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Deborah Ann Correge murder 8/13/1993 New Orleans, LA *William Silva convicted of her rape and murder, sentenced to LWOP*

On 15 August 1993, the victim’s boyfriend, Richard Sharpe, found her dead in her apartment at 3316 DeSoto Street. She had been severely beaten and strangled and had been dead for several days. Her night shirt had been pulled above her waist. However, there was no trauma to her vagina, and no seminal fluid was discovered. Although the house was not ransacked, the house was not as neat as the victim usually kept it. Valuables had been left intact. However, one of three rings the victim wore had been removed, and a watch was missing. Initially, Sharpe was a suspect in the crime, but he was absolved.

On 24 May 1994, a group of the defendant’s friends went to police headquarters and reported that several nights earlier when they were with the defendant at a bar drinking, the defendant told them he had killed the victim, who had been his next door neighbor. He said that he had gone to her house to help her with her air conditioner, that she had bent over and he had seen her buttocks. He became aroused and started to have sex with her. Whether or not she had given her consent was not clear. During sex, he went “crazy” and began beating the victim in the face numerous times with brass knuckles.

He burned his clothes in a smoker at his girlfriend’s house.

The victim’s face had indentations in the pattern of brass knuckles. Several witnesses testified that the defendant had owned a pair of brass knuckles.

When the defendant was arrested, he immediately confessed after having been given his Miranda rights.

Remnants of clothes were discovered in the smoker. The defendant’s friend, Ryan Liner, testified that the defendant had given him the watch and the ring. He, in turn, had given the watch to his girlfriend, and pawned the ring. The watch was identified as the victim’s at trial.

Find-A-Grave: Deborah Ann “Debbie” Correge
William Silva v State of Louisiana 1997 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
William Silva v State of Louisiana 1998 (writ denied)

The Detectives Club: New Orleans: Murder By The Bayou


Offender Name: SILVA, WILLIAM
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 44
Location: Dixon Correctional Institute
Race: White
Contact Facility: Louisiana Department of Corrections


Monsters Among Us: LaMondre Tucker killed his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Tavia Sills; Sentenced to death

dv awareness

Tavia Sills

Find-A-Grave: Tavia Sills
Friends And Family Say Goodbye To Tavia Sills
Lamondre Tucker sentenced to death, mother arrested
Death by lethal injection: Tucker sentenced for Sills murder
Video evidence: Marcus Taylor describes Tavia Sills’ murder
Jury finds Marcus Taylor guilty of manslaughter
Shreveport man sentenced to 30 years for role in pregnant teen’s death
Convicted killer found guilty of trying to tamper with jury
Louisiana Supreme Court upholds Shreveport killer’s conviction, death sentence
State of Louisiana v LaMondre Tucker 2015 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Shreveport mother says she forgives her daughter’s killer
LaMondre Tucker – Louisiana Death Row (lots of articles)

Fatal Attraction: What Lies Beneath
Murder Chose Me: Something in the Water

LaMondre Tucker – convicted, sentenced to death
Marcus Taylor – convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 30 years in prison



Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 26
Location: Louisiana Department of Corrections
Race: African American



Offender Name: TAYLOR, MARCUS A
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 30
Location: Louisiana Department of Corrections
Race: African American

Will Smith murder 4/9/2016 New Orleans, LA *Cardell Hayes convicted of manslaughter; Sentencing will be Feb. 17, 2017*


Will Smith, former Saints player, shot dead at scene of crash
Ex-NFLer Will Smith’s death: Suspect didn’t start fight, attorney says
Will Smith Death (several articles)
Cardell Hayes crashed his Hummer into Will Smith’s SUV on purpose, expert says
Will Smith standing upright when shot by Cardell Hayes, pathologist says
Will Smith’s Widow: ‘He Didn’t Have to Do That to My Baby’
Will Smith shooting trial Day 6: Closing arguments Sunday in Will Smith shooting
Cardell Hayes-Will Smith trial: 5 things learned Sunday
Will Smith death: Man who killed NFL star guilty of manslaughter
Ex-New Orleans Saints Star Will Smith’s Killer Guilty of Manslaughter
Racquel Smith releases statement after guilty verdict

Cordell Hayes

Bourbon Street mass shooting: Demontris Toliver killed while in town for his birthday; 10 others injured; Two suspects being sought

Demontris Toliver

Demontris Toliver, DOB: 11-20-1991, from New Orleans (Shot to chest and shoulder blade area. Died at hospital). He had also lived in Baton Rouge.
DOB: 2-20-1995, from Lafayette (Shot to hip)
DOB: 9-24-1994, from New Orleans (Graze wound to buttocks)
DOB: 8-11-1995, from Mississippi (Shot to outer ankle)
DOB: 6-6-1992, from Baton Rouge (Shot to chest area and hand)
DOB: 12-26-1993, from Eunice (Shot to knee)
DOB: 8-29-1994, from New Orleans (Shot to hand)
DOB: 2-7-1979, from Zachary, (Shot to back of knee)
DOB: 8-2-1991, from Lafayette (Shot to thigh)
DOB: 8-2-1996, from Scott, LA (Shot to wrist, shoulder and chest area

1 dead, 9 hurt in shooting in New Orleans French Quarter
Memorial Fund: Demontris Toliver
Nine injured, one killed in shooting on Bourbon Street in NOLA after the Bayou Classic
Bourbon Street, New Orleans Shooting Leaves 1 Dead, 9 Hurt: Police
Bourbon Street shooting: Baton Rouge artist slain while in town for birthday
NOPD: One person dead, nine others injured after shooting on Bourbon Street
Police identify man fatally wounded in New Orleans shooting that left 9 others injured
NOPD identifies victim killed in Bourbon Street shooting; gunmen still at large
Four victims with Acadiana ties shot in New Orleans on Bourbon Street

Deadly Wives: Emma Jean Raine killed her husband, Ernest Smith; She is a suspect in at least one of her other husband’s murder (she has had at least 3)

dv awareness

Ernest Smith, 38 [4/15/2006]
James Raine (suspect) [2011]

Hit man convicted of killing first of three men who died linked to same woman
Police arrest woman in 2006 murder-for-hire plot in eastern New Orleans
Coast woman, accused of hiring hit man to kill third husband, faces fraud charges
Thrice-widowed Mississippi woman on trial in 2nd husband’s death
‘Greed…and infidelity’: Widow’s murder trial begins in New Orleans
3-time widow on trial in 2nd husband’s death
Thrice-widowed Mississippi woman convicted in 1 murder
Thrice-widowed woman found guilty of murdering 2nd husband in New Orleans
Thrice-widowed woman convicted of killing her second husband
Thrice-widowed Emma Raine gets life sentence for New Orleans murder of 2nd husband
4th husband of thrice-widowed woman convicted of murder says she’s innocent

Emma Jean Raine – convicted, sentenced to LWOP
Alfred Everette – convicted, sentenced to LWOP



Offender Name: RAINE, EMMA
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 52
Location: St. Charles Parish Jail
Race: African American
Contact Facility: St. Charles Parish Jail



Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 31
Location: Louisiana State Penitentiary
Race: African American
Contact Facility: Louisiana Department of Corrections

Deadly Girlfriends: Kimethia Shanae Coleman killed her boyfriend, Air Force Staff Sgt Brian Spinks; Sentenced to LWOP


Sgt Brian Dennis Spinks

Find-A-Grave: Sgt Brian Dennis Spinks
Barksdale Sergeant completes final mission
Treatment ordered for suspect in Barksdale airman’s death
Trial set for woman accused of fatally stabbing Airman
Day 1: Opening statements wrap in Coleman murder trial
Murder trial update: Coleman breaks down in court
Murder trial update: Coleman breaks down in court
Day 3: Prosecution rests in Kimethia Coleman trial
Coleman trial: Day 4: Coleman takes the stand
Coleman trial day 5: Back on the stand
Coleman trial day 6: Jury begins deliberations
911 tapes from Kimethia Coleman murder trial released
Coleman found guilty of 2nd degree murder
Kimethia Coleman sentenced in murder case
Woman sentenced to life in death of Barksdale airman
Court denies appeal in airman stabbing murder conviction

Kimethia Shanae Coleman

Monsters Among Us: Eric Dale Mickelson killed at least 2 people; Sentenced to LWOP


Kristi O’Pry, 26
Charles Martin, 86

Kristi Gwen O’Pry Living Memorial
Remembering Kristi O’Pry 20-years later
Plea deal gets Shreveport woman life in prison for murder of retired painting contractor
Suspect In 14 Year Old Murder In Court Today
Shreveport Woman Pleads Guilty in Murder Case
Conviction, death penalty overturned for confessed killer Eric Mickelson
Eric Mickelson’s retrial for 2007 murder, dismemberment begins in Shreveport
Caddo jury sentences Eric Mickelson to life in prison
Eric Mickelson Charged With O’Pry Murder
Mickelson’s ‘Other’ Confessed Killings
Charley Project: Kristi Gwen O’Pry

On the Case with Paula Zahn: The Answer Was No

Eric Mickelson – convicted, sentenced to death; conviction & sentence overturned; sentenced to LWOP
Beverly Susane Arthur – pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP



Offender Name: MICKELSON, ERIC D
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 47
Location: Louisiana State Penitentiary
Race: White
Contact Facility: Louisiana Department of Corrections



Offender Name: ARTHUR, BEVERLY S
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 48
Location: Louisiana Department of Corrections
Race: White
Contact Facility: Louisiana Department of Corrections

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