Pervert Alley: Mike Wayne Nunnally sentenced to 60 years in federal prison for child sexual abuse and child pornography

Longwood man accused of taking sex abuse videos of children, sharing them online
Longwood Man Sentenced To 60 Years In Federal Prison For Producing Images And Videos Of Himself Sexually Abusing A Child
Seminole County man gets 60 years for recording sexual abuse of child
Florida Man Gets 60 Years for Filming Himself Sexually Abusing Child, Possessing Materials ‘Depicting the Sadistic Abuse, Bondage, and Torture’ of Kids


Monsters Among Us: Spc. Aaron Robinson killed Spc. Vanessa Guillen, beating her to death with a hammer; Now Robinson’s girlfriend, Cecily Ann Aguilar, is charged with conspiracy to tamper with evidence, (helping to dismember her body) a federal offense

Spc. Vanessa Guillen remembered in memorial on Fort Hood
Family of missing Fort Hood soldier holds search parties in Belton, Copperas Cove
One military suspect dead, ex-wife of former soldier arrested in connection to Vanessa Guillen disappearance
Fort Hood investigates claim Vanessa Guillen was sexually harassed
Vanessa Guillen killed with hammer and her body mutilated, affidavit says
Grand Jury indictment affidavit for Cecily Anne Aguilar
Here’s how phone records led investigators to the suspects in Vanessa Guillen’s disappearance
Cecily Aguilar, The Suspect In Murder Case Of Fort Hood Soldier Vanessa Guillen, To Appear In Court
Cecily Aguilar pleads not guilty, bond denied until trial for her suspected role in death of Vanessa Guillen
Woman pleads not guilty to charges in SPC Vanessa Guillen’s death
Suspect in Vanessa Guillen case faces judge for first time, new hearing date set
How Houston, the US are demanding justice for Vanessa Guillen

Spc. Aaron Robinson – killed himself when police came to take him into custody
Cecily Aguilar – pled not guilty, in jail awaiting trial

Robert Cohen murder 1/20/1993 Peekskill, NY *Killed over a debt by Chris Oscar DeJesus for Richard Balter and 2 other associates*

remembering the victimsRichard Balter was the president and sole shareholder of Northeastern Poly Products, Inc. (“NPP”) of Fairfield, New Jersey. NPP sold and distributed plastic bag products. Balter met Kenneth Cutler in the mid-1980’s when Cutler was working for one of NPP’s customers. Balter and Cutler had an arrangement under which Balter paid cash kickbacks to Cutler in exchange for the purchase of NPP’s products. The cash for these kickbacks was generated by issuing checks to the fictitious payee “Robert Katz.” In 1992, Balter hired Cutler to work at NPP, and shortly after Cutler arrived, Balter and Cutler formed another plastic bag product company, International Syndication of America (“ISA”).
Robert Cohen owned and operated Uneeda Manufacturing Corporation (“Uneeda”) in the Bronx, New York. Uneeda was an NPP customer that manufactured garbage cans and distributed plastic garbage bags. Uneeda was NPP’s most delinquent account. By the early 1990’s, Uneeda’s outstanding balance had grown to approximately $600,000. Balter initially tried to collect this debt by calling Cohen, and Cutler became involved with these collection efforts soon after joining NPP. Cutler had known Cohen for many years prior to his involvement with Balter. In fact, Cutler had been Cohen’s best man at his wedding. Cutler believed that NPP could not withstand the “financial blow” if Uneeda defaulted. At one point, Cutler commented to an NPP employee that “something had to be done” and that “he was going [to] take care of the Uneeda problem.”

Cohen began to worry that his business relationship with NPP had deteriorated to such a point that Balter would refuse to supply him with products. Fearing that this would thwart Uneeda’s ability to make sales and generate income to pay its debts, Cohen discussed this problem with his long-time insurance agent, Jefferey Liederman, at New York Life Insurance Company (“New York Life”). Liederman suggested that Cohen take out a life insurance policy and that he name Balter as the beneficiary as a sign of good faith to convince
Balter not to cut off Uneeda’s product supply. Cohen agreed.

Balter and Cutler were also Liederman’s clients, and Liederman discussed the Uneeda account deficit with them over lunch on several occasions. After Cohen agreed to take out the life insurance policy, Liederman reviewed with Balter the tax advantages that he would
gain as the owner and beneficiary of that policy.

In February 1992, New York Life received an application for a $600,000 life insurance policy designating Cohen as the owner of the policy and his estate as the beneficiary. The application was accepted. About a month later, New York Life received a change of
beneficiary form changing the ownership of the policy to Richard Balter and designating “Richard Balter-Creditor” as the new beneficiary. Balter paid the first month’s premium on the policy and each monthly payment thereafter.

In September 1992, Cutler contacted Gustavo Gil, a former co-worker. Cutler and Gil had worked together at the Chrysler Corporation beginning in 1979, but they had not spoken in several years. Cutler told Gil that he wanted to introduce him to a friend, but would
not explain the reason for the introduction.

Gil met Cutler and Balter at a diner in Secaucus, New Jersey. After introductions, Balter told Gil that “there was a person who owed him a lot of money and who ha[d] insulted him and he wanted this man shot and killed.” Balter described the victim as a businessman in the Bronx, but he did not name him. Balter asked Gil if he knew anyone who could do the killing, and Gil indicated that he did. Balter explained that he was willing to pay “ten thousand dollars or more if necessary” for the murder. Cutler instructed Gil to call them when he located someone to commit the murder. Balter and Cutler also offered to set Gil up in NPP’s warehouse so that Gil could start his own business.

Over the course of the next month, Balter and Cutler pressed Gil to find someone to commit the murder. NPP’s bankers were threatening to withdraw NPP’s line of credit due to concern about the Uneeda account. Balter gave Gil an office in the NPP warehouse and other assistance to start his own business reconditioning automotive engines. During this period, Gil learned that Cohen was the intended victim. On one occasion, he travelled with Balter’s driver to Uneeda at Balter’s behest. Gil met Cohen at Uneeda and engaged him in conversation for approximately five minutes.

In December 1992, Gil contacted Manuel Garcia at a video store in Brooklyn, New York, to help him find someone to kill Cohen. Garcia had worked for Gil in 1989, and Garcia had often talked about the people he knew in a gang called the “Tigres.” Garcia had told Gil that the “Tigres” were involved in drug sales, murders, and other violent crimes.

Gil told Garcia that the people he represented would pay $10,000 to have Cohen killed. Garcia expressed interest and said that he had “just the guy” to carry out the murder. Garcia immediately introduced Gil to DeJesus. DeJesus acknowledged that he had done this type of work in the past, but stated that he had not done it recently. However, he admitted that he needed the money and therefore agreed to commit the murder. DeJesus demanded half of the money in advance. Gil then drove DeJesus to Uneeda and explained to him the details of the plan to kill Cohen.

Gil went to Balter that same day and informed him that DeJesus would do the job for $10,000, if half was paid up front. Balter gave Gil $5,000 in cash that he had generated by writing checks for fictitious expenses. Gil delivered the $5,000 to DeJesus the following day.

Meanwhile, Balter and Cutler were planning the details of the murder. On January 8, 1993, they drove to Cohen’s home near Peekskill, New York. They considered ambushing Cohen in his own neighborhood but concluded that Cohen’s business in the Bronx would be a better location for the killing. While Balter and Cutler were near Cohen’s house, his housekeeper spotted them and became suspicious. She told Cohen what she had seen and described Balter’s car to him. Cohen became concerned and contacted Liederman. He told Liederman that he believed that Balter meant to harm him and indicated that he wanted Balter removed as the beneficiary of the insurance policy. Liederman explained that Balter owned the policy and that Cohen therefore could no longer change the beneficiary.

Gil and DeJesus drove to Uneeda on the morning of January 19, 1993. Garcia was originally supposed to drive DeJesus, but the two had had a disagreement, and Gil had assented that morning to drive DeJesus to the murder scene. Cohen arrived late for work. By the time he arrived, the street was too busy to attempt the shooting. Gil and DeJesus left Uneeda and went directly to Balter’s office at NPP to tell him of the aborted attempt. They agreed to try again the next morning. Balter stressed to DeJesus that he wanted Cohen dead, not injured. He told DeJesus to shoot Cohen in the head and to drop a bag of cocaine by the body to give the appearance of a drug-related killing. DeJesus assured Balter that he knew what to do and that he had done this before. Balter also told DeJesus that “if there are
other people there when [Cohen’s] there . . . shoot them all.”

Gil and DeJesus drove to Uneeda the next morning, January 20, 1993. When Cohen arrived, DeJesus engaged him in a short conversation and then shot him at least three times in the chest with a pistol. An eyewitness to the shooting described the shooter as a light-skinned Hispanic man, between 21-27 years old, approximately 5’6,” of medium build, with straight black bangs and a mustache.

After the murder, Gil and DeJesus drove back to NPP. Balter gave DeJesus more money and told him that he would give him additional money “in a couple of months.” Cohen remained unconscious until he died on March 5, 1993. Balter and Cutler then submitted a claim form requesting payment on the life insurance policy.

In the meantime, federal law enforcement agents began investigating the murder. Shortly after the investigation commenced, Gil admitted his role in the killing and secretly began cooperating with federal officers. He surreptitiously recorded numerous live and telephone conversations with each of his co-conspirators. The taped conversations include discussions about the murder, the cover-up, and payments made to DeJesus for committing the murder. They largely corroborate Gil’s extensive testimony identifying the different roles
each of the defendants had in the murder scheme.

Moore man charged in shooting death of NYC businessman
United States of America v Richard Balter, Kenneth Cutler,and Chris Oscar DeJesus 1996
United States of America v Manuel Garcia 2001 (denied reduction of sentence)
United States of America v Manuel Garcia 2002
United States of America v Richard Balter 2010

Chris Oscar DeJesus – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Richard Balter – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Kenneth Cutler – convicted, sentenced to life in prison
Manuel Garcia – convicted, sentenced to life in prison


Register Number: 17025-057
Age: 44
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Tucson USP
Release Date: LIFE


Register Number: 17432-050
Age: 68
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Petersburg Medium FCI
Release Date: LIFE


Register Number: 17433-050
Age: 67
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Otisville FCI
Release Date: LIFE


Register Number: 17434-050
Age: 48
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Schuylkill FCI
Release Date: LIFE

Monsters Among Us: Geoffrey Portway wanted to rape, kill, and eat children; He pled guilty to child porn charges

Say NO to Child Abuse

Sentencing will be on Sept. 17, 2013. Federal authorities have recommended a minimum of 27 years in prison.

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz: Worcester resident Geoffrey Portway planned to ‘abduct, rape, murder and eat children’
US Attorney: Man Planned To Keep Children In Dungeon, Cannibalize Them
Massachusetts man plotted to kill and eat children, feds say
Man pleads guilty to child porn as torture dungeon revealed
Feds seeking 27 years in child porn, ‘cannibal’ case
Feds Seek 27-Year Sentence In Child Porn Case
Geoffrey Portway: Inside British cannibal’s torture dungeon where he planned to eat CHILDREN

Geoffrey Portway

Deadly Duo: Joseph and Shannon Agofsky kidnapped and killed State Bank of Noel bank president Dan Short; Both sentenced to life in prison

Dan Short

Find-A-Grave: Daniel Lee “Dan” Short
Lingering Murder Mystery Turns Town Holiday Gray
Murder Trial Set To Begin
Jury Told How Killing Occurred
Shannon Agofsky Admitted He Killed Banker, Jury Told
Money Laundering Blamed in Noel Banker’s Murder Trial
Agofsky files for post-conviction release
Man Connected To Death Of Missouri Banker In Oklahoma Dies In Prison (there is a mistake at the end of this article – Shannon Agofsky was not sentenced to death for Dan Short’s murder; it was for a murder he committed in prison)
The Murderers Who Couldn’t Stop Bragging — True Crime
Joseph Agofsky Dies in Federal Prison
Joseph Agofsky, convicted in Mo. banker’s death, dies in federal prison
Find-A-Grave: Joseph Anthony Agofsky
Luther Plant murder 1/5/2001 Beaumont, TX *Shannon Wayne Agofsky convicted, sentenced to death*

The F.B.I. Files: Blood Brothers
Swamp Murders: A Run for the Money
Nightmare Next Door: Money Hunger
Forensic Files: Stick ’em Up
Killer Siblings: Agofskys


Register Number: 06267-045
Age: 49
Race: White
Sex: Male
Release Date: DEATH SENT
Located At: USP Terre Haute


Register Number: 06859-045
Age: 46
Race: White
Sex: Male
Deceased: 03/05/2013

Deadly Duo: Steven Brown and Patricia Teeter kidnapped his ex-wife Deborah Brown after killing her brother and new boyfriend

dv awareness

Brown victims

Deborah Brown – survived
Donald Wood, Jr., 43
Christopher Brouillard, 30

N.Y. couple appear in court
No bail for murder suspect
Friends and family remember pair killed in Lebanon
Woman pleads innocent to charges
New York man pleads guilty to murders in York County
Murderer tries to kill himself in Portland jail
Woman describes role in double murder
Sentence weighed in double murder case
Woman appears in court for final day of sentencing hearing
Man serving life for murdering two men in Maine kills himself
Maine killer commits suicide in federal prison
American Killers-Steven Brown and Patricia Teeter

I’d Kill For You: To Have and to Kill
Wicked Attraction: Till Death Us Do Part

Steven Brown – State charges: pled guilty, sentenced to 5 terms of LWOP
Federal charges: pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison

Patricia Teeter – State charges: pled guilty, sentenced to 20 years in prison
Federal charges: pled guilty, sentenced to 29 years in prison


Steven Brown

Register#: 03810-036
Age-Race-Sex: 50-White-M
Release Date: DECEASED


Patricia Teeter

Register#: 03811-036
Age-Race-Sex: 53-White-f
Release Date: 11-10-2024
Phone: 203-743-6471
Fax: 203-312-5110

Monsters Among Us: Thomas A. Sweatt, serial arsonist, killed 2 elderly women during his arson rampage

Lou “Mama Lou” Edna Jones

Annie Brown, 93 [arson 2/05/2002, died 2/14/2002]
Lou “Mama Lou” Edna Jones, 85 [6/5/2003]

Sketch of possible arson suspect released
Suspect Formally Charged in Two Arson Deaths
Man Arrested In D.C. Area’s Arson Wave
Suspect Admitted 37 Arsons, Court Told
Thomas Sweatt pleads guilty
Arson suspect pleads guilty
Serial Arsonist Thomas Sweatt sentenced to life in prison
D.C.-area serial arsonist is sentenced to life term
Letters From an Arsonist
Firehouse: DC area-Serial Arsons
Wikipedia: Thomas Sweatt
Wikipedia: Forensic Files Season 10
Trascript: Forensic Files

Extreme Forensics: Playing with Fire
Very Bad Men: A Deadly Burning Passion
Forensic Files: Hot on the Trail (Season 10 Episode 37)


Register#: 38792-037
Age-Race-Sex: 58-Black-M
Release Date: LIFE

The kidnapping and torture of Christine Aragao and her 2 sons; Five men convicted, sentenced to federal prison*

16425 Collins Ave Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Brazilian businessman’s sons, wife rescued from kid
Teen held in abduction of woman, two children
Woman Charged In Abduction
Kidnappers Guilty In Sunny Isles Case
Siblings plead guilty in Miami abduction of Brazilian family
Kidnapper Praises Victim, Gets Life
US v Ferreira, Caraballo-Martinez, and Martinez 2001
US v Ewin Oscar Martinez 2007
US v Edgar Alexander Torrealba 2003
Court upholds 23-year prison sentence in Miami kidnapping

FBI: Criminal Pursuit: Unholy Season

Jean Carlo Ferreira, 22 – convicted; sentenced to life in federal prison
Ewin Oscar Martinez, 46 – convicted; sentenced to life in federal prison
Pedro Rafael Caraballo-Martinez, 20 – convicted; sentenced to life in federal prison
Adda Torrealba, 19 – pled guilty; sentenced to 16 years in prison
Edgar Torrealba, 20 – pled guilty; sentenced to 23 years in prison


Register#: 60135-004
Age-Race-Sex: 35-White-M
Release Date: LIFE


Register#: 60137-004
Age-Race-Sex: 59-White-M
Release Date: LIFE


Register#: 60136-004
Age-Race-Sex: 32-White-M
Release Date: LIFE
Location: LEE USP


Register#: 61932-004
Age-Race-Sex: 31-White-F
Release Date: 07-27-2015


Register#: 66367-004
Age-Race-Sex: 33-White-M
Release Date: 05-22-2021


Update: Kenneth John Freeman back in the US to face charges!


Accused child rapist Kenneth John Freeman, described by the U.S. Marshals as the ‘King of the Child Exploitation Suspects’, returned to the United States today, escorted by senior law enforcement officials from the U.S. Marshals Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

*We’ll have exclusive video of Freeman being hauled in up on Friday morning!


America’s Most Wanted: Kenneth John Freeman

*Update* Kenneth John Freeman pled guilty and was sentenced to 50 years in prison.
Man who raped daughter agrees to long term
Uncensored Wiki: Kenneth John Freeman


Register Number: 12163-085
Age: 56
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Marion USP
Release Date: 11/18/2050

Steve Harvey murder 11/05/1980 Kansas City, MO *Raymond Bledsoe convicted of violating Steve Harvey’s civil rights, sentenced to life in prison*

From Raymond Bledsoe’s appeal: On the evening of November 4, 1980, Raymond Bledsoe and two of his four roommates, Roy Loyd and James Graham, left their suburban house to go to Liberty Memorial Park in Kansas City, Missouri. A party was in progress at the time they left the house. The appellant and his companions regularly went to Liberty Park to “harass homosexuals.” On his way out the appellant picked up a dowel rod and put it in the car. A baseball bat was already on the back seat. The appellant drove to the park.

Steve HarveyAt the park, the three went to the restrooms adjacent to a large baseball field. The appellant and Loyd entered the men’s restroom and Graham stood by outside. Inside, the appellant began to wave the dowel rod at a white male who had been using the urinal. The appellant struck him on the back of the head with the dowel rod, breaking it in the process, and the man ran out of the bathroom. The appellant and Loyd followed him outside and watched him run away. The appellant did not give chase.

The appellant told his companions that somebody was in the other restroom and he and Loyd went into the women’s bathroom. The appellant had the baseball bat in his hand. Stephen Harvey, a black man, was in the restroom sitting on a stool with his pants down to his knees. Loyd turned away as the appellant hit Harvey with the baseball bat. Harvey ran out of the restroom and the appellant pursued, continuously striking him with the baseball bat. Harvey, who had not been able to pull up his pants, made it out to the middle of the baseball field where he tripped and rolled over on his back. The appellant stood over Harvey and using an overhand swing, repeatedly struck him on the top of his head. The blows crushed Harvey’s skull and caused his death.

Before leaving the park, the appellant checked to see if Stephen Harvey was breathing. He then told his companions “I think I killed him.” The appellant drove back to the party and while crossing a bridge threw the baseball bat into a river. Loyd, Graham and the appellant made a “pact” never to say anything about the killing. Several people at the party saw the appellant arrive covered with blood. The appellant went into the bathroom and was followed by Gary Adams. In the bathroom the appellant told Adams he had killed a “black faggot,” hitting the “black guy” on the head with a baseball bat, and that Loyd and Graham had to “pull him off from the guy while he was still hitting him”.

Stephen Harvey was discovered in the park the next morning. The state police were unable to arrest anyone until February of 1981 when Gary Adams came forward and told the police about Loyd, Graham and the appellant’s involvement. All three men were arrested but only the appellant was charged with murder. Loyd and Graham pled guilty to assault charges in exchange for testimony against the appellant. The appellant was acquitted after trial before a jury in the Missouri State Court System. A federal investigation followed the state trial and as a result the appellant was indicted for willfully interfering with Stephen L. Harvey because of his race and because he was enjoying privileges and facilities provided and administered by Kansas City, Missouri, a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 245(b) (1976). He was tried, convicted, and sentenced to life in prison.

Death of Black Musician Brings Rights Conviction/a>
Justice at Last?
Appeal No. 03-3224 District of Kansas
A sax’s haunting refrain
United States of America v Raymond Bledsoe (affirmed)
Parole is denied for jazz musician’s killer

City Confidential



Register Number: 02512-045
Age: 53
Race: White
Sex: Male
Located at: Allenwood Medium FCI
Email: ALX/
Phone: 570-547-7950
Fax: 570-547-7751
Release Date: LIFE

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