Serial Killer: Reta Mays killed 7 elderly veterans using insulin; Sentenced to life in federal prison

Robert Edge Sr., 82 [7/20/2017]
Robert Lee Kozul Sr., 89 [1/30/2018]
Archie Dail Edgell, 84 [3/26/2018]
William Holloway, 96 [4/8/2018]
Felix Kirk McDermott, 82 [4/9/2018]
George Nelson Shaw Sr., 81 [4/10/2018]
Raymond Clyde Golden, 88 [6/8/2018]
Russell Posey, 92 [7/03/2018] (could not prove)

Find-A-Grave: Robert Lee Kozul Sr.
Find-A-Grave: Archie Dail Edgell
find-A-Grave: William ‘Sport” Holloway
Find-A-Grave: SGT Felix Kirk McDermott
Find-A-Grave: George Nelson Shaw Sr.
Find-A-Grave: Raymond Clyde Golden
Victims of VA serial killer in Clarksburg WV served in Korean, Vietnam wars and World War II
Westmoreland Co. Vet’s Death At W. Va. Medical Center Prompts Probe By Veterans Affairs Dept.
She’s a veteran who killed seven other veterans at a West Virginia hospital. Their families want to know why.
Reta Mays, Nursing Assistant Who Admitted To Killing 7 Patients At West Virginia VA Hospital To Be Sentenced
Woman Who Murdered 7 Veterans In VA Hospital Gets Multiple Life Sentences
Reta Mays Sentenced To Seven Life Terms for V.A. Hospital Murders
A ‘monster’: Woman who killed veterans at VA hospital gets 7 life sentences
Former W.Va. VA employee sentenced to seven life sentences in deaths of seven veterans
‘You Are The Monster No One Sees Coming’: Nurse Who Murdered 7 Veterans Sentenced In West Virginia



Register Number: 03105-509
Age: 46
Race: White
Sex: Female
Release Date: UNKNOWN
Location: Not in BOP custody

Deadly Nurses: Jeanine Hannah killed 68-year-old Margaret Bradley by injecting insulin into her; Sentenced to 99 years in prison

Nurse convicted of killing elderly woman with insulin shot
Former nurse sentenced to 99 years in patient’s death
Ex-Nurse To Serve 99 Years for Killing a Patient
Judges dismiss Valley nurse’s medical murder appeal
Jeanine Hannah v State of Texas 2008 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Margaret Bradley, 68, murdered by nurse, McAllen, 2 May 2002
Convicted Texas killer suspected in Oregon death
ETexas nurse’s arrest brings serial killings by caregivers to forefront

Nurses Who Kill: Jeannie Miata (aka Jeanine Hannah)


SID Number: 07030042
TDCJ Number: 01305751
Race: W
Gender: F
DOB: 1949-08-10
Maximum Sentence Date: 2103-10-22
Current Facility: MOUNTAIN VIEW
Projected Release Date: 2103-10-22
Parole Eligibility Date: 2034-10-22

Next Parole Review Date 10/22/2034

Deadly Wives: Barbara Garcia poisoned her husband, Cipriano Garcia, with insulin to kill him so he could not take her off of his bank accounts, due to her gambling; Sentenced to 55 years in prison

From Barbara Garcia’s appeal: On October 30, 2003, Garcia and her husband, Cipriano Garcia (Cipriano), began arguing at their residence in Hobart. Cipriano eventually told Garcia that he was going to leave in the morning and remove her name from his bank accounts and that she would never receive another “dime” from him. Tr. p. 661. Garcia became afraid that, upon going to the bank, Cipriano would notice that she had withdrawn approximately $4,000 to give to Tammy, Garcia’s daughter and Cipriano’s stepdaughter.

Garcia prepared a cup of coffee for Cipriano, dissolving Klonopin and Artane in the beverage to cause him to fall asleep. After he drank the coffee and fell asleep, Garcia retrieved insulin that she had previously taken from Tammy, who is diabetic, and injected Cipriano with a lethal amount of the drug. Garcia—a Licensed Practical Nurse—intended to inject enough insulin into Cipriano to kill him because she did not want him to go to the bank the next day.

Once Cipriano was dead, Garcia tried to move his body by using a rug. While Garcia was dragging the body, Tammy entered the house. Garcia told Tammy that Cipriano had
died from a heart attack and that they needed to dispose of the body so that Garcia could still receive his retirement and social security checks. Tammy agreed to help, and the two women dragged the body into the garage. They were unable at that time to lift the body into the back of Garcia’s truck, however, so they went inside and watched television. The following day was Halloween, and after Garcia and Tammy handed out candy to the children in the neighborhood, they again attempted—and again failed—to lift the body into the truck. The following night, they again failed in moving the body. The following day, after going to a party, Garcia and Tammy finally succeeded in moving the body into the truck by using a blue tarp, a board, electrical cords, and another vehicle.

Garcia drove Cipriano’s body to a lake in Illinois, where she moved the body out of the truck and down the edge of a slope alongside the lake. Because it was beginning to rain
and the slope was becoming slippery, Garcia left the body halfway down the slope covered in a rug, a blue tarp, and electrical cords and tied to cinder blocks. Subsequently, a passerby discovered the body and notified police.

Cipriano Garcia obituary
Wife charged with murdering 71-year-old husband
Police: Wife poisoned husband, went to salon
Daughter charged with moving dead dad
Barbara Garcia guilty of murder
Barbara Joy Garcia v State of Indiana 2006 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Sins of a Hobart wife
Tammy Garcia pleads guilty to moving body
Sins of a Hobart wife

Snapped: Barbara Garcia
Deadly Women: The Liar’s Club

Barbara Garcia – convicted, sentenced to 55 years in prison
Tammy Garcia – pled guilty to helping move his body, sentenced to 18 months in prison


DOC Number 152454
First Name BARBARA
Middle Name J
Last Name GARCIA
Date of Birth 05/25/1942
Gender Female
Race White
Facility/Location Indiana Women’s Prison
Earliest Possible Release Date 4/10/2028

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 11/15/2005
Description MURDER
Term in Years / Months / Days 55 00 00000
Type of Conviction M
Indiana Citation Code 35-42-1-1
Cause Number 45G01-0311-MR-00009
County of Conviction LAKE
Projected Release Date 04/10/2028


DOC Number 152452
First Name TAMMY
Middle Name J
Last Name GARCIA
Date of Birth 09/26/1961
Gender Female
Race Hispanic
Facility/Location Discharge

Sentence Information
Date of Sentence 11/22/2005
Term in Years / Months / Days 01 06 00000
Type of Conviction FD
Indiana Citation Code 36-2-14-17
Cause Number 45G01-0311-FD-00234
County of Conviction LAKE
Projected Release Date 05/20/2007

Angels of Death: Megan Jean Haines killed at least 2 patients after they complained about her; Sentenced to 27-36 years in prison

Marie Darragh, 82
Isabella Spencer, 77

Double homicide at Ballina nursing home
Woman arrested over deaths of Marie Darragh, Isobella Spencer at Ballina nursing home
Nursing home deaths extradition
Daughter’s anguish over nursing home murder
NSW nurse Megan Jean Haines the centre of misconduct investigations before allegedly killing two residents
‘They were given wrong medication’
Ballina nurse accused of double murder had allegedly boasted of knowing how to kill people
Why this murder trial had to leave the Northern Rivers
Nurse Megan Haines knew more than she had been told after Ballina nursing home deaths, court told
Nurse Megan Haines told of complaints before alleged murders at St Andrews Village
Drugs, theft allegations, insulin injections: nurse Megan Haines’ history revealed
Former nurse Megan Haines jailed for 27 years for killing two aged-care residents
Megan Haines jailed for 27 years for murdering patients at Ballina nursing home
In fear of her life, ‘Granny killer’ nurse Megan Haines taunted by Silverwater jail inmates

Deadly Women: The Dark Side

Megan Haines

Parents Gone Wild! Qucelia Yvette Baldeo killed Selena Olivia Weber, her 9-month-old daughter; Sentenced to 30 years in prison

stand up for children

Mother Charged In 9-Month-Old Daughter’s Death
Joppatowne woman charged with murder in death of daughter
Md. woman charged in death of 9-month-old daughter
Mother Charged In 9-Month-Old Daughter’s Death
Trial pushed back for Harford woman charged with killing 9-month old daughter
Joppatowne woman sentenced to 30 years in 2013 death of infant daughter


Joppatowne child death

Last Name: BALDEO
First Name: QUCELIA
Middle Name: YVETTE
Date of Birth: 09/22/1993
DOC ID: 435588
Holding Facility
Patuxent Institution
Address: P.O. Box 700, Jessup, MD 20794
Phone: 877-650-2521

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