Cold Case: Psycho For Love: Scott Purk killed his pregnant wife, Margaret, trying to make it look like a suicide; Sentenced to life in prison – to be served after his arson sentence, not eligible for parole until 2057

Margaret “Meg” Purk

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Husband Scott Purk charged with murder in 1985 death of Akron woman
How an exhumation helped solve the murder of a pregnant Akron woman, decades later
Stow arsonist fighting charges that accuse him of killing his pregnant wife in 1985
Violent strangling detailed in 1985 cold-case murder of pregnant Akron woman as trial begins
Trial to begin for man accused of killing wife 30 years ago
Witness in trial of man charged with killing his pregnant wife 30 years ago says she was not suicidal
Jury finds Scott Purk guilty of strangling his wife in 30-year-old crime
Man found guilty of murdering pregnant wife in 1985 cold case
Ohio jury convicts man for 1985 murder of pregnant wife
Man sentenced for strangling pregnant wife in 1985 cold-case murder
Man Who Murdered Pregnant Wife And Staged Her Suicide Caught After Exhumation

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Forensic Files II; Buried Secrets
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Dateline: Secrets From the Grave


Number A634667
DOB 10/12/1962
Gender Male
Race White
Admission Date 02/01/2013
Institution Pickaway Correctional Institution

Psycho For Love: Doyle Kelley killed 2 wives, Diana Kelley & Christy Kelley; Sentenced to LWOP

dvawareness3From Doyle Kelley’s appeal: On the morning of September 26, 1990, the body of Diana Kelley (Diana) was found in her car on a Joplin, Missouri, parking lot.2  Defendant, who was then Diana’s husband, had filed a missing person report concerning Diana before her body was found.   Defendant told the police that he and Diana had been separated for about two weeks but had agreed to meet at 9:00 p.m. the night before her body was found.   According to Defendant, she did not meet with him as scheduled.   Later, Defendant said that he called Diana’s mother twice asking for Diana on the night of September 25.

Virginia Stepp (Mrs. Stepp), Diana’s mother, confirmed that Defendant called twice on the night of September 25.   She also told police that Diana was afraid of Defendant and had been living at Mrs. Stepp’s home for two weeks before her death.   Mrs. Stepp said she saw Defendant at his home between 6:30 and 6:45 a.m. on September 26.

Dr. James Habermann conducted the initial autopsy of Diana’s body.   Among other findings, Dr. Habermann noted several small areas of hemorrhage on Diana’s face and neck.   Dr. Habermann found that Diana died of respiratory failure.   However, he could not detect if she died of strangulation.

Debra Stout, a friend of Diana’s, testified that Diana visited in Stout’s home on the evening before she died.   During that visit, which occurred around 5:00 p.m., Stout saw that Diana was wearing a gold chain and a St. Christopher medal.

Two days after Diana’s death, Stout was visiting in Defendant’s home.   While she was there, Defendant took Diana’s gold chain and St. Christopher medal to the basement and “smashed it, I believe with a hammer.”   Stout was asked if Defendant had an explanation about where he had gotten the jewelry.   She answered that Defendant said it had been given to him by the police or someone at the mortuary.

Policemen testified that the chain and medal were not at the murder scene when they investigated.   Mrs. Stepp testified that she was present when mortuary employees gave Diana’s jewelry to Defendant.   At the time, Mrs. Stepp selected a ring to put on Diana’s hand.   She did not, however, see a St. Christopher medal among the items given to Defendant.

During his testimony, Defendant admitted that a few days after Diana’s death, he had her St. Christopher medal.   He also admitted that he smashed the medal and then threw it away.   Defendant claimed that someone at the mortuary had given him this item of jewelry.

In 1991, Defendant was married to Christy Kelley (Christy).3  In March 1993, Christy and Defendant separated.   Defendant and Christy arranged to meet on April 24, 1993, to exchange items of property.   Witnesses saw Christy and Defendant on the parking lot of Christy’s apartment during the afternoon of April 24.   One witness saw Defendant alone at Christy’s apartment building that afternoon.

On the evening of April 25, Christy’s family contacted the Joplin police department.   They requested that the police check on Christy since she was several hours overdue to pick up her daughter.   Joplin police officers forcibly entered Christy’s apartment and found her body floating face down in the bathtub.

Dr. Darrell Swank performed an autopsy on Christy’s body.   Among other findings, Dr. Swank said that Christy had a deep laceration on her forehead caused by blunt force trauma, vomitus in her nose and mouth, and edema in her lungs.   Dr. Swank concluded that Christy’s death was caused by drowning.

On August 25, 1993, the body of Diana was exhumed.   At this time Dr. Jill Gould conducted autopsies of both Diana and Christy.   She found the ligament from Diana’s hyoid bone had been pulled apart and discovered a bruise on the back of Diana’s esophagus.   Dr. Gould concluded that Diana’s death was caused by soft ligature strangulation.   During Dr. Gould’s autopsy of Christy’s body, she found several bruises in various locations.   Dr. Gould suggested that these bruises were caused by blunt impact from multiple directions, which would have been inconsistent with a fall in the bathtub.   Dr. Gould confirmed Dr. Swank’s finding that drowning was the cause of Christy’s death.

While Defendant was in the Jasper County jail awaiting trial, Lonnie Bell (Bell) was also an inmate in that facility.   For approximately three days in early June 1994, Bell was in the same area of the jail as Defendant.   Bell testified that Defendant admitted killing both Diana and Christy by strangling them.

Find-A-Grave: Diana Kay Stubblefield Kelley
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Kelley denies double murder charges
Man ordered to stand trial for wife’s death
Judge moves murder trial from Jasper County to Boone County
Prosecutor drops charge against man accused in wife’s death
Joplin police hope satellites can help in murder investigations
State of Missouri v Doyle Kelley 1997
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‘It Was Too Much Of A Coincidence’: Police Order Exhumation After Man’s 2 Wives Die

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DoyleKelley prison mug

DOC Id 511416
Offender Name Doyle Kelley
Race White
Sex Male
Date of Birth 02/07/1959
Height/Weight 5’7″ / 180
Hair/Eyes Brown /Blue
Assigned Location Crossroads Correctional Center
Address 1115 East Pence Road, Cameron, MO 64429
Assigned Officer Phone Number (816) 632-2727
Sentence Summary Life W/O Parole (Life W/O, Life W/O CC)
Active Offenses MURDER 1ST DEGREE(2 CTS)
Completed Offenses Completed sentence not found
Aliases Doyle A Kelley; Doyle A Kelley; Doyle Kelley; Doyle A Kelley; Doyle Kelley

Monsters Among Us: Jack Wayne Reeves convicted of killing 2 wives, and suspect in another

Sharon Reeves, 34 [7/20/1978]
Emelita Reeves, 26 [10/11/1994]

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Find-A-Grave: Emelita Villa Reeves
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Texas Man Convicted of Killing Fourth Wife
Jack Wayne Reeves v State of Texas 1996(Sharon Reeves murder) (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Jack Wayne Reeves v State of Texas 1998 (Emelita Reeves murder) (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Illustrative cases of women and their children exploited and abused through the international marriage broker industry
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After Tx. Man’s Mail-Order Bride Vanishes, He’s Exposed For Murdering His 2nd Wife, Which He’d Called A Suicide

Mail Order Murder

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Mail Order Murder: Arlington’s Missing Brides
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