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Monsters Among Us: Convicted sex offender Roger Paul Bentley kidnapped, raped, and killed 10-year-old Jetseta Marrie Gage; Sentenced to LWOP


Jetseta Marrie Gage

Jetseta Marrie Gage obituary
Find-A-Grave: Jetseta Marrie Gage
In The Arms Of The Angels…Jetseta Marrie Gage
Jetseta Gage murder and abuse cases timeline
Suspected Child Abductor in Police Custody
Sex Offender Charged in Iowa Girl’s Death
Attorneys seek new court in kidnapping, murder trial
Bentley murder trial features day of grisly images
Jurors learn about events on day Gage disappeared
Testimony in Roger Bentley trial shifts to evidence
Roger Bentley found guilty of murder, kidnapping of 10-year-old Jetseta Gage
Judge calls crime most despicable he’s seen
Roger Bentley sentenced to life in prison
Five-year anniversary of Jetseta Gage murder
Wikipedia: Jetseta Gage
IA – Jetseta Gage, 10, abducted & murdered, Cedar Rapids, 24 March 2005
Man Convicted of Raping, Killing 10-Year-Old Girl Protests Removal of Her Pictures from his Cell
State of Iowa v Roger Paul Bentley 2008 (conviction and sentence affirmed)



Name Roger Paul Bentley
Offender Number 0059609
Sex M
Birth Date 6/13/1967
Age 49
Location Clarinda Correctional Facility
County Of Commitment Johnson
Commitment Date 2/24/2006
Duration LIFE

* TDD = Tentative Discharge Date
* SDD = Supervision Discharge Date

Supervision Status: Prison
Offense Class: A Felony
County of Commitment: Johnson
End Date:


Monsters Among Us: Michael Scott DeCorso raped and killed Margaret Ann Martinez; Sentenced to LWOP; He also raped several other women

remembering the victims

Judge sets conditions on opening DeCorso file
EMT recalls DeCorso had new boots after killing
Justices rule man who killed clerk in ’94 won’t get new trial
No-parole option saved DeCorso
State of Utah v Michael Scott DeCorso 1999
Michael Scott DeCorso Registration Details



Offender Number: 120900
DOB: Wed, 26 Feb 1969
Height: 6 Feet 0 Inches
Weight: 215
Sex: M
Housing Facility: CUCF MONROE
Parole Date: N/A

Monsters Among Us: Convicted sex offender Gerald Bordelon kidnapped and killed his 12-year-old stepdaughter, Courtney LeBlanc; He was executed 1/7/2010

stand up for children

Courtney LeBlanc

Find-A-Grave: Courtney Michelle Leblanc Kocke
Two men accused in killings escape from Louisiana jail, remain at large
Gerald Bordelon and John Priest CAUGHT
Death sentence for molester who killed stepdaughter
Murderer apologizes before his execution at Louisiana State Penitentiary
Gerald J Bordelon #1191
Bordelon convicted for exposing daughter to killer
Gerald Bordelon Raped & Killed 12 Year Old Courtney LeBlanc..Social Services FAIL
Murderpedia: Gerald J. Bordelon
Gerald Bordelon – Louisiana Death Row
State of Louisiana v Gerald Bordelon 2009 (appeal dismissed, remanded for execution of sentence)

Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall: Missing Blue Eyes

Gerald Bordelon
Gerald Bordelon

Final Words:
Just before his execution, Bordelon apologized to LeBlanc’s mother, uncle and sister, who witnessed the execution, and he asked for their forgiveness. “I’m sorry. I don’t know if that brings any closure or peace. It should have never happened, but it did, and I’m sorry,” he said, choking up and halting to collect himself. His eyes red-rimmed from crying, Bordelon added, “I’d like to apologize to my family and tell them that I love them.”

Monsters Among Us: Convicted Sex Offender Kristopher Amos charged with killing Candy Arthurs, who was trying to protect her grandchildren from him

Candy Arthurs
Candy Arthurs

Woman dies after June stabbing; Columbus man arrested for her murder
Woman dies after trying to save grandchildren from sex offender, police say
Police: Woman dies trying to save grandchildren from sex offender
Stabbing victim dies more than a month after attack; suspect arrested
Ohio grandmother dies trying to protect kids from sex offender, police say
Kristopher Thomas Amos Registered Sex Offender
Hero grandmother Candy Arthurs dies protecting grandchildren from convicted sex offender
gofundme for Candy Arthurs

Kristopher Thomas Amos
Kristopher Amos

Boyfriends From Hell: Convicted sex offender Marc Allen Palmer charged with smothering his girlfriend’s 5-month-old baby, Brayden Beal

stand up for children

Convicted child rapist held on $500,000 bond on charges he smothered an infant in Missoula
25-year-old Missoula man charged with killing infant
Missoula man charged with homicide in baby’s suffocation
Missoula man charged with homicide in baby’s suffocation
Missoula Man Charged With Deliberate Homicide For Allegedly Smothering Infant – Held on $500,000 Bond

Marc Allen Palmer
Marc Allen Palmer

Pervert Alley: “Pastor” Michael Orten blames victim in defense of hiring convicted sex offender Thomas Hopper at their church, Truth Apostolic Church

Orten and HopperI cannot believe what I have read! This “man of God” is blaming the victim of a sex crime for the rape and sodomy committed against her. Seriously, can this be real? I don’t care what age the victim is – RAPE IS RAPE. You absolutely do not blame the victim. However, in this case and multitudes of others, age is a factor. She is a minor, a child. She legally and morally CANNOT give consent. The comments by Mr. Orten makes me wonder if he is also a pedophile. In my opinion, that this the only other kind of person that can condone this kind of crime. He is being portrayed in the media as pro-rape, and I am quickly starting to believe that as well. Now, if Mr. Orten were to be raped (and I do not condone that in anyway), wouldn’t he be a victim to his own statement “It takes two to tango”?

As for this convicted sex offender, he spent 10 years in prison for this crime. Then he reoffended and was convicted of trespassing and criminal confinement. Then he was arrested for stalking a young girl. He is on the sex offender registry for life. This is not a man who made a mistake and wants to make amends. I do not care how long ago the rape and sodomy happened. It still happened. For the victim, it is a life sentence. For Mr. Hopper, maybe it is over and done with, but for her it is forever. But obviously Mr. Orten does not care about the victims of sex crimes. After all, they are to blame for the crime. Give me a break! If he was really a “man of God”, he would learn about compassion towards these victims and learn how to help them, as he is NOT helping them now, especially the victims of Mr. Hopper. Remember Mr. Orten, the victim should always come first and NEVER be forgotten.

[photo: Michael Orten and Thomas Hopper]

“She’s just as guilty as he is,” Pastor defends hiring sex offender convicted of rape, sodomy
Victim-blaming pastor isn’t concerned about hiring convicted rapist: ‘It takes two to tango’
Pro-rape pastor defends church’s hiring of child rapist
Kentucky pastor defends hiring of convicted sex offender: ‘It takes two to tango’
Kentucky Sex Offender Registry: Thomas E Hopper

Pervert Alley: Brock Turner sexually assaulted an unconscious woman and ONLY got 6 months in JAIL; His father thinks it is too much – but it is way too lenient!!!!

BrockTurner mug
Brock Turner – convicted sex offender

This is unbelievable! His father is upset over his sentence, saying it is too much and has shattered Brock. The victim? Never mentioned, but I can tell you that her emotional scars and battle will last a lifetime. It has totally shattered her. Dan Brock also said it was too harsh “for 20 minutes of action”. I CANNOT believe that someone could abase a victim and the crime in such a way as he did right there. He also is upset that poor Brock has to register as the sex offender that he is for life.

Okay, I realize that Brock is his son, but has Dan Turner ever thought about the victim of a sexual assault? What if the victim was his wife, daughter, sister or mother? Would he have such a flippant attitude about sex crimes? If he thinks that a crime should be valued at the amount of time it takes, boy does he have some low morals. Murder can take 1 minute if someone is shot in the head or heart. By Dan Turner’s standards, why should he go to prison for life for 1 minute of action? I certainly hope he rethinks his position on these things.

What Dan Turner obviously does not realize is that his son Brock GOT OFF EASY, with just a slap on the wrist. He faced 10 years in prison, which is exactly what he should have been sentenced to. Brock Turner SHOULD be sitting in that state prison right now, learning exactly how it feels to be the victim of sexual assault. I personally believe that there is a good chance he will reoffend.

Brock Turner should have plenty of time to assess himself and his life and the damage he has caused. Mind you, he has never admitted to his crime or even expressed any kind of remorse. This does not help the victim, either. He was convicted of these crimes. He was caught in the act. There is no doubt of his guilt. There is only doubt as to his moral character (I don’t believe he has one). It also saddens me to see so much sympathy for Brock Turner and his future, which seemed so full of promise. But the victim of his assault had a life to live as well. Now, hers is turned upside down. Maybe she will recover, maybe not. More often than not, they keep at least part of it with them for the rest of their lives. According to the National Women’s Study, this is what has been found with the victims:

3 times more likely to suffer from a major depressive disorder.
4 times more likely than a “non-victim” to contemplate suicide and 13 times more likely to attempt suicide.
6 times more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
13 times more likely to abuse alcohol and 26 times more likely to abuse drugs to numb the emotional pain.

The Turners need to remember that for the victim of Brock’s “20 minutes of action”, the victim will have a lifetime of consequences. The offender should also have consequences, and not easy ones. Prison should be mandatory, along with lifelong sex offender registry. Please remember: no means no, no matter when it is said (does not matter if you were kissing for 10 minutes and then the person says no-STOP) and an unconscious or impaired person cannot give consent.

In conclusion, Dan Turner should be grateful that his son got such a light sentence that slaps the face of the victim. I think both Dan and Brock Turner might learn more if they volunteered some time at their local rape recovery center or rape crisis center. Maybe if they learn some compassion and empathy for victims, they may have a new outlook on this heinous, violent crime.

The victim’s impact statement: Stanford sex-assault victim: ‘You took away my worth’

At the bottom of the post is a letter to Brock by a sexual assault survivor. Read it. It is fabulous.

Former Stanford swimmer accused of raping unconscious woman on campus
Trial begins in Stanford sex-assault case
Woman testifies in Brock Turner trial
Brock Turner found guilty on three felony counts
The Stanford Rapist’s Father Offers An Impossibly Offensive Defense Of His Son
News Release from District Attorney’s Office
Sentence for ex-Stanford swimmer convicted of sex assault decried as lenient
Brock Turner sentenced to six months in county jail, three years probation
Brock Turner’s Friend Blames His Felony Conviction on Political Correctness
Ex-Stanford student convicted of rape reportedly lied to judge about alcohol use
Sympathy and blame: Responding to rape (a great opinion piece about sympathy going to the aggressors of sex crimes)
Brock Turner, sex assault convict, registers as sex offender in Ohio

survivor letter

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