Murder In The Family: Joshua Gouker killed stepson Trey Zwicker, saying it just felt right


Trey Zwicker
Terrance “Trey” Zwicker III

Remembering Trey Zwicker: Victim of a tragedy
Teen admitted killing his stepbrother with baseball bat, according to newly released documents
Woman blames her own son in death of 14-year-old Trey Zwicker
Josh Gouker indicted on murder, other charges in Trey Zwicker case
Murder victim’s father speaks out about new charges in case
Joshua Gouker admits to killing stepson in newly released video
Interview transcripts released in case of Joshua Gouker
Gouker says he acted alone in killing of stepson; father of murder victim reacts
Judge accepts Josh Gouker plea in death of Trey Zwicker
Josh Gouker pleads guilty to killing his stepson
Joshua Gouker receives life sentence
Joshua Young Trial
Timeline: Here’s what led to Joshua Young’s trial
Trey Zwicker murder: Do details match up?
Trey Zwicker’s mother takes stand in Josh Young trial
3 months after Trey Zwicker’s murder, Young sent letter claiming innocence
Josh Gouker: ‘I have lied this whole time’
Joshua Gouker testifies it ‘felt right’ to kill Trey Zwicker in Josh Young’s trial
Defense rests in Joshua Young murder trial
Defense rests after only 30 minutes in Joshua Young trial

Gouker and Young
Joshua Gouker – pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison
Joshua Young – charged with complicity to murder, on trial now

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