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Monsters Among Us: Patric Ferguson charged with kidnapping and killing, while on duty as a police officer, Robert Howard; Ferguson has confessed and the murder was caught on video

Robert Howard

Memphis Police officer charged with murder, kidnapping in man’s death
Victim’s body recovered in connection to kidnapping, murder involving on-duty Memphis officer
MPD: Victim’s body found after officer confesses to murder, kidnapping on duty
Body found, after MPD officer confesses to murder of missing man
On-duty Memphis Police Department officer accused in man’s kidnapping and killing
Affidavit: Killing of man by on-duty Memphis police officer captured on surveillance camera
Family of man fatally shot by on-duty MPD officer in the back of a squad car explains what they think led up to the murder
Family of man allegedly kidnapped and murdered by MPD officer speaks out
Police Officer Allegedly Kidnaps Man At Gunpoint, Forces Him Into Patrol Car Before Killing Him, All While On Duty
Tenn. Cop Accused of Kidnapping Man into Patrol Car and Killing Him While on Duty
A Memphis police officer has been charged with kidnapping and killing a man while on duty
Memphis police officer arrested, charged with murdering man while on duty
Former Memphis police officer indicted on murder charge

Patric Ferguson
Joshua Rogers



Psycho For Love: Chancy Jones killed his mistress, Phyllis Malone; Sentenced to 24 years in prison with no parole

Phyllis Malone

Phyllis Malone obituary
MPD officer charged in woman’s murder
Ex-officer says woman he killed was blackmailing him
Former police officer convicted of murdering girlfriend
Ex-officer gets 24 years in girlfriend shooting
State of Tennessee v Chancy Jones 2012 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Murder by Memphis Police Officer to be Featured on TV One’s Fatal Attraction
[TN] Officer no more: Chancy Jones sentenced to 24 years for murdering girlfriend Phyllis Malone

Fatal Attraction: Law and Murder
Southern Gothic: Memphis Blues


Memphis, TN Mass Shooting: Jadarius Mobley charged with killing 2 men and wounding others during a dice game

Marcus Conway, 18
Marquese Taylor, 22

Gambling-related shooting in Tennessee leaves 2 dead, 4 wounded
Victims identified in shooting that left 4 people wounded, 2 dead
Arrest made in shooting which left 2 dead, multiple injured
Memphis teen charged in killings over a ‘gambling feud
Mass-shooting in Shelby County was over gambling dispute, authorities say
Man Charged In Deadly Shooting During Dice Game In North Shelby County

Jadarrius Mobley

Update: Lorenzen Wright murder *Two people, Billy R. Turner and Sherra Wright-Robinson, Lorenzen’s ex-wife, charged with his murder*

Lorenzen Wright

News Archive: Lorenzen Wright murder
Lorenzen Wright obituary
Murder weapon found in Mississippi; NBA player’s ex-wife charged in California
Man arrested in 2010 murder of former NBA player Lorenzen Wright
Billy Turner pleads not guilty to killing Lorenzen Wright
Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife Sherra Wright arrested in California, charged with first-degree murder and conspiracy
Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife has been charged with murder in his 2010 slaying
Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-Wife Arrested, Charged With First-Degree Murder
Sherra Wright, ex-wife of NBA star Lorenzen Wright, extradition hearing reset for Wednesday
Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife arrested in connection to NBA star’s murder seven years ago
Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife and his accused killer attended church together
Lorenzen Wright’s former personal assistant said his ex-wife threatened him early on
Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife in wheelchair during court hearing
Slain NBA star Lorenzen Wright’s ex-wife appears in California court
Five things to know about Sherra Wright, charged with the murder of Lorenzen Wright
‘That’s Sherra’: Lorenzen Wright’s mother not surprised by ex-wife’s misbehavior that led to $20M bond

Sherra Wright-Robinson
Billy Turner

Parents Gone Wild! Convicted sex offender and father of Josiah, Terry Patterson is charged with killing his 3-year-old son

Say NO to Child Abuse

Josiah Patterson
Josiah Patterson

Why did the “father” allegedly do this? Because this 3-year-old angel spit food on the couch. Patterson has admitted that he hit his son several times with a belt and his fists. Another curious thing is that he is a convicted sex offender, but he got visitation with his son, and not supervised visits. I do hope that whoever decided this will have to take responsibility for this. A 3-year-old child paid the ultimate price for this huge mistake.

Father arrested for killing 3-year-old son
Father charged in death of 3-year-old son
Man faces murder charges in death of his 3-year-old son after toddler spit food on a couch
Father accused of killing toddler is a sex offender
Man told police he punched, beat son with belt before he died
Justice for Josiah (donations for this child’s funeral)

Terry Patterson
Terry Patterson

Deadly Wives: Gaile Owens had her husband, Ron Owens, killed with a tire iron; Sentenced to death, which was overturned; Released on parole 10/07/2011

DV 2014

Ron Owens

Police report
Woman ruled accessory in murder of husband
Murderpedia: Gaile Kirksey Owens
Murderpedia: Sidney Porterfield
Sidney Porterfield v State of Tennessee 2013
Bredesen commutes death sentence of Bartlett’s Gaile Owens
Former Death Row inmate Gaile Owens released
Former death row inmate Gaile Owens released on parole
Gaile Owens’ hitman dies on death row
Hit man for Gaile Owens dies on Tennessee’s death row
No Angel, No Devil

Deadly Women: To Have and To Kill

Owens and Porterfield

Gaile Owens – convicted, sentenced to death, commuted to life; Released on parole 10/07/2011
Sidney Porterfield -convicted, sentenced to death; Died on death row on 5/21/2014

Parents Gone Wild! Andrea Walker killed her 7-week-old baby girl, Aniston Walker; Sentenced to 4 years in prison (suspended) and 4 years probation*

Say NO to Child Abuse

Aniston Walker
Aniston Walker

Missing: Help bring me home: Aniston Walker
Andrea Walker Posts Bond; Daughter Still Missing
Aniston Walker’s body found, Andrea Walker arrested
Timeline for Baby Aniston
Mom of missing Tenn. baby arrested by police
Baby found in ditch by motorcyclist confirmed to be Aniston Walker
Baby found in ditch by motorcyclist confirmed to be Aniston Walker
Baby Aniston’s body found in ditch, mother charged with murder
Mother of Missing Memphis Baby Charged With Murder
Missing Memphis Baby Aniston Found Dead in Ditch, Mom Andrea Walker Arrested
Police chief: I would say the body has been there for some time
Aniston Walker’s Death Ruled A Homicide
No prison sentence for mother in death of baby Aniston
Probation for Andrea Walker in plea over daughter’s death
Andrea Walker pleads guilty in baby’s death


Andrea Walker

Booking Number: 14201444
Booked Date: 02/17/2014 12:27
Date of Birth: 05/04/1980


Date: 02/27/2014
Division: GS13
Docket Number: 1420144401
Session: 1

Update: Charlene Gaither murder *Boyfriend James Hawkins convicted, sentenced to death*


Charlene Gaither

Charlene Gaither murder 2/12/2008 Memphis, TN *Boyfriend, James Hawkins, charged with her murder and dismemberment; made her daughter help*
Find-A-Grave: Charlene Gaither
Trial: Man forced daughter to help dismember mom
Jurors see spot where dismembered body was found
James Hawkins guilty of killing and dismembering wife, raping daughter (EXCELLENT post)
James Hawkins sentenced to death in Memphis dismemberment murder trial
James Hawkins – Tennessee Death Row



TOMIS ID: 00293321
Birth Date: 07/24/1977
Race: B
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: RMSI
Sentence Begin: 02/16/2008
Sentence End:
Parole Eligibility:
Parole Hearing: 10/05/2009
Hearing Result: CONTINUED

Please read my comment policy before making a comment. If you violate it, I will not approve your comment. Especially such things as typing in ALL CAPS or using an obvious fake name and email address (like anonymous, unknown, etc.). If I see these, I don’t even read the comment, just send it to spam. Have some respect.

Psycho For Love: Joe Caronna convicted of the murder of his wife, Tina Murphy Caronna


Tina Murphy Caronna
Tina Murphy Caronna

Body found inside missing woman’s vehicle
Body identified as that of missing woman
Police in Bartlett continue to investigate woman’s mysterious murder
Police search for Bartlett man in wife’s death
Joe Caronna captured in Jackson, Tennessee
LIVE BLOG: Joe Caronna trial, day 1
Live Blog: Joe Caronna trial, day 2
Live Blog: Joe Caronna trial, day 3
Joe Caronna’s best friend takes the stand at murder trial (there are some other story links on the left hand side)
Live Blog: Joe Caronna trial, day 4
Witness admits to affair with Joe Caronna
Secret recordings between mistress, Caronna played at trial
Live Blog: Joe Caronna trial, day 5
Live Blog: Joe Caronna trial, day 6
Live Blog: Joe Caronna trial, day 7
Caronna’s defense claims Bartlett PD botched investigation
Live Blog: Joe Caronna trial, day 8
Closing arguments made at Caronna trial, jury deliberates
Jury Finds Joe Caronna Guilty of Wife’s Murder
Jury Finds Joe Caronna Guilty of Wife’s Murder
Joe Caronna guilty of killing wife in 2008
Memphis jury finds Joseph Caronna guilty of killing his wife
Caronna guilty; Victim’s mother, son relieved by verdict
Tina Caronna Murder Investigation Uncovers Financial Fraud, Secret Affair

48 Hours: The Usual Suspect
My Dirty Little Secret: The Price of Murder



TOMIS ID: 00517518
Birth Date: 05/08/1964
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: WCFA
Sentence Begin: 04/28/2009
Sentence End:
Parole Eligibility: 02/07/2068
Parole Hearing:
Hearing Result:

Parents Gone Wild! Maurice Brown Sr. charged with child neglect when his 3-year-old son is found dead in a dumpster; may face murder charges

Maurice Brown Jr.

Missing toddler found dead in dumpster
Memphis police confirm body found that of missing three year old
Missing child found dead in South Memphis trash bin
Missing Toddler’s Body Found in Dumpster
Missing Mempis Boy Maurice Brown Found Dead In Dumpster, Father Arrested As Key Suspect
Body found in Memphis is that of missing boy Maurice Brown Jr.
Outrage over Death of Little Boy Found in Dumpster
Funeral home extends services to family of missing child found dead

Maurice Brown Sr.

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