Parents Gone Wild! Rosalba Moran gave birth to her baby, then left the baby in a strawberry field to die


3300 block of Central Avenue
3300 block of Central Avenue at La Esperanza Farms Camarillo, CA

Newborn Baby Found Dead In Strawberry Field Near Camarillo
Mother of baby found dead in Camarillo strawberry field arrested
Rosalba Moran, California Mother, Arrested For Giving Birth And Abandoning Baby In Field
Mother of baby found dead in Camarillo strawberry field arrested
Mother Of Newborn Baby Found Dead In Strawberry Field Arrested
Mother of Dead Baby Found in Strawberry Field Arrested

Rosalba Moran
Rosalba Moran

Parents Gone Wild! Newborn infant found dead in a duffel bag floating in a Missouri pond; woman arrested

Dead infant found in duffel bag floating in Missouri pond
Body of infant found in duffel bag in mid-Missouri pond
Woman arrested in case of baby’s death
Infant found dead in Randolph County

Parents Gone Wild! Day old newborn abandoned in apartment building

outfitThis just makes me so angry! This newborn, and I do mean newborn (maybe only a couple hours old) was left in a shoebox in a lobby of a locked building. She was just left there like garbage. She was basically thrown away. Yes, she was left in a place where someone would find her, but what if she had not been found for several hours? She could have died. And New York has good Safe Haven Laws. She could have been just left at a fire station, hospital or even a police station. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. Just walk in, give the infant to someone and turn and walk away. No one takes your picture or asks your name. Nothing. But to just put the newborn in a shoebox and leave her like that? I hope the person who did it is found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Day-old baby girl found in shoebox
Baby abandoned in shoebox

Yes, another abandoned baby! What the hell is wrong with people?

What the hell is wrong with some people? This newborn was abandoned in an apartment building with only a blanket around her. And in Chicago right now, the temperature is about 19 degrees. This baby is so lucky to have not frozen to death. Thank goodness someone noticed the baby and called police. I hope that the parent(s) are located and prosecuted. This is uncalled for, especially when there are Safe Haven Laws. And don’t cry about there being too much snow and the weather there. The parent could have called the fire department or police department for help. They would have helped too rather than having the baby just abandoned like trash.

Baby Found Abandonded In Apartment
Newborn Girl Found In Bag Near Uptown Building

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