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News Archive: Kenyatta “Keke” Barron and Ron’Niveya O’Neal murders

Kenyatta “Keke” Barron, 33
Ron’Niveya O’Neal, 9
Ronnie O’Neal IV, 8

Monsters Among Us: Trial begins for Ronnie O’Neal who is charged with killing his girlfriend, Kenyatta Barron, and their special needs 9-year-old daughter, Ron’Niveya; He also tried to kill their 8-year-old son, Ronnie IV
Update: Kenyatta “Keke” Barron and Ron’Niveya O’Neal murders *Ronnie O’Neal trial finishes closing arguments*
Update: Kenyatta “Keke” Barron and Ron’Niveya O’Neal murders *Ronnie O’Neal found guilty, now moving into penalty phase – facing the death penalty*


Update: Kenyatta “Keke” Barron and Ron’Niveya O’Neal murders *Ronnie O’Neal trial finishes closing arguments*

Kenyatta “Keke” Barron, 33
Ron’Niveya O’Neal, 9
Ronnie O’Neal IV, 8

News Archive: Kenyatta “Keke” Barron and Ron’Niveya O’Neal murders
‘You stabbed me:’ Ronnie Oneal’s young son recalls witnessing murders of mom and sister
‘My daddy killed my mommy’: 11-year-old son testifies at father’s double-murder trial
11-year-old boy in Ronnie O’Neal case: ‘I saw my dad holding a shotgun and my mom screaming’
‘You Stabbed Me’: Watch 11-Year-Old Son of Accused Killer Bravely Answer Questions of Father at Trial Over Murders of Mom and Sister
‘I arrested you for her murder’: Former HCSO detective takes stand at Ronnie Oneal trial
‘They’re trying to kill me’: Oneal’s father recounts phone call from his son on night of murders
Ronnie Oneal III rests after half-hour defense, will not testify in murder trial
Closing arguments in Ronnie Oneal double-murder trial begin
Ronnie O’Neail during closing arguments: ‘I did kill Kenyatta Brown’
Both sides wrap; deliberation in Ronnie Oneal murder trial to begin Monday
Ronnie Oneal III thanks detective who adopted his critically injured son
‘I did kill Kenyatta Barron’; Oneal admits to girlfriend’s slaying in closing argument


Monsters Among Us: Trial begins for Ronnie O’Neal who is charged with killing his girlfriend, Kenyatta Barron, and their special needs 9-year-old daughter, Ron’Niveya; He also tried to kill their 8-year-old son, Ronnie IV

Kenyatta “Keke” Barron, 33
Ron’Niveya O’Neal, 9
Ronnie O’Neal IV, 8

Kenyatta B. Barron obituary
Find-A-Grave: Kenyatta Barron
Child Fatality Summary
Woman, child found murdered in Riverview, Deputies say
From a hospital bed, boy recounted Riverview family slayings
Florida boy, 8, told detectives his father attacked him with a knife and killed his mom and sister
State of Florida to seek death penalty in Riverview double murder
Man charged in family slayings is found fit for trial
Florida man accused of killing girlfriend, 9-year-old daughter due in court
Double-murder trial of Riverview man set to start Monday
Tampa double murder trial: Acting as own attorney, Ronnie Oneal screams at jurors in opening statements
Ronnie O’Neal, on trial for double murder, paces and yells during opening statement
Ronnie Oneal, acting as his own attorney, stuns jurors during opening of double murder trial
Ronnie Oneal III’s trial: New witnesses take the stand
‘Mark My Words’: Man Representing Himself in Alleged Murder of Girlfriend and 9-Year-Old Daughter Vows to Prove ‘Who the Liars Are’
News Archive: Kenyatta “Keke” Barron and Ron’Niveya O’Neal murders


Monsters Among Us: Domenic Micheli charged with the axe murder of Joel Paavola, his ex-boss

Joel Paavola

Joel D. Paavola obituary
Family of hatchet homicide victim: ‘Joel Paavola was taken from this world too soon’
Hatchet Attack Victim’s Family Releases Statement
Fatal hatchet attack victim Joel Paavola remembered by friends, community and fitness students
Police ID victim in fatal hatchet attack; suspect fired from Belle Meade business last year
Man was fired from a gym. He brought a hatchet to ‘savagely’ kill his boss, Tenn. cops say
Nashville police say fired worker killed gym owner with a hatchet. He’s still on the run.
Police say fired worker killed ex-boss with hatchet and fled
Tennessee hatchet death suspect is arrested in Kentucky
Police: Suspect ‘admitted in detail’ to hatchet killing; weapons, blood found in car
Tennessee hatchet death suspect had Secret Service arrest
Hatchet slaying suspect returned to Nashville

Domenic Micheli

Love Triangle Murder: Erick S. Westervelt killed Timothy Gray, who was dating Westervelt’s ex; Sentenced to 25 years to life in prison

From Westervelt appeal: At approximately noon on October 6, 2004, a neighbor discovered Timothy Gray, who was unconscious, badly beaten and in a pool of blood, in the backyard of Gray’s residence in the Town of Bethlehem, Albany County. Subsequent investigation indicated that Gray had been attacked the evening of October 5, 2004 when Gray’s housemates, including his girlfriend, Jessica Domery, had been working out of the area. Defendant was identified by police as a person of interest since he had recently dated Domery and, when she terminated that relationship, defendant had engaged in a series of actions aimed at intimidating and harassing Domery and Gray, including an earlier physical altercation with Gray. On October 7, 2004, defendant accompanied a member of the Town of Bethlehem police department to the police station, where he was informed of his Miranda rights, told he was not under arrest, then questioned for about four hours by detectives Charles Rudolph and Christopher Bowdish. He denied involvement in the crime, permitted police to search his car and agreed to return the following day to take a polygraph examination at a City of Albany police station.

On October 8, 2004, defendant was administered his Miranda rights and then began a polygraph examination, which he terminated part way into the process. According to Bowdish and Rudolph, shortly thereafter he told them, “I did it.” While still at the Albany police station, Miranda rights were reread to defendant and he then gave a detailed written statement in which, among other things, he admitted punching Gray, kicking him in the face, striking him in the head and face with a wooden replica hatchet, and leaving a note written in Italian (which he had made using a translation Web site on a computer in a public library) in an effort to detract suspicion. Such a note had been
discovered at the premises. Defendant also drew a map of the crime scene. Defendant was placed in custody and taken back to the Bethlehem police station for booking, where he was again given Miranda warnings. When he expressed remorse about the incident, Bowdish suggested that he write a letter of apology and provided him with paper and a pen. Defendant then wrote a letter to Domery which mentioned his remorse while going on at some length about his feelings for Domery. Subsequently, on October 12, 2004, a correction officer at the county jail overheard defendant making an inculpatory statement to another inmate and the officer then engaged him in a conversation resulting in
further incriminating statements.

Ax murder suspect’s trial under way
A crime of passion: Westervelt convicted for hatchet murder
Westervelt sentenced — Defense plans to appeal
The People of the State of New York v Erick Westervelt 2007 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Court denies convicted killer another trial in hatchet slaying
Family steadfastly maintains Erick’s innocence
North Country Justice
Is Erick Guilty or Innocent?
A TV show brings new hope to a convicted man’s family

Reasonable Doubt: Rivals in Love


Identifying and Location Information
As of 04/30/17
DIN (Department Identification Number) 05A4448
Date of Birth 12/07/1981
Race / Ethnicity WHITE
Custody Status IN CUSTODY
Housing / Releasing Facility EASTERN
Date Received (Original) 09/02/2005
Date Received (Current) 09/02/2005
County of Commitment ALBANY
Latest Release Date / Type (Released Inmates Only)

Crimes of Conviction
Class A1

Sentence Terms and Release Dates
Under certain circumstances, an inmate may be released prior to serving his or her minimum term and before the earliest release date shown for the inmate.
As of 04/30/17
Aggregate Minimum Sentence 0025 Years, 00 Months, 00 Days
Aggregate Maximum Sentence LIFE Years, 99 Months, 99 Days
Earliest Release Date 10/02/2029
Parole Hearing Date 06/2029
Parole Eligibility Date 10/02/2029
Conditional Release Date NONE
Maximum Expiration Date LIFE
Maximum Expiration Date for Parole Supervision
Post Release Supervision Maximum Expiration Date
Parole Board Discharge Date

Kids That Kill: Raistlin Arthur Martin charged with killing his grandfather, Joseph Emmett Naulty, with a hatchet

dv awareness


Shock, serious charges for teen in hatchet attack
Teen accused of killing grandfather with hatchet
Teen talked about grandfather’s hatchet murder on Kik
Teen used app to share plan for grandfather’s hatchet death
Prosecutor wants 15-year-old tried as adult in grandfather’s hatchet homicide
Teen charged in hatchet slaying appears in Juvenile Court
North Carolina teen discussed killing his ‘kinda inconvenient’ grandfather with hatchet in phone messages

Myrtle Chapman murder 3/25/1985 Knox County, TN *Jerry Neal Carpenter convicted, sentenced to life in prison*

Myrtle Chapman
Myrtle Chapman

Jerry Neal Carpenter is coming up for another parole hearing. Please help Myrtle Chapman’s family in getting any kind of parole denied. Life should be life, especially in this case.

Here are the ways to oppose parole:

Sign this petition: Deny Parole for Jerry Neal Carpenter, #00119565, Murderer of Myrtle Chapman, 1985

Send in a letter: Write your own letter or use one of mine. Carpenter letter

Or you can email it it: BOP.Webmail@tn.gov

And at the bottom I have copied and pasted the letter in case it is easier for you.

Knoxville Hatchet Slaying Suspect Treated at Lakeshore
Jerry Neal Carpenter v State of TN 2002
Jerry Neal Carpenter v State of TN 2002
Jerry Neal Carpenter v State of TN 2010
“Life” Sentencing and its Impact
Kids of murder victim at odds with two church leaders over parole bid


Jerry Carpenter

Jerry Carpenter

TOMIS ID: 00119565
Birth Date: 09/20/1962
Race: W
Sex: M
Supervision Status: INCARCERATED
Location: NECX
Sentence Begin: 09/12/1985
Sentence End:
Parole Eligibility : 09/07/2006
Parole Hearing: 06/2016
Hearing Result:


Board of Parole
Richard Montgomery, Chairman
404 James Robertson Parkway, Suite 1300
Nashville, TN 37243
(615) 741-1150

Mr. Montgomery and Members of the Tennessee Board of Parole Hearings:
Re: Parole Hearing Planned for Jerry Neal Carpenter, Inmate # 00119565
Please DO NOT grant parole to Jerry Neal Carpenter, Inmate # 00119565. As a concerned citizen, I am writing to protest the possible parole of this convicted murderer.
In March 1985, Myrtle Chapman was in her store, Myrt’s Package Store, getting ready to go make the bank deposit. She was missing almost $300 and knew that Jerry Neal Carpenter was the suspect. The victim, 59-year-old Myrtle Chapman was bludgeoned at least 6 times with a small hand-held hatchet.
The heinous nature of the murder of Myrtle Chapman, the multiple crimes committed should preclude any consideration of parole for Jerry Neal Chapman. His actions have shown that he is extremely volatile and that he has no regard for human life. For this heinous crime, Jerry Neal Carpenter was sentenced to Life in prison but he sentenced the Robinson family and friends to a lifetime of grief and sorrow. I would also ask that he be given the longest time between parole hearings as possible.

Thank you for your consideration,

In the interests of justice, public safety, and to lessen the emotional trauma for the victim’s family, please consider giving Washington a three year set off before any future parole reviews.

Thank you for your consideration,
____________________________________________________ Date____________________
City _______________________________________ State ___________ Zip _________

Monsters Among Us: Charles “Crazy Eddie” Reddish killed 2 women, sentenced to life in prison

Dede RosenthalOn Friday, February 22, 1991, Dede Rosenthal reported to work at the Elwyn Institute in Vineland, New Jersey, where she trained  staff to work with autistic children.   At 4:47 p.m., on the way home from work, she withdrew eighty dollars from an automatic teller machine (ATM).   Later that evening, she spoke on the phone with a friend, Sherri Klemow.   She also spoke with John Bristol, whom she had been dating.   Bristol worked at Somerset Towers in Cherry Hill, the apartment complex where Rosenthal lived.

Early the next morning, a loud noise emanating from Rosenthal’s apartment awoke Lucy Faricelli, Rosenthal’s elderly downstairs neighbor.   Although she would later express some confusion about the exact date she heard the noise, Faricelli told police in March 1991 that she heard a “thump” on the floor above her late Friday night.   She also heard Rosenthal’s patio door open and close, and heard a cat crying on the balcony.   Prior to that night, she had never heard any noises from Rosenthal’s apartment.

Rosenthal did not report to work on Monday, February 25, or Tuesday, February 26, nor did she call in sick or contact anyone at the Elwyn Institute.   Rosenthal had no prior unexplained absences from work during her previous six months of employment.   Two of her coworkers became concerned and, on Wednesday, February 27, reported Rosenthal missing to the Cherry Hill Police Department.

Police officers went to Rosenthal’s apartment to investigate the report.   They noticed that newspapers had accumulated outside the unlocked front door.   Upon entering her unit, the officers observed that the apartment was neat and showed no sign of a struggle or forced entry.   Rosenthal’s bed was made.   Her closets were orderly and full of clothes, and her luggage, passport, and personal appointment book were still in the apartment.   Rosenthal’s keys were on the kitchen counter and her cat was outside on the balcony.   The temperature inside the apartment was normal and the officers noted no unusual odors or smells.   Her car, containing her briefcase and topcoat, was still in the parking lot.   A subsequent search of the entire apartment complex and its  grounds by the officers, assisted by a dog trained to detect the scent of human decomposition, failed to locate Rosenthal.
remembering the victimsAs part of the investigation, police interviewed employees of the apartment complex, including Bristol, who told them he had last spoken with Rosenthal at approximately 10:00 p.m. on Friday night.   They also spoke with defendant, who worked as a porter in the building.   Defendant answered their questions but denied any knowledge of Rosenthal’s whereabouts.
Further efforts to locate Rosenthal proved unsuccessful.   The police contacted individuals named in Rosenthal’s personal appointment book, but nobody had heard from or seen Rosenthal since February 22, 1991.   The police confirmed that no one named Dede Rosenthal had purchased a plane, train, or bus ticket.   Discussions with employees at Rosenthal’s bank disclosed that one banking transaction occurred on March 1, 1991, but the police later discounted that as a pre-arranged, automated transaction.

On June 12, 1992, police in Burlington County arrested defendant on another, unrelated charge.   Hearing of the arrest, the officers investigating Rosenthal’s disappearance again questioned defendant.   He continued to deny any knowledge of, or involvement in, her disappearance.

Rosenthal’s family made additional attempts to locate her.   Private investigators hired by the family were unable to discover anything regarding her disappearance.   The family’s continuing efforts, however, did result in the feature of Rosenthal’s disappearance on an episode of the television show “Unsolved Mysteries.”   That episode aired nationally six times between April 1993 and October 1995.   In response to the broadcasts, the program received more than 150 calls from around the country, including Florida, Oklahoma, and California.   The Cherry Hill Police Department sent form letters to the police departments in each city from which the calls originated, requesting assistance in following up sightings reported by viewers in those areas.   Those local police departments then reported back to the Cherry Hill department.   None of those leads bore fruit.

 On October 6, 1995, more than four years after Dede Rosenthal disappeared, investigating officers of the Cherry Hill Police Department, still with no leads and no suspects, learned from a television news broadcast that defendant had been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, Rebecca Wertz, and other charges, and was being held in Burlington County Jail. On October 11, detectives from the Cherry Hill Police Department interviewed defendant at the Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office.   After waiving his Miranda1 rights, defendant provided a lengthy tape-recorded statement admitting that he had killed Rosenthal and disposed of her body in Salem County.   Later that evening, he placed a telephone call to John Knarr, a reporter for the Burlington County Times.   In an interview tape-recorded by Knarr, defendant again admitted to killing Rosenthal

Rebecca Wertz (no picture)
Yeda Sharon “Dede” Rosenthal

‘Crazy Eddie’ Snaps Charles Reddish Killed His Girlfriend With A Hatchet, Then Raped Her Daughter, N.j. Police Say Man Held In Ax-killing, Rape Neighbors Call N.j. Suspect ‘A Little Strange’
Murder Suspect Tied To ’91 Case Police Say Man Charged In Hatchet Murder Admits Killing Yeda Rosenthal
State of New Jersey v Charles E Reddish Jr 2004
State of New Jersey v Charles Reddish 2008 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Convicted killer who killed 2 South Jersey women denied new trial
Killer sentenced to die in ’91 Cherry Hill slaying Charles Reddish Jr. had been found guilty of suffocating Yeda Rosenthal.
Man begs killer: Say where my sister is Blain Rosenberg spoke at Charles Reddish’s sentencing for the suffocation of Yeda “Dede” Rosenthal in 1991
Cherry Hill murder to be featured on Investigation Discovery’s ‘On the Case with Paula Zahn’

On the Case with Paula Zahn: A Mystery on Cherry Hill


CharlesReddish prison mug

Charles E Reddish
SBI Number: 000932598A
Sentenced as: Reddish, Charles E
Race: White
Ethnicity: White
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 193 lbs.
Birth Date: March 17, 1961
Admission Date: March 19, 1999
Current Facility: NJSP
Current Max Release Date: N/A
Current Parole Eligibility Date: N/A

Reddish crimes

Update: Barbara Olson murder *Nathan Paape and Antonio Barbeau convicted, sentenced to life in prison*

remembering the victims

Barbara Olson murder 9/19/2012 Sheboygan Falls, WI *Two 13-year-olds, Antonio Barbeau and Nathan Paape, charged with her hatchet murder*
Family says Sheboygan teen’s brain injury was a factor in murder
Nathan Paape found GUILTY in death of Barbara Olson
Boys testify how they hacked great-grandmother to death for $155 in sickening Wisconsin trial
Teen sentenced to life in prison for killing his great-grandmother
Antonio Barbeau gets life in prison for death of great-grandmother
Barbeau sentenced to life in prison; eligible for parole in 36 years
Wisconsin teen sentenced in hatchet murder of great-grandmother
Nathan Paape sentenced to life for murder of 78-year-old Barbara Olson

Nathan Paape, 13
Antonio Barbeau, 13 [great-grandson of victim]

Parents Gone Wild! Phillip Raymond Hernandez charged with killing his 9-year-old son Matthew with a hatchet

Say NO to Child Abuse

Matthew Hernandez
Matthew Hernandez

Phillip Hernandez Killed His 9yo Son With Hatchette While He Slept On Couch
Sacramento Father Accused Of Killing 9-Year-Old Son
Man Suspected of Killing Son with Hatchet has Troubled Past (several articles, keep scrolling down)
9-year-old boy found dead in Sacramento suburb
Boy killed in North Sacramento hatchet attack ID’d
CA dad accused of killing son served prison time
Classmates Mourn 9-Year-Old Natomas Boy Allegedly Killed By Father
Mother of slain child blames judge for death

Read more: http://www.kcra.com/news/Mother-of-slain-child-blames-judge-for-death/-/11797728/19142228/-/format/rsss_2.0/-/ywcc9w/-/index.html#ixzz2ML2dsBRu

Phillip Raymond Hernandez

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