Craig Roger Gregerson pleads guilty and is sentenced to LWOP for the murder of Destiny Norton

destiny-2000-2006.jpgToday was the day and I did not even realize it. When I came home from work, I checked the news and there it was. I knew that Craig Roger Gregerson was going to court today. I knew he had already waived his preliminary hearing. Today’s was supposed to be his arraignment. Normally this would mean the accused would plead not-guilty, and some dates would be set (motions to be filed, trial dates, etc.). But no, Craig Roger Gregerson PLED GUILTY. I am stunned to say the least. This is a good thing, especially for Destiny’s family and even Craig’s family. Then it was announced that he had made a plea deal. For pleading guilty, the State would not seek the death penalty. Now, I know this is a normal arrangement and is probably a good thing, but it made me angry. Really angry. I am very pro-death penalty, when the death penalty is used correctly and properly.  I believe that Craig Roger Gregerson deserves the death penalty. He kidnapped, killed and raped a beautiful 5 year old little girl. One who had never hurt anyone in her short life. She was a daughter. A granddaughter. A sister. A niece. A friend. A future student. A future veterinarian. A future bride. A future mother, A future Aunt. A future grandmother. But now she is a memory. Her parents cannot hold her in their arms. She cannot run and play with her sisters or friends. She cannot smile that beautiful smile with those shining eyes. Craig took this joy away from this world.

destiny-norton.jpgI did not know Destiny and her family. But I wish I did. Her pictures show a beautiful little girl who obviously loved life and those around her. She had that contagious smile that grabs at your heart. I cannot imagine the pain her parents and family must be going through. But I think of them every day. I wish them much love and happiness.

note from GregersonNow, Craig Roger Gregerson will spend the rest of his life in prison. In a small cell by himself. Apparently they are putting him in “protective custody”, for fear of other inmates and what they can and probably would do to him. Yes, part of me says, go on–send him to the wolves. He will get what he deserves. However, sitting in a small, isolated cell, day after day, by himself, only to think about what he has done and how he has hurt so many people, including himself and his family. Maybe that will be a good punishment for him. I hope the every day for the rest of his life, he thinks about this. And also remembers the life he took, that beautiful little girl who did not know hate, but radiated love, unconditional love, that she appeared to have for life and those around her.

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Offender Number: 176684
DOB: Wed, 12 Mar 1986
Height: 5 Feet 9 Inches
Weight: 135
Sex: M
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Utah State Prison

Update: Destiny Norton murder *Did Craig Gregerson plan Destiny’s kidnapping?*

Destiny Anne Norton
Destiny Anne Norton

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Craig Roger Gregerson
Craig Gregerson

Update: Destiny Norton murder *Destiny is laid to rest*

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Destiny remembered: Hundreds gather at funeral for girl who touched many
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Destiny Norton funeral

Update: Destiny Norton murder *Craig Gregerson charged with Aggravated Murder & Kidnapping*

Destiny Norton
Destiny Norton

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Craig Roger Gregerson
Craig Gregerson

Update: Destiny Norton murder *Cause of death – suffocation, found in a plastic tote in the basement*

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Craig Roger Gregerson
Craig Gregerson

Update: Destiny Norton – Now murdered child; Neighbor, Craig Gregerson arrested

Destiny Norton

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Craig Roger Gregerson
Craig Roger Gregerson

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