Monsters Among Us: Ryson Ellis charged with killing-year-old LeGend Micah Taliferro when shooting into the apartment where he was sleeping

LeGend Taliferro

LeGend Micah Taliferro obituary
Community pays tribute to 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro
‘Beautiful ceremony’: Family celebrates life of 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro
4-year-old boy shot to death as he slept in KCMO apartment
‘This is a nightmare’: Kansas City boy dies after shot in face while sleeping
LeGend Taliferro’s mother opens up about death of her 4-year-old son
LeGend Taliferro’s mother speaks out after groups protest initiative in 4-year-old’s name
Man charged with murder in LeGend Taliferro case
Man accused of killing 4-year-old boy in Kansas City arrested in Tulsa
Mo. Boy, 4, Was Fatally Shot in His Sleep Following Dispute Between Victim’s Family and Suspect
Murder charge announced in killing of LeGend Taliferro, 4, whose death sparked Operation Legend

Ryson Ellis

Parents Gone Wild: Howard Jansen III in custody for the murder of his 3-year-old daughter, Olivia Ann Jansen

Olivia Ann Jansen

Olivia Ann Jansen obituary
Family gathers to say goodbye to 3-year-old Kansas girl
‘That was my baby’: Grandmother heartbroken by KCK AMBER Alert’s tragic end
Fundraiser held to purchase memorial to honor Olivia Jansen
Community mourns after search for missing girl ends in tragedy
Father booked into jail following death of Olivia Jansen
Eyewitness led KCK police to trail where they found body of missing 3-year-old girl
Death of Kansas girl, 3, leads to 2nd arrest for murder
Murder charges filed against father, girlfriend in death of 3-year-old Olivia Jansen
Court papers: Olivia Jansen had bruising all over body when she was found in Kansas City, Kansas
KCK police called to Olivia Jansen’s home 5 times in 2020 before death; DCF called, too
Kansas father jailed after police find body of 3-year-old daughter: reports
Olivia Jansen: Tot killed by father and dumped near walking trail had brain bleeding, signs of severe child abuse [Police]
Kansas father, girlfriend charged in murder of his 3-year-old daughter
Howard Jansen: Father of Deceased Kansas Child Olivia Jansen Held on Murder Accusation
Girl, 3, Allegedly Killed by Father Didn’t Want to Go Back Home, Grandparents Say
Kansas DCF states Olivia Ann Jansen’s death was result of child abuse
Kansas DCF determines Olivia Jansen’s death result of child abuse, releases summary
Arrest Affidavit: Howard Jansen
DCF: Child Fatality Summary
Facebook: Howard Jansen III
Facebook: Jacqulyn Kirkpatrick

Howard Jansen III
Jacqulyn Kirkpatrick



Indian Creek Serial Killer – Suspected killer in custody – Frederick Demond Scott; Charged with 2 of the 5 murders so far

John Palmer, 54 [8/19/2016]
David Lenox, 67 [2/27/2017]
Timothy Rice, 57 [4/4/2017]
Mike Darby, 61 [5/18/2017]
Steven Gibbons, 57 [8/15/2017]

John W. Palmer obituary
David Lee Lenox obituary
Michael K. Darby obituary
Steven “Gibby” Gibbons obituary
Body of 55-year-old man found near walking trail at Bannister and Lydia
Police identify man found dead Monday in Kansas City street
Frustrated family boosts reward, seeks killer who shot veteran while walking dog in Kansas City
‘A senseless act:’ Family seeks clues to bring father’s killer to justice
Kansas City police identify man found dead inside Minor Park shelter
Police identify body found in Minor Park, homicide investigation underway
Police identify man found dead in Minor Park in Kansas City
KC police investigate ‘obvious similarities’ in 4 homicides along trails system
Murder victim’s family shocked to hear of another killing along Indian Creek Trail, seeks justice
Kansas City police highlight ‘obvious similarities’ in four killings along Indian Creek Trail
‘Kill all white people’: Suspect in killings of five white men made threat in 2014
Suspect charged in 2 shooting deaths near Kansas City trails; eyed in 3 more
Kansas City’s ‘Indian Creek Killer’ may have been caught, police say


Master Number: 201354449
Sequence Number: 201742692
DOB: 1994/10/18
Race B
Sex: M

Casey Eaton murder 4/19/2017 Kansas City, KS *Emenencio Lansdown charged with killing Casey Eaton near park for her murdered sister*

Casey Eaton

Police ask for tips on woman found dead inside car in Kansas City, Kan.
KCK family grieves for another daughter as police search for killer
U.S. Marshals, KCK violent crimes task force seek suspect considered armed and dangerous in woman’s murder
Woman found shot to death in KCK is sister of Pamela Butler, girl kidnapped and killed in 1999
KCK homicide victim was sister of Pamela Butler, girl kidnapped and killed in 1999
Man charged in slaying of Pamela Butler’s sister taken into custody
Search underway for man accused in Kansas woman’s killing
Police arrest man accused of killing Casey Eaton near park dedicated to her slain sister
Wanted murder suspect surrenders after standoff with KCK police
Woman whose 10-year-old daughter was killed in 1999 loses second daughter to murder
Mom still dealing with tragedy of losing daughter almost 18 years ago never thought she’d have to bury another
‘I can’t believe this has happened to me again’: Woman loses second daughter to murder
Pamela Butler murder 10/12/1999 Grain Valley, MO *Keith Dwayne Nelson convicted of her murder; sentenced to death* (Casey Eaton’s sister)


Cold Case: Sarah DeLeon murder 12/29/1989 Kansas City, KS *Carolyn J. Heckert charged with her murder*

Sarah De Leon

**Update 4/10/2017** Charges have been dropped against Carolyn Heckert for lack of evidence.

Facebook: Justice for Sarah
Remembering Sarah De Leon
Arrest Made in 1989 Murder of Kansas Teenager Sarah De Leon
Woman arrested in 1989 cold-case murder of Kansas City college student Sarah DeLeon
Smithville woman charged with 1989 murder of 18-year-old woman
Woman arrested in connection with 1989 cold-case homicide
Woman charged in 1989 KCK homicide will not fight extradition from Clay County
Mother of 1989 murder victim Sarah DeLeon ‘elated’ over news of arrest in cold case
Sarah De Leon’s family says arrest of murder suspect is a surreal wave of relief after years of waiting
Suspect in 1989 KCK murder moved to Wyandotte County jail after waiving extradition
Sarah DeLeon case: Charges dropped against woman in Kansas teen’s 1989 slaying
Once charged with Sarah DeLeon’s murder, judge drops charge, allows Carolyn Heckert to walk free
KCK cold case murder victim’s brother calls dropped charge a ‘roadblock,’ vows fight for justice

Carolyn J. Heckert

Monsters Among Us: Isaac “Malik” Carter Ce-Antonyo Kennedy, & Dominic McDaniel charged with the brutal murder of 14-year-old Alexis Kane

Alexis Kane

Three KC teens charged with murder in ‘senseless’ slaying of Alexis Kane, 14
Three charged in shooting death of 14-year-old Alexis Kane
Three K.C. teens killed girl, 14, at water park, cops say
Kansas Teen Boys Pistol-Whip Girl And Shoot Her Dead In Random Attack, Police Say
Family of murdered 14-yr-old KC girl furious, wants death penalty after seeing suspects in court
Alexis Kane’s murder calls attention to danger of social media for kids


Isaac M. Carter
Ce-Antonyo D. Kennedy
Dominic McDaniel

Greenlease Kidnapping & Murder: Carl Austin Hall and Bonnie Emily Brown Heady were convicted and executed, side by side, for kidnapping and killing Robert C. “Bobby” Greenlease Jr

Bobby Greenlease
Bobby Greenleas

Find-A-Grave: Robert Cosgrove “Bobby” Greenlease, Jr
A Byte Out of History: The Bobby Greenlease Kidnapping
Ransom fund ready few minutes alter kidnapping
Body of Bobby Greenlease is found after $600,000 ransom paid; 2 held
Bobby Greenlease Kidnap-Murder Shocks Nation as Arrests Are Made
Tragic Kidnapping of Young Bobby Greenlease Occurred Ten Years Ago Today, Shocked World
crimelibrary: The Greenlease Kidnapping
Murderpedia: Bonnie Emily Heady
Missouri Death Row: The Greenlease Kidnapping
Author recalls Greenlease kidnapping, 60 years ago this week
A look back • 1953 Bobby Greenlease Jr. kidnapping ended in the Missouri gas chamber
Wikipedia: Bobby Greenlease
The “No-Tell Motel” and the Bobby Greenlease Murder

A Grave for Bobby: The Greenlease Slaying
Zero at the Bone: The Playboy, the Prostitute, and the Murder of Bobby Greenlease
The Kidnapping of Bobby Greenlease

A Crime To Remember: Baby Come Home

Hall and Heady
Carl Hall and Bonnie Heady

Anastasia Elizabeth WitbolsFeugen murder 10/22/1997 Kansas City, MO *Byron Case convicted of her murder; Sentenced to LWOP*

Anastasia Elizabeth WitbolsFeugenFrom Byron Case’s appeal: In the fall of 1997, Anastasia WitbolsFeugen (“Anastasia”) was shot and killed in Lincoln Cemetery, located between Independence and Kansas City. Her body was found on October 23, 1997, with a large gunshot wound to her face.   Anastasia was shot with either a rifle, shotgun, or high-powered handgun fired less than six inches away from her face.   If Anastasia’s head were upright when she was shot, the angle of the gun would have been slightly upward.   Anastasia was five feet, two inches tall.
Late in the evening of October 22, 1997, Anastasia had been riding in a car with Justin Bruton (“Justin”), her former fiancé, who had had an on-again, off-again relationship with Anastasia and who had broken off their engagement in the summer of 1997;  Justin’s friend, the defendant, Byron C. Case (“Case”), who is five feet, eight inches tall;  and Kelly Moffett (Kelly), Case’s then-girlfriend.   The day after Anastasia’s body was found, Case and Kelly gave a statement to the police in which they said:  On October 22, 1997, Justin, Kelly and Case picked Anastasia up at a Dairy Queen in Independence and drove to Washington Cemetery, which was across the street from Lincoln Cemetery.   The four left Washington Cemetery after the groundskeeper signaled to the four that they had to leave.   En route to Kansas City, the car stopped at the I-435 and Truman Road intersection and Anastasia jumped out, because she was upset with Justin.   Anastasia had asked Justin why he didn’t love her anymore, and Justin had said he didn’t know.   According to Case and Kelly’s statement, that was the last time they had seen or heard from Anastasia.

The next day, Justin killed himself with a shotgun.

For a long while, Kelly and Case’s version of events gelled.   Kelly repeated her initial statement to the police on November 20 and December 10, 1997, and on August 22 and August 25, 1998.   In July 1999, with his lawyer present and after being informally granted limited use immunity (the prosecutor agreed not to use Case’s statement unless Case knowingly provided false information to the police), Case did the same.

However, in March 2000, three years after her original statement to the police, Kelly-an admitted crack addict and alcoholic who was living in crackhouses, having been kicked out of her parents home-changed her story.   She called her mother from a crackhouse and said that she saw Justin kill Anastasia.   Sometime later, she told her father that it was Case who had killed Anastasia.   Then, while in drug rehabilitation, she told her counselor it was Justin.   Confronted by her mother, who said, “But Kelly you told your dad that [Case] killed Anastasia,” Kelly flip-flopped yet again, saying that Case had killed Anastasia.

Kelly eventually told the police, in September 2000, that Case was Anastasia’s killer. She told the police that she had seen Case shoot and kill Anastasia at Lincoln Cemetery.   Kelly made this statement to the police a few days after she learned that Case had moved to St. Louis and had attempted to end all contact with her, refusing to give her his new phone number and address.

At the urging of the police and after being granted transactional immunity pursuant to Section 491.205, Kelly agreed to phone Case and record her conversations with him.   On June 25 and June 27, 2001, she did this, using equipment supplied by the police.   In the June 5th conversation, which happened around 1:30 a.m., Kelly told Case, who was at his residence:

[The police have] called a bunch again.   They called while I was in re-hab, they showed up out here.   Yeah. I don’t understand, like seriously, what all went on or whatever, and I seriously, I hate to say this, but why, seriously, why did you have to kill her?   What was the whole fucking big deal?   Could you explain that to me?   Because I don’t get it.   Seriously.  Justin’s dead for no reason, she’s dead for no reason.   It’s just all fucked up. And for some reason they’re talking to me, because you won’t talk.   So I’m fucked. And it makes me look horrible because everybody already knows that I’m a fucking crack-head, that I’m a coke-head, that I’m an alcoholic and don’t remember shit. And if I tried to talk to them, nothing’s going to add up.   So, I mean if you could seriously explain to me as to why you actually felt the need to kill her, then that would really help me feel better about the whole fucking thing.   I mean, was there seriously any reason to all this?

Case responded by saying, “We shouldn’t talk about this.”   Kelly said, “Why?” Case then repeated, “probably because we shouldn’t talk about this.”

In the June 7th conversation, Kelly told Case: They’ve been calling me like every single day to come in, and I need to get the story straight and figure something out because they’ve literally been calling me every single day for the past week bugging me, like when can I come in, when can I come in, and if I can’t come in out there, they’ll come to me and all this stuff.  Case responded by saying, “I mean the only advice that I can give is start everything with I think, or the best I can remember is ․ there.”
Case was arrested and tried for murder in the first degree and armed criminal action.  

Find-A-Grave: Anastasia Elizabeth WitbolsFeugen
Anastasia Elizabeth WitbolsFeugen
Facebook: Keep Byron Case Behind Bars
State of Missouri v Byron Case 2004 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Cemetery Plot

On The Case With Paula Zahn: Betrayal and Regret


ByronCase prison mug

DOC Id 328416
Offender Name Byron Case
Race White
Sex Male
Date of Birth 11/23/1978
Height/Weight 5’9″ / 142
Hair/Eyes Brown /Brown
Assigned Location Crossroads Correctional Center
Address 1115 East Pence Road, Cameron, MO 64429
Assigned Officer Phone Number (816) 632-2727
Sentence Summary Life +(life W/O Parole, Life CC)
Completed Offenses STEALING
Aliases Byron C Case; Byron Case; Byron Case

Monsters Among Us: Marshall Tillman raped & strangled 88-year-old Edna Walton, sentenced to 3 consecutive life terms in prison

remembering the victims

Man charged in 1987 rape, murder
Tillman indictment
Kansas inmate convicted of ‘87 killing of neighbor
Justice served for Topekan’s slain grandmother
Man receives three life terms in 1987 slaying

Motives & Murders: Kansas Killer


MarshallTillman prison mug

DOC Id 1174400
Offender Name Marshall A Tillman
Race Black
Sex Male
Date of Birth 03/17/1952
Height/Weight 6’1″ / 205
Hair/Eyes Black /Brown
Assigned Location Crossroads Correctional Center
Address 1115 East Pence Road, Cameron, MO 64429
Assigned Officer Phone Number (816) 632-2727

Sentence Summary Life (Life, Life, Life, CS) REG REQ-Current Cycle
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found

Aliases Marshall Tillman; Marshall Allen Tillman; Marshall A Tillman

Psycho For Love: 80-year-old Annie B. Oliver charged with beating her husband, 75-year-old Ronald Oliver, to death with a bat, saying she was tired of his verbal abuse


Ronald Oliver
Ronald Oliver

Elderly Woman Charged After Allegedly Bashing Husband’s Head In With Baseball Bat (EXCELLENT post)
80-year-old KC woman is accused of killing her husband with a baseball bat
KC woman, 80, charged in husband’s brutal death
Woman, 80, charged in death of husband
Woman, 80, charged in death of husband
Elderly Kansas City woman accused in husband’s murder

Annie B. Oliver
Annie B. Oliver

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