stalled restraining order bill
Commonwealth v Steven Caruso 2017 (conviction and sentence affirmed) [read this, it has a lot of details]

The Killer Beside Me: Deadly Delivery


Offender Name:CARUSO, STEVEN
Custody Status:In Custody
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: W82295
Gender: Male
Date of Birth:
Additional Information:

Monsters Among Us: James “MadBomber” Genrich set off bombs in Grand Junction, CO, killing 12 year old Maria Delores Gonzales and also Henry Ruble about a month laterand

Maria Gonzales and Henry Ruble

Maria Delores Gonzales, 12
Henry Ruble, 43

Grand Junction bombing death case from 1991 under new scrutiny
Local murder case to be revisited 20 years later
No DNA test for bomber
Murderpedia: James Genrich

Forensic Files: Small Town Terror


JamesGenrich prison mug

Age: 52
Ethnicity: WHITE
Gender: MALE
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: HAZEL
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 160
DOC Number: 80768
Est. Parole Eligibility Date: 02/24/2084
Next Parole Hearing Date: Nov 2083
This offender is scheduled on the Parole Board agenda for the month and year above. Please contact the facility case manager for the exact date.
Est. Mandatory Release Date:
Est. Sentence Discharge Date: 12/31/8888

Genrich Convictions

Christopher Cory Marquis murder 3/19/1998 Fair Haven, VT *Chris William Dean convicted, sentenced to LWOP*

Christopher Cory Marquis
Christopher Cory Marquis

Find-A-Grave: Christopher Cory Marquis
Indianan arrested in Vermont blast
Man Arrested in Parcel Blast That Killed Boy
Bad Internet deal cited in death of Vermont teen
Delay Is Won for Defendant in Bomb Killing
Bomber sentence appeal denied
Murder by Internet

Forensic Files: Over and Out


Chris Dean

Register Number: 05438-027
Age: 52
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Hazelton USP
Release Date: LIFE

Psycho For Love: Dale Fosdick killed ex-girlfriend, Kemberly Wenger with a pipe bomb

Kem Wenger
Kemberly Wenger

Find-A-Grave: Kemberly S Dohman Wenger
Family Gives Fosdick Alibi on Morning of Bombing
Neighbor: Fosdick at scene Part 1
Crime show to feature 1993 bombing
Transcript for Forensic Files – Wired for Disaster

Forensic Files: Wired For Disaster
On The Case with Paula Zahn: Smoke and Ashes

Dale Fosdick died in prison on 9/21/2010

Dale Fosdick

Deadly Duo: Sienky Lallemand and Lisa Toney killed Marcus Toney with a pipe bomb

Lisa Toney – convicted, sentenced to life in prison; sentenced overturned, looks like she got about 23 years or so
Sienky Lallemand – pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP
Jason Bucher – pled guilty to helping build the bomb, sentenced to 15 years in prison
Sandra Lavel – pled guilty to harboring a fugitive; sentenced to 33 months in prison

Wife Is Charged In Scheme Tied To South Side Bombing
Wife faces new charges in `gift’ bomb
Man pleads guilty to helping build fatal bombs
Defendant called victim of `fatal attraction’
ID theft alleged in murder case
Man pleads guilty in 2000 pipe bomb slaying 3/13/2002
Wife’s expensive taste led to fatal decision, jurors told 3/7/03
Woman gets life term in bomb death of husband
15-year sentence in fatal bombing
Woman pleads guilty to hiding fugitive
Woman sentenced to prison for hiding fugitive
4 life sentences in pipe-bombing
Excerpt from Identity Theft Handbook
Sienky Lallemand Facebook

Identity Theft Handbook: Detection, Prevention, and Security

Wicked Attraction: Lust for Life


Register#: 1225-424
Age-Race-Sex: 55-Black-F
Release Date: 12-18-2024
Location: WASECA FCI (Minnesota)


Register#: 03365-27
Age-Race-Sex: 41-Black-M
Release Date: LIFE
Location: LEE USP (Western Virginia)


Register#: 22871-039
Age-Race-Sex: 33-White-M
Release Date: 07-12-2013
Location: MILAN FCI (Eastern Michigan)


Age-Race-Sex: 64-Black-F
Release Date: 06-24-2004
Location: RELEASED

Olivia Jackson murder 2/22/08 Lansing, KS*Sedale Fox has been charged with her murder*

        Olivia Jackson

Police: Women target of bomb attack
20-year-old pregnant woman murdered in Lansing
Woman who escaped house bombing found slain
Leavenworth man accused of murdering pregnant girlfriend faces additional charge
23-year-old man held in murder of pregnant woman at Lansing mobile home park
Charges filed in murder
Lansing Murder Suspect Appears in Court
Murder suspect may face additional charge
Lansing man accused of murdering pregnant girlfriend faces additional charge
Fetal homicide charges still a possibility

sedale-fox.jpg jared-a-reed.jpg
                          Sedale Fox                                                       Jared Reed

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