Serial Killer: Steven Brian Pennell *The Corridor Killer* and *I-40 Killer*

Shirley A. Ellis, 23 [11/29/1987]
Catherine A. DiMauro, 32 [6/29/1988]
Michelle A. Gordon, 22 [Sept. 1988]
Kathleen Anne Meyer, 26 [9/10/1988] (body never found)
Margaret Lynn Finner, 27 [8/22/1988]

Find-A-Grave: Shirley A. Ellis
Find-A-Grave: Catherine A. DiMauro
Find-A-Grave: Michelle A. Gordon
Find-A-Grave: Margaret Lynn Finner
Charley Project: Kathleen Anne Meyer
Del. Man Is Indicted In 3 Deaths Slayings Linked To Serial Killer
Del. Serial Murder Trial Opens Today
Serial Murder Jurors See Videotape Of Body
Scientist Says DNA Test Links Stains In Van To Blood Of Slain Del. Woman
In Del. Trial, Defendant’s Wife Testifies
Man convicted in 2 murders
Electrician convicted of mutilation murders
Man could get death for torture-killings
Steven Pennell v. State of Delaware 1989
Steven Pennell v. State of Delaware 1991
Murderpedia: Steven Brian Pennell
Wikipedia: Steven Brian Pennell
Delaware Carries Out First Execution Since ’46
Route 40 Killer Remains an Enigma After Being Convicted 25 Years Ago
Serial Killer dies
Route 40 Killer The Delaware Serial Murders

Grave Secrets: The Signs on Their Bodies
Arrest & Trial: The Corridor Killer
Very Bad Men: Corridor Killer
Mark of a Killer: The I-40 Killer
Autopsy 9: Dead Awakening

Steven Brian Pennell

Pervert Alley: Pediatrician Earl Bradley sentenced to 14 life sentences + 164 years for raping and molesting patients

Earl Bradley

This is one sick puppy. He was originally charged with over 500 sex crimes against children. Yes, he was a pediatrician, an authority figure for children. There were 104 victims, only one was male, and some of them were as young as 2. However, his defense team did not put on a defense, which was good, so no excuses were made. As a pediatrician, he should already know that children ARE NOT sexual beings yet. They should not be looked at with lust in any way. This just disgusts me.

Earl Bradley, Predator Pediatrician? Doctor Hit with 471 Counts of Child Sex Abuse
Earl Bradley trial begins and ends in one day
Earl Bradley found guilty on all counts stemming from child rapes
x-Delaware Pediatrician Guilty of Child Sex Abuse
Pediatrician ordered to spend life in prison for molesting patients
Earl Bradley sentenced to life in prison for child rapes
Bradley gets 14 life terms
Wikipedia: Earl Bradley

John Wheeler III murder 12/30/2010 Newark, DE *Former Pentagon Official died of blunt force trauma; no suspects announced yet*

John Wheeler III

Let the conspiracy theories fly!

Times and locations in John P. Wheeler III case
Man Who Helped Get Vietnam Wall Built Found Dead
New Video Evidence Shows Dead Ex-Presidential Appointee Disoriented
“We May Never Know” How John Wheeler Died
John Wheeler’s Cell Phone Found in House Being Built
Focus briefly returns to smoke bombs as Wheeler family continues to refrain from commenting on murder case
Medical examiner: Pentagon official died after assault
Officials say defense consultant died from assault
Medical examiner: Homicide victim John Wheeler died of ‘blunt force trauma’

Miguel Gomez murder 1/31/2010 New Castle, DE *Javier T. Morales confessed to stabbing

Javier T. Morales

Del. Man Charged in Fatal Stabbing
New Castle man charged in fatal stabbing

Dennis Ravers murder 2/12/1997 approximately Harrington, DE *John Schmitz and Bruce Banther convicted and sentenced to prison*

Ex-airman testifies in ax killing of retiree
Ex-Ranger found guilty in retiree ax murder
Banther not part of ax slaying, attorney says
Third try at conviction upheld in ax slaying
Del. axe murderer’s third conviction upheld
Banther appeal
schmitz appeal

Missing: George Dewey Nutting since 6/12/1988 from Houston, DE

 George Dewey Nutting

National Center for Missing Adults: George Dewey Nutting
The Charley Project: George Dewey Nutting

Missing: Risha Aleena Lewis since 1/21/2006 from New Castle County, DE

        Risha Aleena Lewis

Delaware Missing Adults: Risha A. Lewis
Project Jason: Risha Aleena Lewis
The Charley Project: Risha Aleena Lewis
Endangered Missing Adult

Fugitive: Jose L. Estrada

                          Jose L. Estrada

Jose L Estrada
Delaware Sex Offenders Registry

Psycho for Love: Kimberly Jernigan

I have a new post for Psycho for Love, and she is a crazy lady! Check it out:

Kimberly Jernigan tried to kidnap online ex-boyfriend

Kathryn L. Harris murder 1/1/2007 Millville, DE *Boyfriend, Michael Givens, convicted of accidentally shooting her,

Man charged after shooting girlfriend
Unloading gun led to fatal shooting, police say
IRHS grad killed in accidental shooting


Custody Record
Age 28
Gender Male
Race White
DE: Delaware Department of Correction
ID Number00675801
Custody Status Supervised Custody
Custody Detail Probation/Parole

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