Mask Confrontation: Donald Lewinski charged in the death of 80-year-old Rocco Sapienza, who was pushed during an argument over a facial mask at Pamp’s Red Zone Bar and Grill

Rocco Sapienza

Rocco Edward Sapienza obituary
Man charged in death of 80-year-old after mask dispute in upstate New York bar
Prosecutors: Buffalo-area bar patron, 80, shoved over mask request dies
Man charged in death of 80-year-old who allegedly confronted him for not wearing mask inside a bar
80-Year-Old Is Killed After Asking Bar Patron to Wear Mask
80-year-old former Marine dies after confrontation with bar patron not wearing a mask
80-year-old man dies after confronting maskless patron in bar
Man pleads not guilty in death of 80-year-old over mask spat

Donald Lewinski
(yes, he is now wearing a mask)

Deadly Neighbors: Joseph Campbell shot and killed Tim Newman over property boundaries; Sentenced to 20 years in prison

Tim Newman

Tim Newman obituary
Murder trial of Joseph Campbell gets underway in Helena
Testimony continues in Joseph Campbell murder trial
Campbell Trial: Jury presented physical evidence
Mistrial declared in Campbell homicide trial
State to re-try Augusta-area man in neighbor’s death
Joseph Campbell pleads no contest in the shooting death of Tim Newman
Joseph Campbell pleads no contest in the shooting death of Tim Newman
Campbell pleads no contest to negligent homicide
Widow of slain man continues civil suit against Joseph Campbell
Tim Newman’s Wife Settled Lawsuit With Joe Campbell, Wife Tani
Newman murder and Campbell trial will be featured on “Dateline”
TV show to look at Augusta area shooting death over public access

Dateline: The Feud
Fear Thy Neighbor: Mountain of Madness

Joseph Campbell

Dunce’s Corner: Sally Hall Sturtevant charged with automobile homicide negligence by DUI in the crash that killed Rodney Russell

Rodney Russell
Rodney Russell

Motorcyclist dies after collision with car in Cottonwood Heights
Fatal crash involving car, motorcycle closes Highland Drive
Police arrest driver in fatal Highland Drive motorcycle-car accident, identify victim
Drunk driver in fatal crash was headed to AA meeting, police say
Woman faces DUI, homicide charges after fatal crash on Highland Drive

DO NOT DRINK OR TAKE DRUGS AND DRIVE!! Save a life, including your own.

dunce1Sally Hall Sturtevantdunce1

Outrage!! Mississippi outgoing governor, Gov. Haley Barbour, PARDONS another murderer, Joseph Ozment

Apparently Governor Haley Barbour does NOT care about the victims of violent crimes or their loved ones. He apparently PARDONED 3 killers as he was leaving office this weekend. Of course, the Governor’s spokesman and the MDOC have not spoken out and given the reasons why Barbour did this. Since he is leaving office now, he probably does not care what people think. He did not even have the courtesy to talk to the victim’s families at all. I certainly hope, but do not expect, that the incoming Governor can rescind these pardons. Ricky Montgomery was shot to death during a robbery at the store he worked at.

I believe that for ALL states, laws need to be made to prevent the pardon or clemency of those convicted of murder. In most cases, I don’t believe the should receive parole either. But then again, who really cares about the victims and their loved ones???

2 killers pardoned by outgoing Mississippi governor
Murder Victim’s Family Angry Over Pardon From Barbour
Gov. Barbour Pardons Convicted Killers
Miss. Gov. Barbour pardons convicted killer
How to Kill your Wife and get a Pardon (a very interesting blog post)

Governor Haley Barbour

Deadly Girlfriends: Claudine Longet killed her boyfriend, skier Vladimir “Spider” Sabich during an argument; Convicted of negligent homicide

Vladimir “Spider” Sabich

Spider Sabich should be remembered as a great racer, charismatic personality
Meet Vail Ski Hall of Fame inductee Spider Sabich
‘Spider’ Sabich shot to death
Longet: Shooting was playful
Funeral for Sabich held in Placerville
Singer being charged with Sabich death
Longet admitted shooting Sabich
Claudine Longet pleads innocent in Sabich death
Jury selection in ‘Spider’ Sabich death begins today
Claudine Longet returns to court in Sabich Slaying
I loved Spider, Longet tells jury
Ex-Husband weeps as Claudine Longet describes how she shot Spider Sabich
Claudine convicted in ‘Light’ slay verdict
Wikipedia: Spider Sabich
Wikipedia: Claudine Longet
Singer settles with parents of slain skier
Andy & Claudine & Spider & Co.

Spider Sabich home where he was shot to death

Power, Privilege & Justice: The Starlet and the Skier
City Confidential: Aspen: Murder on the Slopes

Claudine Longet

Breaking News: Angie Dee Baker charged in the death of Beatrice Baker, who she was supposed to take care of, but did not; just let her die in horrible conditions.

angiebarkerAs many of you know, one of my major pet peeves (for lack of a better term) are crimes against the elderly. I know this comes from my grandmother raising me. And if anyone had hurt her, I would have lashed out at them! She was the most important person in my life while I was growing up. I still miss her every single day of my life. Anyway! This woman, Angie Dee Barker, is a disgrace to caretakers. I believe she is a relative as well (update: she is – it was her husband’s grandmother), which makes this even more disgusting. She let this poor woman just die. No food, no medication, bed sores, filthy living conditions. What the hell is wrong with her? I cannot say how I really feel, as I would not be considered a lady anymore!

Beatrice’s obituary
Woman charged in connection with 90-year-old’s death
Caretaker charged with abandoning elderly woman
Woman charged with the negligent death of a 90-year-old

Psycho For Love: Ask Lawrence Mangerchine what he does for love

Here is my newest post for Psycho For Love:

What do you do when fighting with your girlfriend while in a moving truck? Push her out and run her over, of course

Parents Gone Wild! Robert Aragon, who let his children try to walk 10 miles in the snow while he got his truck unstuck

sage-jenks-aragon-rightThis is so sad. On Christmas Day, Robert Aragon got his truck stuck in the snow while taking his children to see their mother. While he and another adult stay to get the truck unstuck, he let or told the chilcren, Sage, 11 (on the right in the picture), and Bear, 12, try to walk the 10 miles to their mother’s home. OK, ten miles? For children? I don’t think so. I don’t know that I could do it myself. And, in the snow and cold. Bear was found barely alive, but was taken to the hospital and was treated & released. Now their father has been charged with second-degree murder and felony injury to a child. Personally, I don’t believe it was murder, but rather neglient homicide. I don’t know what he was thinking to allow these children to walk in the snow and cold like that. However, from reports of his court appearance, he is in a living hell over this. I believe he just was not really thinking when he let them start to walk, and was just thinking about getting the truck unstuck. And then he did not check to make sure that they arrived at their mother’s, he just went home. It is still not acceptable, but we all make rash decisions without thinking. He has and will pay a heavy price for not thinking of his children first and foremost.

Father of Hypothermia Victim, 11, Charged With Murder
Father of 11-year-old hypothermia victim charged
Aragon arraigned in Lincoln County for daughters death

Share my outrage, please!

I posted this today on my personal blog, and since it is a homicide, I wanted to share it. I have not been doing much on my personal blog until today; usually just a song of the day and maybe a funny. But as of today, I am going to make an effort to post more there. It is not a personal journal blog at all. Pretty boring actually! But if you like KoRn, check out the other posts. I have been in my angry music phase lately and KoRn rules my life!

Anyway, here is the link to a post I made today and I am very outraged that this has happened in my community. The value of human life is being destroyed.

I hope that the community of Salt Lake City is outraged by this

Daniel Scott Hadley murder 6/17/2008 Layton, UT *Mother, Kamilyn Kartchner Hadley, left baby in car for 2 hours; being charged with neglient homicide*

Clearfield baby left in hot car dies
Baby left in hot car in Layton dies
Obituary: Daniel Scott Hadley
Mother who left baby in car will face charges
Mother to be charged in death of infant left in sweltering car
Prosecutors decide to charge Layton mother who left baby in car
Prosecutors to charge mother who left baby in car

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