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Endia Martin murder 4/28/2014 Chicago, IL *Victim and another teenage girl were shot by a teenage girl from another school over something on Facebook*

Endia Martin
Endia Martin

2 Teen Girls Shot, One Fatally, In Back Of The Yards
Fatal teen shooting may have started with dispute on Facebook
Girl, 14, killed in South Side shooting, 2nd girl hurt
Teen Girl Shot, Killed on South Side
14-Year-Old Endia Martin Fatally Shot on Way Home from School in Chicago

900 block of West Garfield Boulevard
900 block of West Garfield Boulevard

Psycho For Love: Derek Vernon Medina charged with killing wife, Jennifer Alfonso, and then posting a picture of her on Facebook


Jennifer Alfonso
Jennifer Alfonso

This is very sad. There are unsubstantiated allegations of abuse, but I am weary of those. It may or may not be Medina trying to prepare a defense. Right now, I will wait to see what develops on that. Regardless, killing Jennifer and posting a picture of her dead body on Facebook is so wrong. I truly hope none of her friends or family saw it. I would hate for their last memory of her to be that one.

News Archive: Jennifer Alfonso murder
Fla. man accused of killing wife, posting photo
Husband Admits to Killing Wife in South Miami, Posts Photo on Facebook: Police
Report: South Florida man allegedly kills wife, posts it on Facebook
Alleged Killer Posts Picture Of Dead Wife On Facebook
Man posts grisly picture of his dead wife on Facebook in post saying: ‘Im going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife love you guys’

Derek Medina mug

Personal Information
Dade County

Derek Vernon Medina
Age : 31 Years Old
Gender : M
Birth Date : 3-23-1982
Weight : 200 lbs
Eye Color : BRO
Height : 6’02”
Hair Color : BRO
Race : W

Arrest Information

Arrest Date : 8-9-2013
Time Booked : 03:28

Charge 1

Friends From Hell: Jennifer Christine Harris does not like to be unfriended on Facebook

burning house

Nikki Rasmussen and her husband were asleep in their home when it was set on fire. Jennifer Harris was arrested for setting their home on fire, apparently over some party, although she claims it was an accident due to Nikki’s affairs (which was none of Jennifer’s business anyway). Yeah, does not make sense to me either. Not sure how it could be set accidentally from outside the home in middle of the night. Jennifer also claims the charges were dropped, but I don’t think that is actually correct. She appears in the Iowa Department of Corrections Inmate Locator. It does appear she is on probation til May 2014, which means that the charges were not dropped. She did say she is paying for the damage. She was a teacher’s associate at Smouse Elementary School, but it looks like she is no longer there. All I can say is that being unfriended on Facebook is not the end of the world, or anything to worry about. And certainly nothing to burn down a house or do any other violent act.

Facebook Unfriending Sparked Iowa Arson Attack, Cops Say
Police: Facebook ‘unfriending’ drives woman to arson
Facebook figures in Des Moines arson case
Cops: Woman set fire to house of friend who “unfriended” her on Facebook
Jennifer Christine Harris, Des Moines, Iowa (arrested Nov 2011) [arson]

Frenemies: Playing With Fire


Jennifer Christine Harris

Name Jennifer Christine Harris
Offender Number 6548075
Sex F
Birth Date 10/17/1981
Age 31
Location Fifth Judicial District
County Of Commitment Polk
Commitment Date 05/10/2012
TDD/SDD * 05/10/2014 (tentative/supervision discharge date)

Supervision Status: Probation
Offense Class: C Felony
County of Commitment: Polk

Kamisha Richards murder 2/28/2011 Brooklyn, NY *Her friend, Kayla Henriques, confessed to killing her over a Facebook argument*

Kamisha Richards
Kamisha Richards

R.I.P. Kamisha Richards
Kamisha Richards Foundation
Kayla Henriques confesses to fatal stab of Kamisha Richards in Facebook feud over diaper money: cops
Friends on Facebook, Before Death Interrupted
Brooklyn woman kills brother’s girlfriend over $20 following Facebook fight
A $20 Loan, a Facebook Quarrel and a Fatal Stabbing
Emotional vigil in Brooklyn for Kamisha Richards, woman slain by boyfriend’s sister over diaper cash
‘There’s a special place in hell for you’: Mom of woman slain over diaper money tears into daughter’s killer
Woman who killed friend over Facebook feud and spilled milk gets 15 years
A $20 Loan, a Facebook Quarrel and a Fatal Stabbing

Frenemies: The Ultimate Betrayal

Kayla Henriques
Kayla Henriques

Are you kidding me? Marvin Potter & Jamie Curd charged with killing Billy Payne Jr. & Billie Jean Hayworth because they unfriended Potter’s daughter…on Facebook!

I guess this is the adult version of junior high games. Marvin Potter Jr. is 60 years old, and yet he is accused of killing Billy Payne Jr. & Billie Jean Hayworth (while she was holding her baby, too) because they unfriended his adult daughter on Facebook. I think the world is coming to an end now! This is just plain stupid and juvenile! I must not be very social conscious or whatever, but I did not think it was the end of the world if someone unfriended me or I unfriended them on Facebook! It is just Facebook, not real life! I wonder what they think about those who don’t accept all friend requests! Well, I enjoy some things on Facebook, but it is not my life! If I want, I will unfriend everyone! But really, is that worth killing another human being over? Two persons, REAL LIFE PERSONS, are now dead. Their child is an orphan. Their families are grieving their loss. All over them unfriending Potter’s daughter. I am waiting to see people now start blaming the victim’s for their own murders. After all, they unfriended her! My heart goes out to their young child (only 8-months-old!) and their families and friends. This was senseless and they did not deserve this.

Double murder investigation underway in Johnson County
Sheriff: Facebook spat led to shooting deaths of couple whose baby found OK in mom’s arms
Sheriff: Interviews continue in Johnson County double slaying
TBI: Suspects murdered couple, left baby unharmed in mom’s arms
Facebook spat led to 2 shooting deaths, sheriff says
Two men charged in a double-murder case will be arraigned this afternoon
Men charged with Johnson County double-murder in court today

Marvin Potter & Jamie Curd

Breaking News: Axel Barreto arrested for the murders of 3 teens over a Facebook fight with his stepsons

Axel Barreto

Joshua Soto, 14
Dante Lugo, 14
Javier Orlandi, 16

Pa. man kills 3 teens, injures 1 over stepsons’ feud
Suspect arrested, 3 teens dead in Juniata Park ambush shooting
Police: Pa. Man Killed 3 Teens Over Stepsons’ Feud
Stepfather arrested in teens’ killings
Facebook feud leaves three dead
Stepdad Charged With Murdering 3 Teens
Man accused of killing three teens over Facebook spat arrested in Philadelphia

Blake & Mary-Jo Hadley murders 7/16/2011 Port St. Lucie, FL *17-year-old son, Tyler, allegedly killed his parents, then had a party*

Mary-Jo and Blake Hadley

The Blake and Mary Jo Hadley Memorial
Blake and Mary Jo Hadley
Florida Teen Accused of Killing Parents, Then Partying, Allegedly Confessed to Friend
Florida teen holds Facebook party after parents are killed (great post)
Tyler Hadley showed friend his murdered parents (great post)
Port St. Lucie teen ‘appeared very nervous,’ with dialated pupils, arrest report states
Witness: Tyler Hadley, who is accused of killing his parents, on ecstasy drug
Tyler Hadley, Port St. Lucie teen accused of killing his parents, on suicide watch
Tyler Hadley, the teen accused of killing his parents, makes his first appearance in court
Arrest affidavit of Tyler Hadley, the teen accused of killing his parents, released
1,000 mourn Fla. couple believed murdered by teenage son, Tyler Hadley
Update: Blake and Mary Jo Hadley murders *Son, Tyler Hadley, pleads no contest, faces LWOP at sentencing*

Tyler Hadley


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