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    August 18: 1987: Ember Kimberly Mars, 27, was raped and murdered in her Kearns, UT apartment by David Franklin Young.  He was convicted and sentenced to death.  His conviction and sentence was overturned. He was reconvicted and sentenced to LWOP.  He was also convicted of murders in Illinois and Indiana.  He is serving his sentences out of the State of Utah.

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Drexelle McBride murder 7/15/2002 Shreveport, LA *Alisha J. Disotell pled guilty to manslaughter, sentenced to 30 years hard labor in prison*

remember-the-victimsFrom Disotell’s appeal: The matters of record show that on July 15, 2002, the victim, Drexelle McBride, was found shot to death in his van on South Lakeshore Drive near the American Legion Post which he frequented.   Investigation disclosed he had last been seen drinking heavily at a Shreveport bar in the company of Disotell.   Disotell, whose record reflects a prostitution-related offense, was at the bar for the purpose of engaging in prostitution.   When the victim and Disotell left the bar, the victim said Disotell was going to drive him home and that he would pay for her cab back to the bar.   The following day, detectives located the suspect, Disotell, at a motel near the bar.   Defendant claimed the victim had tried to rape her and that she shot him in self defense.   However, the victim’s wallet was never found.   Disotell had not  reported the alleged attempted rape, but had called a third party to drive her from the scene of the homicide.

State of Louisiana v Alisha J. Disotell 2004
Drexelle McBride: On ‘Murder Chose Me’ Vietnam vet shot, killed by prostitute
Series featuring former Shreveport homicide detective set to premiere on ID
Caddo DA homicide detective key to new TV series

Murder Chose Me: Looking For Love


Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 39
Location: Louisiana Department of Corrections
Race: White


Nicholas Cox murder 11/24/2001 Caddo Parish, LA *Alan James convicted, sentenced to LWOP*

nicholas-coxFrom James’ appeal: The victim, Nicholas Cox, on leave from the United States Navy, had returned to his home in Bossier City, Louisiana, during the month of November 2001. While at home, he visited with family and friends. Cox was scheduled to return to duty in Virginia on Monday, November 26, 2001.

On Saturday, November 24, 2001, the victim left Bossier City on his way to Virginia to return to military duty. Before beginning his trip to Virginia, Cox stopped to see defendant, a friend of his, who resided with his sister Tameka in Shreveport, Louisiana. Cox and defendant left in Cox’s 1996 white Ford Crown Victoria to get something to eat from the corner store. Defendant was armed with a .32 black automatic pistol “for protection.” The gun belonged to defendant’s friend Jeremy Gray. Cox and defendant left the store, with defendant driving because Cox was eating. There was no evidence of an argument or bad blood between the two friends on that date.

During the afternoon of November 24, 2001, Nicholas Cox received a fatal gunshot wound to the head while inside his Crown Victoria. There were no witnesses to the shooting, and the weapon was not recovered. Defendant admitted to shooting Cox with the .32 automatic that defendant had in his possession. Defendant, however, claimed that the shooting was accidental. According to defendant, while driving, he took the gun out of his pants. Cox saw the gun and asked defendant whether the weapon was loud when it was fired. Defendant rolled his window down, put his left arm out the window and fired the gun, which then jammed. Defendant stated that he attempted to clear the jam with his left hand on the handle and trigger and his right hand on top of the gun. Defendant stated that he was still driving while trying to clear the jam in the handgun and the weapon fired just as Cox was leaning forward to put his trash onto the passenger floorboard. The bullet struck Cox in the head. Defendant put Cox’s body in the trunk of the car and drove around for approximately two hours, stopping at the homes of two friends and his own residence before driving to Greenwood where he buried Cox’s body in a wooded area.

On November 27, 2001, the parents of Nicholas Cox filed a missing persons report with the Bossier City Police Department, because they had not heard from their son since he left to return to active duty on November 24, 2001. On November 27, Cox’s mother, Verandia Sanders, received a call from an employee of Sarpy Medical Clinic, who informed her that her 1996 Ford Crown Victoria was sitting in their parking lot on Jewella Avenue in Shreveport.1 Mrs. Sanders called the Shreveport Police Department to inform them of the location of the car.

SPD officers went to the lot in which the car had been abandoned. The officers observed large amounts of bloodstains inside the car and later found bloodstains in the trunk of the vehicle, along with some of Nicholas Cox’s personal items. Their investigation led them to the residence of Tameka James, with whom defendant lived. After a search of Ms. James’ home, authorities found a pair of blood-spattered, tan Timberland boots belonging to defendant. The police sought to question defendant regarding the victim’s disappearance, having determined that defendant was the last person to see Nicholas Cox. They learned, however, that defendant had hopped a Greyhound bus to San Diego, California, on the same day that the victim’s car had been found abandoned in the medical clinic’s parking lot.

Thereafter, two telephone conversations between defendant and his sister Tameka were recorded. In the first conversation on November 30, 2001, defendant gave a general description as to how to find the body of Nicholas Cox, but authorities were unable to locate the body going by those directions. In the second call on December 5, 2001, defendant gave more specific details on the location of Cox’s body. Defendant never stated during either of the two recorded conversations that he had shot Nicholas Cox. Instead, defendant related that someone told him where Cox’s body could be found. After the December 5 telephone call, police were able to locate the body of the victim, which was buried underneath brush and wood in a well-hidden area off of Shirley Frances Road in Greenwood, Louisiana.

After recovering the body, detectives from the SPD went to San Diego to arrest defendant for the murder of Nicholas Cox. While in California, defendant gave three videotaped versions of how Cox was killed. First, defendant stated that an unknown black male came up to the driver’s side window of Cox’s car and asked the victim whether he was Nicholas Cox. When Cox answered affirmatively, the man shot Cox in the head. Defendant claimed that he then moved Cox’s body to the passenger seat and began driving the victim’s vehicle. When authorities expressed their disbelief, defendant then stated that while Cox was playing around with the gun, he shot himself in the head. Finally, defendant gave the version of events that he related at trial. In this third and final account, defendant stated that the shooting was an accident. According to defendant, while he was trying to clear a jam in the gun, it fired, striking Cox in the head.

Nicholas A. Cox (Nick)
Sailor’s suspected killer waives extradition from California
State of Louisiana v Alan James 2004 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Series featuring former Shreveport homicide detective set to premiere on ID

Murder Chose Me: Friendly Fire


Offender Name: JAMES, ALAN B
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 34
Location: Louisiana State Penitentiary
Race: African American
Contact Facility: Louisiana Department of Corrections

Monsters Among Us: Demario Little shot & killed Roshenna Crowder; Sentenced to life in prison at hard labor without parole, probation or suspension of sentence

remember-the-victimsFrom Little’s 2015 appeal: On July 30, 2011, Roshenna Crowder was shot and killed as she hid in the closet of her bedroom in the house she shared with her boyfriend, Donald Brown (a/k/a “Scrap”). Brown was also shot several times, in the leg, groin and eye, but survived. Roshenna’s two children (4 and 8 years old) were in the home when the shooting occurred and ran to their grandmother’s home and reported that their mother was dead. They were able to say that some men knocked on the door, came in with a gun and shot their mother. Police were dispatched to the scene.

It was not until late 2011 that police received information implicating Demario Little as the shooter.1 It was then that one of Little’s girlfriend’s sons gave police information that ultimately connected his brothers, Kenneth and Tracy Moore, to the crime. The Moore brothers admitted their participation in the events leading up to the shooting and separately provided very detailed information about the crime. Their identification of Little as the shooter led to his arrest in December of 2011. A grand jury indictment was handed down on January 19, 2012, charging Little with the second degree murder of Crowder. Little was convicted as charged by a jury on April 25, 2014. He received the mandatory life sentence. He has appealed his conviction and sentence.

Find-A-Grave: Roshenna Crowder
SPD investigating second homicide in 3 hours
New Evidence Leads to One Arrest and Two Dismissals
Read More: New Evidence Leads to One Arrest and Two Dismissals

Murder charges dismissed against two Shreveport men
Trial begins for man charged with Shreveport home invasion murder
Verdict reached in Demario Little murder trial: Guilty as charged
Victim’s mother speaks out after guilty verdict in Little murder trial
Convicted Shreveport murderer sentenced to life in prison
State of Louisiana v Demario Little 2015 (conviction and sentence affirmed)

Justice: By Any Means: Rhosenna Crowder
Murder Chose Me: The Boogie Man



Offender Name: LITTLE, DEMARIO
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 33
Location: Louisiana State Penitentiary
Race: African American
Contact Facility: Louisiana Department of Corrections

Psycho For Love: Jimmy Hatfield killed Herbert Joseph Shiloh Jr. because he was dating Hatfield’s ex-girlfriend; Sentenced to life in prison


Herbert Shiloh

Herbert Joseph Shiloh Jr. obituary
Police announce arrest in killing Saturday night in eastern New Orleans
Love squabble cited before jury convicts man in 2010 murder in eastern New Orleans
Metairie man sentenced to life in prison for killing ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend
State of Louisiana v Jimmy Hatfield 2014

The Detectives Club: New Orleans: She Said He Said



Offender Name: HATFIELD, JIMMY
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 44
Location: Louisiana State Penitentiary
Race: African American
Contact Facility: Louisiana Department of Corrections

Monsters Among Us: Jorell Murphy Young stabbed Robert Paul LeCompte to death with a screwdriver; Sentenced to LWOP


Robert LeCompte

Robert LeCompte obituary
Christmas Eve, the Drama Club
Man arrested in connection with bar murder
Galliano man indicted in Christmas Drama Club murder
Making the case for murder
Murder trial delayed in Houma nightclub killing
Drama Club killing trial pushed back
‘Why me? I thought I was your friend’
Ex-bartender guilty in killing at Houma nightclub
Making the case for murder
Healing can begin: Guilty verdict delivered in Drama Club murder case
Killer gets life in prison for club stabbing
State of Louisiana v Jorell Murphy Young 2015

Vanity Fair Confidential: Murder at the Drama Club



Offender Name: YOUNG, JORELL
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 30
Location: Louisiana State Penitentiary
Race: African American
Contact Facility: Louisiana Department of Corrections

Deadly Duo: Kerry Myers and William Fontanille killed Myers’ wife, Janet Myers, with a baseball bat


Janet Myers murder
Murder Between Friends movie
JP man convicted murder wife in ’84, ordered freed by governor
Angola inmate set free, 3 decades after infamous Harvey murder
State of Louisiana v Kerry Myers 1989 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
State of Louisiana v Kerry Myers 1991 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Inmate ends attempt to make author testify
‘Dark Bayou’ explores infamous Louisiana murders

Blood Will Tell: A True Story of Deadly Obsession
Dark Bayou: Infamous Louisiana Homicides

Murder Between Friends


Kerry Myers – convicted, sentenced to LWOP; sentence commuted to 30 years in prison, released 12/2016
William Fontanille – convicted, sentenced to 21 years in prison

Alyssa Brooke Kovash murder 4/18/2005 New Orleans, LA *Darnell Gilmore and Marcus Pleasant convicted, sentenced to life in prison*

Alyssa Brooke Kovash

Find-A-Grave: Alyssa Brooke Kovash
Orleans judge acquits man in 2005 Uptown murder of 20-year-old waitress
New Orleans jury convicts man in connection with 2005 slaying of waitress
New Orleans man convicted of murder in killing of French Quarter waitress
State of Louisiana v Darnell Gilmore 2013 (conviction and sentence affirmed)

The Detectives Club: New Orleans: Out of the Darkness

Darnell Gilmore – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Marcus Pleasant – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Ahmad Hill – acquitted



Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 31
Location: Louisiana State Penitentiary
Race: African American



Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 30
Location: Louisiana State Penitentiary
Race: African American

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