Thanksgiving Murder: Karlan Denio charged with killing, dismembering and disemboweling his wife, Connie, on Thanksgiving

Man accused of killing, dismembering his wife
Man with dementia accused of murdering wife
APD: Man accused of killing wife on Thanksgiving By KOB
New Mexico Man Allegedly ‘Dismembered and Disemboweled’ His Wife Just Before Guests Were Scheduled to Arrive for Thanksgiving Dinner


Monsters Among Us: Alaskan extreme skier Dean Cummings charged with the murder of Guillermo Arriola during an argument while trying to buy some property; Acquitted at trial

Guillermo Arriola

Guillermo Arriola obituary
Find-A-Grave: Guillermo Arriola
Rio Rancho man charged in slaying near Cabezon Peak
Valdez H20 owner Dean Cummings charged with murder
Ski celebrity charged with murder in county
Dean Cummings extreme: A jailhouse interview with ski pioneer, accused murderer
Murder trial of Alaska extreme skier Cummings moved to November
Skier Murder Trial in New Mexico
Extreme Skier Dean Cummings Found Not Guilty in Murder Trial
Dean Cummings, Former US Freestyle Ski Team Member and One of the World’s Most Extreme Skiers, Cleared of Murder
Top Skier Acquitted of Murdering Man During Sales Negotiation Gone Wrong
Facebook: Dean Cummings


Monsters Among Us: Leland Hust raped and killed 6-year-old Ariana “Jade” Romeo; Faces life in prison

Ariana “Jade” Romeo

Ariana Jade Romeo obituary
Find-A-Grave: Ariana “Jade” Romeo
Facebook: Justice For Jade – Ariana Jade Romeo
Rio Rancho Police make arrest in death of 6-year-old Ariana Romeo
Man charged in 6-year-old Rio Rancho girl’s death to stay in jail until trial
DNA ties suspect to 6-year-old girl’s rape, strangulation
Day four: Leland Hust trial, man accused of raping and killing 6-year-old
Jury deliberates in Leland Hust trial
Not guilty: Hust cleared of murder in girl’s death
Retrial begins for man accused of raping, killing Rio Rancho girl
Retrial begins for man accused of raping, killing 6-year-old
Man convicted in death of 6-year-old girl in Rio Rancho home
‘Little Jade can rest in peace now’
Leland Hust found guilty of killing, raping 6-year-old girl
New Mexico man convicted of raping and murdering 6-year-old girl
Man convicted in death of 6-year-old girl in New Mexico
New Mexico Man Convicted of Killing 6-Year-Old Girl Who Prosecutors Say Was ‘Brutally Raped and Murdered’


Serial Killer: Clifton Bloomfield – killed at least 5 people, sentenced to 186 years in prison

Carlos Esquibel, 37 [10/24/2005]
Josephine Selvage, 81 [10/27/2005]
Tak Yi, 79 [12/4/2007]
Pung Yi, 69 [12/4/2007]
Scott Pierce, 40 [6/28/2008]

Find-A-Grave: Carlos Esquibel
Remembering Carlos Esquibel (October 9, 1968-October 24, 2005) (nice article remember a friend)
Find-A-Grave: Josephine Agnes Hasquet Etcheverry Selvage
Man pleads guilty to five murders
New Mexico serial killer and movie extra accused of assaulting prison guard in Suffield
State pays $200,000 to inmate injured in 2017 prison riot
Prison guard charged with helping notorious serial killer escape his cell
Murderer can’t withdraw guilty plea, judge rules
Albuquerque To Pay $950K in Yi Murders
City of Albuquerque Settles Unique Wrongful Death Suit Alleging that Albuquerque Police Department Failed to Investigate and Apprehend Serial Killer, Clifton Bloomfield


Psycho For Love: Armando Zamora charged with killing his wife, Erica, and leaving her body in the Gila National Forest; Too bad his ankle monitor led police right to her body

Erica Zamora

Missing Endangered Advisory – Erica Zamora
New Mexico State Police: Husband killed missing Arenas Valley woman with an axe
Man charged with murder of wife in Silver City forest
Missing woman found murdered in forest; suspect arrested
Husband charged with murder after wife’s body is found in Gila National Forest
Authorities: Silver City man killed wife with ax
NMSP says man admits to killing wife with axe in New Mexico forest
N.M. Man on Probation Accused of Murder After Police Use GPS on His Ankle Monitor to Find Missing Wife’s Body
Convicted Sex Offender’s Ankle Monitor Leads Police To Body Of Wife In New Mexico Woods
Ankle Monitor GPS Comes Back to Bite Accused Axe Murderer


Offender Name: ZAMORA, ARMANDO R
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 35
Location: Grant County Detention Center
Race: Unknown
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: 021323
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 12/28/1985
Additional Information:

Monsters Among Us: Jason Alan Thornburg charged in the murders of at least 3, maybe 5; Bodies were burned and dismembered

David Lueras

David Luera, 42
Lauren Phillips
Maricruz Reyes-Mathis, 33
Tanya Teresa Begay, 36 [NM]

Facebook: David Lueras
Facebook: Maricruz Mathis
Three Dismembered Bodies, Including a Child, Found in Burning Fort Worth Dumpster
Police: Three dismembered bodies found in Fort Worth dumpster fire, triple murder
Biblical Sacrifice Led to 5 Grisly Murders; 3 Found in Burning Dumpster: Affidavit
‘I just knew in my heart something was wrong’: Parents of 3rd victim found in burned Fort Worth dumpster devastated
Timeline, criminal history: Here’s what we know about Jason Thornburg
Arrest in case of dismembered bodies found in burned Fort Worth dumpster; suspect connected to more killings, police say
Texas man admits to killing 5, including 3 whose dismembered bodies were found in burning dumpster: Officials
A Texas man invited people into his motel room. Then he sacrificed them and set them on fire, police say.
Man Found in Burning Dumpster Along with Child and Female Was ‘Scared’ Before Death, Says Cousin
Three ‘Burned and Heavily Dismembered’ Bodies Found in Texas Dumpster Fire. Police Say the ‘Triple Murder’ Includes a Child Victim.
Biblical Sacrifice Led to 5 Grisly Murders; 3 Found in Burning Dumpster: Affidavit
Arrest Of Suspected Serial Killer Jason Thornburg In Fort Worth Could Be Answer To 4-Year Search For Missing Woman
‘Pure Evil’, Accused Killer Jason Thornburg Spoke At Alleged Victim’s Funeral
Texas Man Suspected of Killing, Dismembering, and Burning 3 People Told Police He Was ‘Being Called to Commit Sacrifices’: Affidavit
Arrest Of Suspected Serial Killer Jason Thornburg In Fort Worth Could Be Answer To 4-Year Search For Missing Woman
Texas Man Indicted For Three Murders After Allegedly Telling Authorities He Carried Out Slayings As ‘Human Sacrifices’
Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty Against Texas Man Who Allegedly Murdered People as ‘Sacrifices’


Monsters Among Us: Sean Lannon charged with the murders of 5 people in NM and NJ

Jennifer Whitman Lannon, 39 [2021 Albuquerque, NM]
Jesten Mata, 40 NM [2021 Albuquerque, NM]
Matthew Miller, 21 NM [2021 Albuquerque, NM]
Randall Apostalon, 60 NM [2021 Albuquerque, NM]
Michael Dabkowski, 66 [3/8/2021 NJ]

Jennifer Dawn Whitman obituary
Randall Apostalon obituary
Michael J. Dabkowski obituary
gofundme: Jennifer Whitman Lannon Family Fund
Man wanted for questioning in disappearance of Sunport victims arrested
Man wanted for questioning in New Mexico case is arrested
‘No one deserves to die like that’
Bodies of 4 People Including a Mom of 5 Found in Trunk of Car in New Mexico
Man Arrested After Being Sought for 5 Deaths in 2 States. At Least 2 Victims Were Allegedly Found in Pieces.
After alleged killer’s spree, victim’s friends are left with troubling accusations
His kindness may have gotten him killed. New Mexico family mourns and waits for murder charges.
Victim in N.J. beating death was ‘Big Brother’ to his accused killer in 1980s
New Jersey murder suspect now charged in 3 New Mexico homicides
NJ native who confessed to cross-country killing spree charged with fifth murder
Grisly details emerge in Sunport bodies case
A man accused of four killings across two states is now charged in a fifth
Loved ones struggle with why New Mexico friends were killed
Man Charged with Killing Ex-Wife and 2 Others in New Mexico After Allegedly Killing Man in New Jersey
South Jersey native admits he killed five people and was planning to kill a sixth, authorities say


Age 47
Gender Male
Race White

Ethnicity Unknown
Date of Birth Mar 03, 1974
ID Number 0800246717
Custody Status Date Mar 12, 2021 11:38 AM EST
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Gloucester County Correctional Facility
Book Date Mar 12, 2021 10:48 AM EST

Gloucester County Correctional Facility
70 Hunter St
Woodbury, NJ 08096
(856) 384-4607

Serial Killer: Robert Fry – killed at least 4 people – Sentenced to life in prison

Joseph Fleming, 25 [11/29/1996]
Matthew Trecker, 18 [11/29/1996]
Donald Tsosie, 41 [4/01/1998] (no picture)
Betty Jean Lee, 36 [6/09/2000]

Find-A-Grave: Joseph Aaron Fleming
Find-A-Grave: Matthew Carlos Trecker
NM Survivors of Homicide, Inc. – In Loving Memory Of…Matthew C. Frank Trecker
Find-A-Grave: Donald Tsosie
New Mexico Death Row: Robert Fry
Serial killer Robert Fry’s conviction upheld
Court Upholds Death Sentence Given To Robert Fry
Man resentenced to life in prison in 1994 killing
Killer walks halls as execution stalled
Profile: Robert Fry
New Mexico Death Row: Robert Fry
Serial killer Robert Fry’s conviction upheld
Court Upholds Death Sentence Given To Robert Fry
Robert Fry: How One Thanksgiving Night Kicked Off A Four-Year Murder Spree
Convicted murders have death sentence vacated by NM Supreme Court

Monster Slayer

Forensic Files: Four on the Floor
Locup: Inside the Penitentiary of New Mexico
MSNBC Lockup


Murder In The Family: Candy Jo Webb charged with the murder of her grandfather, AJ Harden, whose body was found in a tool chest

AJ Harden

A. J. Harden of Lake Sumner, New Mexico obituary
New Mexico woman suspected of killing grandfather, stuffing his remains in tool chest
State Police: Fort Sumner woman killed grandfather
New Mexico woman accused of killing grandfather, stuffing body into tool chest caught in Florida
New Mexico woman suspected of killing grandfather, hiding body in tool chest, arrested in Florida
New Mexico Woman Accused Of Killing Grandfather With Fatal Cocktail Of Prescription Meds, Then Stuffing Body Into Tool Chest
New Mexico woman arrested in Florida in grandfather’s death
New Mexico woman accused of killing grandfather, stuffing body into tool chest caught in Florida


Offender Name: WEBB, CANDY JO
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 27
Location: De Baca County Detention Center
Race: White
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: 225
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: 09/08/1993
Additional Information:

Teens Who Kill: Trustin Begay stabbed to death Steven Begay; Due to his age (17) he only received a sentence of 2 years in juvenile detention. What kind of justice is this????

Steven Begay with his mom

Steven Beaver Begay obituary
Farmington man convicted of voluntary manslaughter
Man Gets 2 Years in Youth Detention for New Mexico Killing
Man gets 2 years in youth detention for N.M. killing
Man gets 2 years in youth detention for New Mexico killing
2018 Farmington homicide to be featured on ‘Murder Tapes’ TV series
True crime cable show to feature Farmington murder

The Murder Tapes: Lost in the Desert

Trustin Begay

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