Mothers From Hell: Leannah Gardipe charged with the stabbing murders of her 2 young children

daughter, 3
son, 5

2 children found dead in Missoula home, woman detained
2 children found dead inside a Missoula house
Missoula woman accused of killing her two young children
Missoula mother charged in deaths of 2 young children
Missoula woman accused of killing 2 young children
Missoula woman to appear on charges she killed her two children
Mom arrested and charged with murdering her two children
Woman Said She ‘Saved Her Babies’ by Stabbing Them to Death with a Steak Knife: Prosecutor
Missoula woman held on $10M bail for allegedly killing her children
Affidavit of Probable Cause


Monsters Among Us: Charles Michael Covey charged in the murder of 65-year-old Lee Nelson

Missoula PD seeking community help with homicide investigation
Name of Missoula homicide victim released
Missoula police arrest homicide suspect
Suspect in Missoula homicide case arrested
‘Heinous accusations’ warrant $1M bond
Father asks for maximum penalty
“To me, this kid, I don’t know him”; Father speaking out after son is arrested for murder
Prosecutors outline charges against man suspected in downtown Missoula murder


Boyfriends From Hell: Convicted sex offender Marc Allen Palmer charged with smothering his girlfriend’s 5-month-old baby, Brayden Beal

stand up for children

Convicted child rapist held on $500,000 bond on charges he smothered an infant in Missoula
25-year-old Missoula man charged with killing infant
Missoula man charged with homicide in baby’s suffocation
Missoula Man Charged With Deliberate Homicide For Allegedly Smothering Infant – Held on $500,000 Bond
Man arrested for infant’s death
Missoula man charged with homicide in baby’s suffocation
Sex Offender Registry: Palmer, Marc Allen


Marc Allen Palmer

Age: 25
Booking ID: 2016-00003425
Booked: 7/6/2016 10:11:46 AM
MANS#: 3201G1602440

List of Charges followed by Court Appearances

Charge(s): 2 Homicide, Deliberate
Crime Type: Felony
Arresting Agency/Officer: MPD/Trowbridge, Kurt
Bond/CFS: $500,000
Cash/Surety: Cash/Surety
Court Appearance(s)
To Appear in: Justice on Wednesday, July 6, 2016 02:30PM

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