Vaneeda Wright murder 5/29/2011 La Marque, TX *14-year-old neighbor, Jor’Dan Jacqueinn Maurice Lewis, stabbed her 28 times; convicted of her murder, sentenced to life in prison**

Vaneeda Wright
Vaneeda Wright

Jor’Dan Jacqueinn Maurice Lewis was tried for the stabbing murder of 84-year-old Vaneeda Wright. He stabbed her 28 times and left the butcher knife in her cheek. The jury deliberated only 6 1/2 hours before convicting him. Due to his age, he could not get the death penalty, but got an automatic life sentence. His sentence does give him a chance (but NOT guaranteed) at parole. He may or may not spend the rest of his life in prison, but probably won’t get out at his first couple of chances at parole. This was a vicious murder, the victim Vaneeda Wright suffered a great deal, and that will be taken into consideration. More than likely, he will be quite old before he gets out of prison, if he gets out. However, we need to remember that the most important thing here is to remember Vaneeda Wright, as she was the victim here. I hope her family will find some peace now that he was convicted and sentenced. My heart and thoughts go out to them. So please, remember Vaneeda and keep her in your thoughts.

Woman stabbed to death in her home
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Teen charged in La Marque woman’s stabbing death
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Teen guilty of capital murder, sentenced to life in prison
Boy, 16, gets life sentence for capital murder
Boy, 16, gets life sentence for capital murder
La Marque: Death didn’t come quickly for 84-year-old stabbing victim

Jor’Dan Lewis

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