Please help stop Elmer Wayne Henley from gaining parole *He should never be released from prison*

Elmer Wayne Henley

PALESTINE BOARD OFFICE 133 E. Reagan Street Palestine, TX 75801

Phone Number: 903-723-1068 Fax Number: 903-723-1441
Email: (fastest)

Michelle Skyrme, Board Member
James Hensarling, Parole Commissioner
Troy G. Fox, Parole Commissioner

Must include the following:
Elmer Wayne Henley TDCJ# 241618

Sample Letter:

133 E. Reagan Street
Palestine, TX 75801

Members of the Texas Board of Parole Hearings:
Re: Parole Hearing Planned for Elmer Wayne Henley, TDCJ #241618

Please DO NOT grant parole to Elmer Wayne Henley, TDCJ #241618. As a concerned citizen, I am writing to protest the projected parole of this convicted multiple murderer.

Between 1970 – 1973, Elmer Wayne Henley, along with Dean Corll and David Owen Brooks, abducted, raped, tortured and killed at least 29 known victims, with a great chance that there are more victims not found still to this day.

The heinous nature of the murders of these murders, along with the abductions, rapes and torture show that this killer should never be released from prison. His actions have shown that he is extremely volatile and that he has no regard for human life. For these heinous crimes, Henley was sentenced to 6 consecutive life sentences in prison, but he sentenced the families and friends to a lifetime of grief and sorrow for all of the victims. These loved ones are reminded of their horrible death of their loved one each and every time Elmer Wayne Henley comes up for parole. The victims should be the ones that you are concerned with the most. Think about them and their lives cut short, and the pain their loved ones go through every day, thinking and remembering them.

In the interests of justice, public safety, and to lessen the emotional trauma for the victim’s family, please consider giving Henley many years before any future parole reviews if not natural life. The time he has already spent does not cover the lives of all of the victims of these three monsters

Thank you for your consideration,
____________________________________________________ Date____________________
City _______________________________________ State ___________ Zip _________

His parole hearing is August 14, so all letters or phone calls need to be in by Friday. Faxing or emailing is the best route.

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