Update: Darrent Williams murder *Willie Clark indicted for his murder*

        Darrent Williams

William Clark Indictment
Suspect indicted in slaying of Broncos’ Williams
Prosecutors Indict Man In Darrent Williams Murder
Suspect Indicted In Murder Of Darrent Williams
Indictment handed down in Darrent Williams murder

                 William “Willie” Clark

Update: Darrent Williams murder *Person of interest, Willie Clark, being questioned*


Investigators focus on street gang in Williams murder case
Man being questioned in Williams murder case transferred to county jail
Man questioned in Williams murder now believed to be a suspect


Update: Darrent Williams murder *Arrest of Willie Clark made in case*

darrent2.jpgI just heard the news I waited all week for: An arrest was made in the Darrent Williams murder case. Great! Tomorrow is Darrent’s funeral and I am sure it will be helpful to know this, for those who have gathered together to remember Darrent and his life. His murder was the first news I heard of the New Year. And I am still in shock. I love football! And I do watch the Broncos most weeks. In fact, I watched them on Sunday. And I watched Darrent play. He was good. And he had a future. I would have loved to have him playing for my Bears.
Willie Clark was arrested today on parole violation. He has a lengthy criminal record, but it is unknown what the exact violation was. Apparently the police are saying that he is only a “person of interest” at this time and they just want to talk to him. They are hoping he will help them out (fat chance unless they offer him a deal, my guess) The police are looking for 3 gang members in connection with the shooting. However, the police will not confirm if Willie is one of the 3. One other good thing has happened: they found the SUV involved in the shooting. It was abandoned and spray painted black, but left the top white! The owner of the Chevy Tahoe, Brian Hicks, has been in jail for a bit, but he is also a known gang member. He probably did not have anything to do with the shooting, but if he did, we may never know.
Thus far I have not heard or read what the argument in the nightclub was about, but I am interested to know. Was it worth a man’s life? After all, this man was a human being, a son, a father, a friend. Many people miss him dearly and will continue to miss him and love him, even after the story falls from the front page. I only hope his family and friends will be comforted by the love being shown by strangers and friends, those who love Darrent and admired him. I will always remember him for his skill and his smile.

Arrest Made In Connection To Darrent Williams Case
Arrested Man Questioned About Williams Case
Rocky: Police Seek 3 Men In Williams’ Killing
Man in custody being questioned about Williams murder
Friends Gather To Remember Darrent Williams
We’re all at a loss for words
Police Search SUV In Williams Slaying Case
Darrent Williams Case: Police Identify 3 Men To Question
SUV Sought In Williams Murder Belongs To Known Gang Member

Darrent Williams murder 1/1/2007 Denver, CO *Broncos player Darrent Williams killed in a drive-by shooting outside a club*


Darrent Williams killed
Denver Bronco Darrent Williams Dies in Drive-By Shooting
Darrent Williams site
Denver Broncos site
Broncos CB Williams shot and killed
27 Darrent Williams, Cornerback
Broncos’ Williams Shot to Death in Colo.
Bronco Cornerback Dies in Drive-By Shooting
Death Of Darrent Williams Devastates Broncos

Darrent Williams

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