Amber Alert: Michelle Smith missing since 2/17/08 from Garden City, GA

Michelle Smith

Abduction Alert Issued for 14-Year-Old Girl
Authorities Search for Missing Girl
Police Search For Missing 14-Year-Old Girl
Police Issue Abduction Alert for 14-Year-Old Girl

Amber Alert: Sarah Coronado missing since 2/5/08 from Houston, TX

         Sarah Coronado

Amber Alert: Have you seen me?
Amber Alert Issued For Girl, 14
Amber Alert issued for missing teen
Amber Alert Issued for 14-Year-Old Girl

Breaking News: Joran van der Sloot confesses to the murder of Natalee Holloway, then says it is a lie

Joran van der Sloot             Natalee Holloway

Aruban Prosecutor Considers Hidden Camera Footage of Holloway Suspect Admissible in Court
Ex-Holloway suspect admits role in video
Holloway Prosecutor to Seek New Arrest Warrant
Prosecutor Believes Footage Admissible
Joran van der Sloot remains at liberty
Holloway Suspect: ‘I Know What Happened’
Meet the Man Who Got Van Der Sloot to Talk About Holloway’s Disappearance

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Missing Teen: Francesca Ballard since 7/14/2007 from Beaverton, OR

Francesca Ballard

Francesca Ballard
Endangered Runaway: FRANCESCA BALLARD (OR)

Missing Child: Tiffany Anderson since 1/11/08 from Birmingham, AL

                                  Tiffany Anderson

Missing Child: Tiffany Anderson

Missing: Brittnee Plant from Mesa, AZ since 11/21/07

Brittnee Plant

Mesa P.D. looking for missing teen
Police seek Mesa girl missing two weeks
Mesa Teen Missing For 12 Days
Missing Arizona Teen May Be With 19-Year Old Man
Missing Mesa girl may be with 19-year-old man

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