Cold Case: Amy Joy Wroe Bechtel disappearance/murder 7/24/1997 Lander, WY *Still officially unsolved, husband Steve Bechtel is still main suspect, along with former death row inmate Dale Wayne Eaton*

Amy Joy Wroe Bechtel

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(Long) Gone Girl
Possible Clue Found To Woman Missing 6 Years
Sheriff believes Amy Wroe Bechtel was victim of killer
Amy Wroe Bechtel disappearance takes new turn
Officials: Killer said to camp where Wroe-Bechtel vanished in Wyoming
After 20 years, Wyoming missing woman case still confounds
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WY – Amy Wroe Bechtel, 24, Lander, 24 July 1997

Disappeared: Missing in the Mountains

Main Suspects
Steve Bechtel
Dale Wayne Eaton

Monsters Among Us: Dale Wayne Eaton

Lisa Kimmel
Lisa Marie Kimmell

Find-A-Grave: Lisa Marie Kimmell
The Kimmell Case In Review
Death penalty overturned for Dale Wayne Eaton in murder of Denver teen Lisa Marie Kimmell
CO woman’s infamous killer has death sentence vacated, debate rages on
Prosecutor again seeks execution of Dale Eaton
Life In Prison Request Denied For Dale Wayne Eaton
Unsolved murder to get TV exposure
Show yields leads on Billings death
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The Murder of Lil Miss

Nightmare Next Door: Highway to Hell


Dale Wayne Eaton

Offender ID:19980903004
Date of Birth:02/10/1945
Age: 70
Race: White
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Wyoming Department of Corrections
Scheduled Release Date:

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