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Dunce’s Corner: Mikayla J. Miller arrested for DUI after she texts ‘I’m so drunk’ and then tries to flee from police


Police: Woman charged for felony DUI texted boyfriend ‘I’m so drunk’
Police: Woman arrested for DUI texts ‘I’m so drunk,’ forces officer off road
Facebook: Mikayla Miller

Dunce’s Corner: Randy McDowell charged with murder after he allegedly drove drunk and killed Wayne Stroud Jr

remembering the victims

Deadly Hit-And-Run Ends In Crash, Driver In Custody
Suspected drunk driver arrested in death of Oklahoma City man
Police Identify Suspect, Victim In Deadly SW OKC Hit-And-Run
Man arrested for second degree murder in fatal crash


Dunce’s Corner: Dyllon Marc Mercado charged with killing Matthew Chavez and Nigel Chavez in a DUI crash


Matthew Chavez, 26
Nigel J. Chavez, 25

Cedar City man arrested for alleged vehicular homicide
Cedar City man arrested in connection with double-fatality on highway
Man faces homicide, DUI charges in double fatal crash
Cedar City man faces two automobile homicide counts

Dyllon Marc Mercado

Dunce’s Corner: Sally Hall Sturtevant charged with automobile homicide negligence by DUI in the crash that killed Rodney Russell

Rodney Russell
Rodney Russell

Motorcyclist dies after collision with car in Cottonwood Heights
Fatal crash involving car, motorcycle closes Highland Drive
Police arrest driver in fatal Highland Drive motorcycle-car accident, identify victim
Drunk driver in fatal crash was headed to AA meeting, police say
Woman faces DUI, homicide charges after fatal crash on Highland Drive

DO NOT DRINK OR TAKE DRUGS AND DRIVE!! Save a life, including your own.

dunce1Sally Hall Sturtevantdunce1

Dunce’s Corner: Brandy Teague killed her 3-year-old daughter, Carlee Ramirez, while driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol; Sentenced to 13 years in prison

stand up for children

Carlee Ramirez
Carlee Ramirez

Heartbroken Father Mourns Toddler Killed in Crash: “She Was Everything”
Carlee Ramirez killed, DUI mother arrested
Child dies in El Cajon crash; mom suspected of DUI
Mother to stand trial in DUI death of 3-year-old
Mother convicted in DUI crash that killed daughter, 3
Mom Convicted in DUI Death of Daughter, 3, Could Face 16 Years
Mom convicted in DUI crash that killed 3-year-old daughter
Mom Whose Drugged Driving Killed Her 3-Year-Old Girl in El Cajon Crash Gets 13 Years in Prison
Prison for mom whose drugged driving killed 3-yr-old


Brandy Lee Teague

CDCR#: WF5210
Age: 32
Admission Date: 07/06/2016
Current Location: Womens Facility

Dunce’s Corner: Jose Antonio Cortez Orozco charged with automobile homicide after violating a protective order and then committing a hit-and-run that killed Kelly Allred

Kelly Allred
Kelly Allred

According to police, Jose Antonio Cortez Orozco had a blood alcohol level of 0.15 which is just about twice the legal level to drive (this is the level he was at when they tested him, so it may have been higher when all of this started). There is a simple solution to these situations: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. In this case, his estranged wife has a protective order against him. Learn to live with that. If he followed that, none of this would have happened and Kelly Allred would still be alive and with his family.

Clearfield police nab driver in fatal hit-and-run
Suspect Arrested In Hit-And-Run That Killed Clearfield Father
Father of 3 killed by drunk driver
Man fleeing police hits, kills pedestrian in Clearfield, officers say
Man allegedly flees from police, causes fatal collision
1 killed, 1 arrested after auto-ped accident

dunce1Jose Antonio Cortez Orozco jail mugdunce1

Susan Kay Madsen murder 5/8/2014 Draper, UT *Bill Robert Thompson convicted of her murder that was a result of his violent spree*

Susan Madsen
Susan Kay Madsen

Susan Kay Madsen obituary
In Memory of Susan Madsen
43-year-old Draper mother of five killed by a suspected drunk driver
Police: Man arrested in fatal Draper crash had 2 altercations just before
Man facing charges that include domestic violence, automobile homicide after 7-car crash
Physical, vehicular assaults preceded fatal crash, jail documents say
Murder charge: Fatal DUI crash was no accident, D.A. says
DUI crash ‘not an accident,’ DA says
Murder charge warranted in Draper accident, victim says
Draper man charged with first degree murder in fatal DUI crash
Jury finds man guilty of murder in fatal DUI crash
Man found guilty in domestic violence incident, fatal crash

crash scene


BillRobertThompson jail mug

Sex: M
Age: 44
Height: 510
Weight: 190
Hair Color: BALD
Eye Color: BROWN

Inmate Information
Booking #: 14024856
SO#: 186529
State ID: 379858
FBI: 789741TA3
COB: California

Incarceration Information
Current Location: MAIN
Current Housing Section: 06
Current Housing Block: D
Current Housing Cell: 06
Current Housing Bed: B
Booked Date: 05/09/2014
Release Date:

Bond Information
Case #: 141905620
Amount: $1,000,000.00
Status: Open
Posted By:
Post Date: 05/19/2014

Charge Information
Case # Offense Date Code Description Grade Degree
141905620 05/19/2014 76.5.203 Homicide/Murder F 1
141905620 05/09/2014 Assault – Domestic M B
141905620 05/09/2014 Domestic violence in presence of child M B
141905620 05/09/2014 Aggravated Assault F 3
141905620 05/09/2014 Automobile homicide F 2
141905620 05/09/2014 DUI – causing serious injury F 3
141905620 05/09/2014 41.6a.503.1.b.i DUI -1st or 2nd causing bodily injury M A
141905620 05/19/2014 12.24.100 DUI Driving under the Influence of Alcohol/Drugs F 3
141905620 05/19/2014 Aggravated Assault F 3
141905620 05/19/2014 12.24.100 DUI Driving under the Influence of Alcohol/Drugs M A
141905620 05/19/2014 76.5.102 Assault M B
141905620 05/19/2014 Domestic violence in presence of child M B

Matthew Cordle confesses in a video that he drove drunk and killed Vincent Canzani

Vincent Canzani
Vincent Canzani

This DUI story is different than most. Matthew Cordle made a video and confessed to driving while drunk. He made this video not just to confess but he begs people not to drink and drive. It is a reminder that innocent people are hurt when you decide to drink and drive. Please watch the video and listen to what he is saying. Do not drink and drive. Or drive while under the influence of drugs or no sleep. Yes, driving while drowsy can be just as bad. Please drive safely.

Prosecutor: Man Confesses To Driving Drunk And Causing Deadly Crash (has the video unscrambled)
because I said I would: Confession video…
Prosecutor: Man Confesses To Driving Drunk And Causing Deadly Crash
Matthew Cordle, Ohio man, confesses in online video to driving drunk, causing deadly crash
Video Confession: ‘My name is Matthew Cordle, I hit and killed Vincent Canzani’
Driver Matthew Cordle confesses to killing Navy vet in chilling YouTube video

Matthew Cordle
Matthew Cordle

Dunce’s Corner: Robert Todd Harrell of 3 Doors Down charged with vehicular homicide after allegedly driving under the influence & speeding and killing Paul Howard Shoulders Jr.

Harrell crash

This is not Robert Todd Harrell’s first DUI. He had one last year as well. Plus, this time, he is charged with taking contraband into the jail (drugs). Not smart. A man, Paul Howard Shoulders Jr., lost his life in this incident and he needs to be remembered in all of this. Just because the person arrested and charged is a well known celebrity does not make him matter more. It makes him matter less. Remember Paul Howard Shoulders Jr.

Update: Robert Todd Harrell has bonded out of jail.

Todd Harrell, Bassist For 3 Doors Down, Charged With Vehicular Homicide (GREAT post)
Police: 3 Doors Down member charged in fatal crash
3 Doors Down bassist charged in fatal crash
3 Doors Down bassist charged with vehicular homicide
Police: 3 Doors Down member charged in fatal crash
Musician Charged With Vehicular Homicide In Deadly Crash


dunce1Robert Todd Harrelldunce1

Projected Release Date:
Facility: Criminal Justice Center
Unit-Pod: 2-A
Security Level: Medium
Admitted Date: Apr 20, 2013 4:13:01 AM
Initial Booking Date: Apr 20, 2013 4:13:01 AM
Medical Screening Date: Apr 20, 2013 4:21:42 AM
Final Booking Date: Apr 20, 2013 6:40:35 AM
CIS No.: 662371
OCA No.: 493836
Sex: M
Race: White
Date of Birth: Feb 13, 1972
Age: 41

Active Charges & Sentencing Information
This inmate has a total of 6 charges.

Warrant No.GS628685
Warrant No.: GS628685
Bond Amount: $75,000.00
Type: Felony
Convicted Charge:
Status of Charge:
Awaiting Trial Disposition:

Warrant No.GS628683
Warrant No.: GS628683
Bond Amount: $5,000.00
Type: Misdemeanor
Convicted Charge:
Status of Charge:
Awaiting Trial Disposition:

Warrant No.GS628681
Warrant No.: GS628681
Bond Amount: $5,000.00
Type: Misdemeanor
Convicted Charge:
Status of Charge:
Awaiting Trial Disposition:

Warrant No.GS628682
Warrant No.: GS628682
Bond Amount: $5,000.00
Type: Misdemeanor
Convicted Charge:
Status of Charge:
Awaiting Trial Disposition:

Warrant No.GS628680
Warrant No.: GS628680
Bond Amount: $0.00
Type: Misdemeanor
Convicted Charge:
Status of Charge:
Awaiting Trial Disposition:

Warrant No.GS628684
Warrant No.: GS628684
Bond Amount: $10,000.00
Type: Felony
Convicted Charge:
Status of Charge:
Awaiting Trial Disposition:

Dunce’s Corner: Mark Mullan charged with vehicular homicide for running down and killing 2 people; Has been arrested 5 times prior for DUI

Dennis Judith Schulte

Dennis Schulte, 66
Judy Schulte, 68
Karna Schulte, 33 (critical condition)
Elias Jose, 10-days-old (critical condition)

This guy appears to not care who he hurts or what he does. He showed up in court previously for a DUI and was drunk, so they put him in jail. When he was bailed out, one condition was that he install an interlock device on his truck (although I don’t see why he was allowed to drive, he should have had his license taken away), however, he ignored that order completely.

Accused drunk driver charged with vehicular homicide, assault
Police: Drunk Driver With Suspended License, 4 Previous DUIs Kills Grandparents Walking With Grandson
Grandparents who moved to help killed in crash
Friends mourn Indiana grandparents killed in Seattle; suspect held for DWI
Vehicular homicide charges filed in Wedgewood crash
Charges filed in Seattle crash into family
4 felonies filed against DUI suspect; victims’ injuries detailed
Mother and ten-day-old baby critically ill after being hit by drunk driver in crash which killed doting grandparents


dunce1Mark Mullandunce1

Custody/Facility: Seattle Correctional Facility
Total Bail Amount: $ 2,500,000.00
BA: 213008040
Book Date: 03/25/2013
Charges for this booking:
Cause No:
RCW/ORD: 0909
Release Reason:
Bail Amount: $2,500,000.00

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