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    July 11: 2000: Sandra Tester, 25, was strangled to death and then her mobile home set on fire in Charlotte, NC. Her husband, Jimmy Tester, pled guilty and was sentenced to 12-15 years in prison. He was released on parole 6/8/2013 and ended parole on 3/5/2014.

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Teresa Beaty and Thomas Morris murders 10/27/1973 Kanab, UT *Kenneth Lee Standrod convicted, sentenced to life in prison*

From Standrod’s appeal: The appellant and his fiancee owned a mountain cabin in the process of construction. There were seven people occupying the various finished portions of the cabin, three men engaged in helping the appellant build the cabin and two transient hitchhikers who had been picked up the day before the killing and invited to spend the night at the cabin.

After breakfast all except the two hitchhikers ingested some drugs. (T.H.C. Tetrahydrocannabinol and cocaine were available to them.)

About 1:00 p.m. the three workmen were working. One of them entered the room where the two hitchhikers were lying on a foam mattress apparently asleep. While he was searching for a tape measure, he heard loud shots behind him. He turned around and saw the appellant standing in front of the two hitchhikers. He saw shots fired and also saw a hole in the temple of the female hitchhiker and numerous gunshot wounds in the midsection of the male hitchhiker.

Another worker, hearing shots, armed himself with a shotgun and entered the cabin. He testified that the appellant had a strange look on his face and said, “So what? You’ve got a little blood on you,” and that the appellant was looking at the bodies of the hitchhikers when he spoke.

The third worker testified that he heard shots, approached the appellant, and asked him why he shot the two people. The appellan replied, “Oh, it just had to be done.” He also testified that appellant’s fiancee was questioning the appellant as to why he had shot the people and that appellant only answered, “They will wake up.”

Two of the workmen testified that appellant ordered them back to work and picked up a rifle. The two men ran and hid in the woods for a period of time. They later left the state. One went to Washington, the other to Nevada where he notified the police of the killings.

The third workman dug a hole and buried the bodies. He testified that he removed the bloody mattress from the cabin and that appellant washed the blood from the floor.

The police arrived at the cabin the day after the killing, and according to the testimony of the remaining workman the appellant then became agitated and upset and attempted to hide the mattress by covering it with plywood.

The workman, the appellant and his fiancee were all three arrested and charged with murder. Later the workman and the fiancee were granted immunity from prosecution.

My daughter is dead and I don’t know why (part 1)
Teresa part 2)
Section petition filed
Boca girl murderer convicted
State of Utah v Kenneth Lee Standrod 1976 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Killer pleads not guilty to aggravated assault


Monsters Among Us: Juan Santos charged with killing his roommate’s 6-month-old daughter, Makenzie Nevarez; Death penalty being sought

Makenzie Nevarez

Roommate arrested in baby’s death
Roommate charged with killing 6-month-old by swinging her head against a bedpost
Pompano Beach woman’s roommate arrested in baby’s death
Broward Man Accused of Killing Roommate’s Infant Daughter
Death Penalty Sought In Infant’s Murder
Father Of Murdered Girl Questions Why She Remained With Mother Despite Injuries
Mother Of Dead Baby Says There Were Red Flags Around Roommate’s Story
Death Penalty Pursued for Juan Santos in 2016 FL Murder of 6-Month-Old Makenzie Nevarez




Arrest Number: 501701550
Arrest Date: 04/26/2017
Race: W
Sex: M
DOB: 12/01/1989
Height: 505
Weight: 160
Hair: BLK
Eyes: BRO
* Location: Main Jail
* Visitation: 5B View Schedule
* Expected Release Date:


Charge Number: 1
Case Number: 140140AF10
Statute: 782.04-1a2
Charge Comment:
Charge Status: PENDING TRIAL
Bond Type: NB
Bond Amount: 0.00
Projected Sent. End Date*:

Charge Number: 2
Case Number: 17004981CF10A
Statute: CAP-FEL
Description: CAPIAS – FEL
Charge Status: PENDING TRIAL
Bond Type: BD
Bond Amount: 10,000.00
Projected Sent. End Date*:
* Subject to Change

Monsters Among Us: Kenneth Williams killed two people; Sentenced to life in prison

James E. Windham, 75 [3/6/2000] (no picture)
Deborah Fielding [4/05/2000]

Police Find Architect Slain In His Office
Slaying Suspect Linked To Attacks
Man Owns Up To Slayings Of 2 In Orlando In 2000
Plea Gives Killer 2 Life Sentences

Motives & Murders: This Can’t Be Happening


DC Number: 330812
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 6’02”
Weight: 180 lbs.
Birth Date: 10/31/1958
Initial Receipt Date: 12/19/2002
Current Facility: CFRC-EAST
Current Custody: CLOSE
Current Release Date: SENTENCED TO LIFE


Monsters Among Us: Gregory Bowman killed 3 teenage girls, but managed to escape true justice

Velda Joy Rumfelt, 16 [6/6/1977 Brentwood, MO]
Ruth Ann Jany, 21 [1978 Belleville, IL]
Elizabeth West, 14 [1978 Belleville, IL]

Find-A-Grave: Velda Joy Rumfelt
DNA Match Leads to Arrest of Suspect in 1977 Murder
Gregory Bowman guilty of capital murder
Man may now face death penalty for 1977 Brentwood murder
Bowman sentenced to death in 1977 killing of Missouri teen
Gregory Bowman Sentenced to Death in 1977 Missouri Murder
Missouri Supreme Court reverses death sentence for Bowman
Prosecutors still seeking death penalty for St. Louis County killer, despite delays, terminal illness
Death penalty sought again for St. Louis County killer
Killer of St. Louis County teen, once also convicted in 2 Belleville murders, dies in prison
64-year-old convicted killer dies in Missouri prison
The People of the State of Illinois v Gregory Bowman 2002 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
State of Missouri v Gregory Bowman 2011 (sentence overturned)
St. Louis-area 1977 murder explored on Investigation Discovery show
State of Missouri Death Row

On the Case with Paula Zahn: A Stranger Among Us

Gregory Bowman

Update: Bella Neveah Amoroso Bond murder *Michael McCarthy convicted, sentenced to life in prison*

Say NO to Child Abuse

Bella with Hello Kitty
Bella Bond

News Archive: Bella Neveah Amoroso Bond murder
Bella Bond trial gives disturbing glimpse into heroin addiction
Bella Bond murder trial closes with mom’s credibility on the line
Michael McCarthy convicted of 2nd-degree murder in killing of Bella Bond
GUILTY: Michael McCarthy convicted in death of Bella Bond
Michael McCarthy convicted of murder in 2-year-old Bella Bond’s death
“Baby Doe” case: Michael McCarthy found guilty in death of ex’s daughter, 2
Michael McCarthy Sentenced To Life In Prison For Killing Bella Bond
Man gets life for murder of toddler found in trash bag
Michael McCarthy must serve 20 years minimum for Bella Bond murder
Michael McCarthy’s defense attorney went ‘off the rails,’ should be ‘ashamed’ after sentencing, DA Dan Conley says

Rachelle Bond and Michael McCarthy

Rachelle Bond
Michael McCarthy

Monsters Among Us: Jesse Dobbs charged with stabbing his girlfriend, Kirsten Nicole Fritch, over 50 times; Also a suspect in the murders of her mom and sister

Kirsten Fritch, 16
Cynthia Morris, 37 (suspected)
Breanna Pavlicek, 13 (suspected)

Kirsten Nicole Fritch obituary
Cynthia Diane Morris obituary
Breanna Brooke Pavlicek obituary
Mother, 13-year-old daughter shot to death
Person of interest in Baytown double murder held on resisting arrest charge
Searchers find body of missing Baytown teen Kirsten Fritch
Baytown murder suspect Jesse Dobbs stabbed teen girlfriend Kirsten Fritch 50+ times, police say
Murdered Baytown teen was stabbed over 50 times
Missing Teen’s Body Found After Boyfriend Is Linked to Killings of Her Mom and Sister
Police find body of missing Texan teen, Kirsten Fritch – her boyfriend Jesse Dobbs, was arrested earlier today in connection with her disappearance and the death of her mother and sister
Court documents: Boyfriend stabbed Texas teen 50-60 times
Boyfriend charged in Baytown teen’s murder
Boyfriend charged in ‘brutal’ slaying of 16-year-old stabbed more than 50 times near Houston
Lawyer: ‘Another side to story’ of Baytown triple murder
Texas man, 22, arrested ‘for shooting dead his 16-year-old girlfriend’s mother and sister’ – but the girl is still missing


Unsolved Serial Murders: West Mesa Bone Collector – at least 11 victims around Albuquerque, NM; Will this killer be found?

Jamie Barela, 15
Monica Candelaria, 22
Victoria Chavez, 26
Virginia Cloven, 24
Syllania Edwards, 15
Cinnamon Eks, 32
Doreen Marquez, 24
Julie Nieto, 24
Veronica Romero, 28
Evelyn Salazar, 27
Michelle Valdez, 22

Who Is the West Mesa Bone Collector?
West Mesa Homicide Investigation
Police release photos to help solve West Mesa murders
Police give update on West Mesa Murders investigation
Still no arrests 6 years after West Mesa murders discovery
Seven years later, one detective remains on West Mesa killings
West Mesa murder mystery gets renewed national attention
APD seek women who may have info on West Mesa murders
Wikipedia: West Mesa murders
Accused serial rapist, West Mesa murder suspect sentenced to 36 years in rape case

Dateline: Somebody’s Daughter
The Real Story with Maria Elena Salinas: Lost Girls of the Mesa

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