Boyfriends From Hell: Felix Jesus Chapa charged with killing his girlfriend and her two sons

Michelle Hughes
Ivan Hughes
William Hughes

Texas man charged with three counts of capital murder
Alice Man In Custody, Accused of Triple Murder
Felix Chapa Arrested In Triple Murder Of Michelle Hughes & Her 2 Sons Ivan & Billy
Alice Triple Murder – Full Coverage
Alice police arrest man, 24, in stabbing deaths of woman, two sons
Chapa Charged With Three Counts Of Capital Murder; Bonds Set At $2.25 Million

Felix Jesus Chapa

**Note from blog owner**
Please read my comment policy before you comment. I will not approve any comments that are negative in any way about the victim. If you do not understand domestic violence, I suggest you research it. It is not so easy to just up and leave your abuser. Sorry, does not usually happen. Many times the victim has become emotionally dependent on their abuser and cannot just leave. Yes, I know this because I have been going thru this. Learn compassion and empathy towards victims. And think of their loved ones. They do not need to read how the victim deserved to be abused and/or killed. And yes, there have been comments, and more than one, that these victims deserved this. NO THEY DID NOT DESERVE THIS. Learn compassion.


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