Psycho For Love: Matthew Blankswade killed his girlfriend’s father, Jeffrey Brisebois; Sentenced to life in prison

Jeffrey Brisebois

Jeffrey Brisbois obituary (about 1/2 way down)
No suspects yet in death of Wainiha man
Two arrested in Brisebois murder case
Suspect arraigned in killing of girlfriend’s Kauai father
Murder suspect confesses
Police: Murder suspect cried as he confessed
Blankswade pleads no-contest to murder
Shot ended one life, changed others
Kauai man gets life sentence in killing of girlfriend’s father
Man convicted of Kauai killing to serve 45 years
Kauai man ordered to serve at least 45 years for 2000 murder

Detective: Warm Revolver


Custody Status: In Custody
Location: Saguaro Correctional Center, Arizona
Contact Facility: Hawaii Department of Public Safety

Psycho For Love: Steven Capobianco convicted of killing pregnant girlfriend Carly “Charli” Scott; Penalty phase now beginning

Charli Scott
Charli Scott

Facebook: Find Chari Scott
Expecting Mother Goes Missing in Hawaii (video)
Carly “Charli” Scott Missing: Car Of Pregnant Hawaii Woman Found, But No Sign Of 27-Year-Old From Maui
Maui police reclassify Charli Scott case as homicide
Charli Scott Maui Now articles
Maui police arrest ex-boyfriend of Charli Scott
Ex-boyfriend of missing woman posts bail, refuses comment
Suspect describes relationship, last moments with murder victim in recordings played at trial
Tears in courtroom as detective breaks down evidence in Maui murder trial
A look at the Capobianco murder trial so far and what to expect next
Jury deliberation takes unusual turn in Capobianco murder trial
Jury finds Capobianco guilty of killing pregnant ex-girlfriend
Steven Capobianco found guilty in death of pregnant ex-girlfriend
Capobianco guilty of murdering pregnant ex-girlfriend on Maui
Capobianco Verdict: Guilty as Charged

Missing in Maui: A Disappeared Special

Steven Capobianco

Cold Case: Peter and Jaylin Kema killed their 6-year-old son, Peter Boy Kema Jr; Both have pled guilty

stand up for children

Peter Boy Kema Jr

‘Peter Boy’ Kema: Parents charged with son’s murder 19 years after he went missing
Parents indicted in cold case murder of Hawaiian boy
Parents of ‘Peter Boy’ Kema charged with murder
Mother confesses in disappearance of 6-year-old that shook Hawaii nearly 20 years ago
‘Peter Boy’ Kema’s mother pleads guilty in 1997 death of son
Mother of ‘Peter Boy’ Kema pleads guilty, will testify against husband
19 years after boy’s disappearance, mother pleads guilty to manslaughter
Father’s trial in death of ‘Peter Boy’ delayed until January, meeting request
Peter Kema Sr. pleads guilty to manslaughter for son’s death
‘Some degree of closure’: Peter Boy’s father pleads guilty to manslaughter
“Peter Boy” case: Father of boy missing 20 years pleads guilty to manslaughter
“Peter Boy” Kema case: The good & bad
FBI joins hunt for body of Hawaiian child missing for two decades


Peter Kema Sr – pled guilty,
Jaylin Kema – pled guilty,

Psycho For Love: Steve Santos Dingle killed his wife, Cathy Esteves Dingle; Sentenced to life in prison


Cathy Esteves Dingle

Vigil held for Hilo stabbing victim, Catherine Dingle
Domestic violence victim remembered on Big Island
Hilo murder (update) 05-30-10
Big Island man charged with murder in stabbing death of wife
Dingle pleads guilty to stabbing wife to death
Dingle sentenced to life in prison for stabbing wife
Dingle sentenced to life
‘Fatal Vows’ features Big Isle murder case (Jan. 17)

Fatal vows: Bloody Matrimony


Steve Dingle

Offender ID:A6032678
Gender: Male

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Saguaro Correctional Center, Arizona
Scheduled Release Date#: LIFE WITH PAROLE

Psycho For Love: Boaz Johnson confessed to killing his girlfriend, Brittany-Jane Royal, then killed himself


Brittany Jane Royal
Brittany-Jane Royal

Justice for Brittany Jane Royal
Anonymous Tips point to Brittany Jane Royal Killer
Brittany Jane Royal murder solved
Woman from Tustin murdered by boyfriend in Hawaii, police say
Brittany & Bo: The End Of The Road
Boyfriend confessed to killing pregnant girlfriend in Hawaii in 3-page note found with his decomposing body
Police Say Boaz Johnson Killed Royal, Then Committed Suicide
Police conclude Brittany-Jane Royal was murdered by boyfriend Boaz Johnson

Murder In Paradise: Murder Isle

Boaz Johnson
Boaz Johnson

Parents Gone Wild! Naeem Williams convicted of killing his 5-year-old daughter, Talia; Jury could not decide on death sentence or LWOP, so he will be sentenced to LWOP*

Say NO to Child Abuse

Talia Emoni Williams

Parents Gone Wild! Naeem Williams convicted of killing his 5-year-old daughter, Talia Emoni Williams; Now the jury has to decide between LWOP or the death penalty*
Stepmom admits duct taping, whipping, stomping, body slamming child
Jury finds former Hawaii soldier eligible for death penalty
Jury rejects death penalty in Williams murder case
Jury Deadlocks, Rejects Death for Naeem Williams in Child’s Murder
Hawaii ex-soldier gets life in prison for killing daughter, 5
Naeem Williams gets life in prison for killing 5-year-old daughter
Juror: Delilah Williams deserved more than 20 years
Delilah wants pen pals


Naeem Williams

Register Number: 92390-022
Age: 34
Race: Black
Sex: Male
Located at: Honolulu FDC
Release Date: UNKNOWN


Delilah Williams

Register Number: 92314-022
Age: 30
Race: Asian
Sex: Female
Located at: Honolulu FDC
Release Date: UNKNOWN

Parents Gone Wild! Naeem Williams convicted of killing his 5-year-old daughter, Talia Emoni Williams; Now the jury has to decide between LWOP or the death penalty*

Say NO to Child Abuse

171727_1.tif. Undated handout photo of Talia Williamscredit: KITV4 News
Talia Emoni Williams

Find-A-Grave: Talia Williams
Mom calls for death penalty in girl’s abuse
Abuse of child was reported to Army twice
Prosecutor in death penalty case says child died after blow to chest
Prosecutors detail horrific abuse before girl’s death
Ex-soldier, 34, on trial for killing his five-year-old daughter, ‘kicked her so hard he left a boot imprint on her chest’
Stepmom admits duct taping, whipping, stomping, body slamming child
Jury finds Naeem Williams guilty of killing his 5-year old daughter, eligible for death penalty
Honolulu jury to decide fate of Schofield soldier
Testimony continues in Hawaii death penalty case
Parents Gone Wild! Naeem Williams convicted of killing his 5-year-old daughter, Talia; Jury could not decide on death sentence or LWOP, so he will be sentenced to LWOP*

Naeem and Delilah Williams

Naeem Williams – convicted,
Delilah Williams – pled guilty in exchange for her testimony, will be sentenced to 20 years in federal prison

Officer Troy Louis Barboza murder 10/22/1987 Honolulu, HI *Tony Alan Williams was convicted, sentenced to LWOP*

Troy Barboza2
Officer Troy Louis Barboza

ODMP: Officer Troy Louis Barboza
Torch Run: Officer Troy Louis Barboza #2814
Find-A-Grave: Troy Louis Barboza
Murdered Officer’s Family Carry on His Legacy
S.D. Man to Be Sentenced in Hawaii Killing
Prisoners serving life
Maui police host Troy Barboza Torch Run
Excerpt from “Honolulu Homicide: Murder and Mayhem in Paradise

Honolulu Homicide: Murder and Mayhem in Paradise

Dead of Night: Murder in Paradise
Detective: Murder in Paradise


TonyAlanWilliams prison mug

Offender ID:A0199461
Gender: Male

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Out of State Facility in New Mexico
Scheduled Release Date#: LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE

Update: Edith Skinner murder *Gerald Austin convicted of her murder, faces LWOP*

Edith Skiner

Cold Case: Edith Skinner murder 7/25/1989 Honolulu, HI *Gerald Austin charged with her rape and murder; matched through DNA*
Cold case goes to court
Honolulu trial begins in ’89 murder of woman, 81
Murder suspect claims he’s innocent of murder, sex consensual
Murder defendant has no memory of sex with victim
Man found guilty in cold case murder
Hawaii man convicted in 1989 rape, murder of 81-year-old woman

Gerald Austin
Gerald Austin

Boyfriends From Hell: Xavier “Pee Wee” Cortez Jr. charged with beating 18-month-old Pomaikai Ferreira to death

Say NO to Child Abuse

Pomaikai and Sommer Ferreira
Pomaikai and Sommer Ferreira

Pomaikai Ferreira’s mother Sommer Ferreira, was found murdered on 9/20/2011.

Police investigating the death of 19-month old
Former Pro-Boxer charged in toddler’s 2011 beating death
Arrest made in 2011 murder of 19 month old Pomaikai Ferreira
Man Arraigned in 2011 Death of 19-Month-Old Child
Man pleads not guilty in Big Island toddler death
Man indicted in girl’s beating death
Murder case opened in death of Hawaii island woman
New details about toddler, mother death, four years later

Xavier Cortez, Jr.

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