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Parents From Hell: Scott Schollenberger and Kimberly Maurer charged with the murder of Scott’s 12-year-old son, Maxwell, who lived in horrendous conditions and died from starvation and child abuse

Maxwell Schollenberger

Annville remembers 12-year-old boy trapped, tortured by parents
Rally held for ‘justice’ for 12-year-old allegedly starved, neglected, and abused
‘Horrific conditions’: Boy, 12, found dead in feces-ridden room; father and fiancee charged
Annville couple facing homicide charges in death of 12-year-old boy in Lebanon County
Couple facing homicide charges in death of 12-year-old boy found in his own filth
Pa. boy, 12, lived in a ‘state of perpetual suffering’ before being starved, beaten to death, DA says
Couple charged with starving boy found dead in feces-covered bed
Max Schollenberger’s mother: ‘I thought Maxwell was in good hands’


Custody Status:In Custody
Race: White
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: PI23727
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 06/28/1978
Additional Information:


Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 36
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: PI23833
Date of Birth: 10/08/1984

Parents Gone Wild! Trishelle Jabore and Jay Crowder starved their 7-week-old daughter, Trinity Jabore, who died on Christmas Day

Two Charged in Christmas Day Malnutrition Death of Infant
Parents charged in starvation, beating death of 7-week-old infant
DC Parents Charged With Christmas Day Murder of Infant
Agency got complaints about couple charged in death of malnourished newborn
Parents plead guilty in starving death and abuse of 7-week-old daughter
DC Parents Plead Guilty To Starvation Death of Infant Daughter
Parents plead guilty to killing their 7-week-old baby girl in D.C.


Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 33
Location: Central Detention Facility
Race: African American
Contact Facility: DC Department of Corrections


Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 26
Location: Correctional Treatment Facility
Race: African American
Contact Facility: DC Department of Corrections

Parents Gone Wild! Alejandro and Kristen Aleman charged with the death of their 13-month-old daughter, Tayla Aleman, who weighed only 7 pounds and looked like a concentration camp survivor, but they did not notice how small she was…

This is so horrific I am not sure what to say. It disgusts me that 2 adults could do this to a child, much less their own child. And then to tell the police that they had no idea that she was so small. That is a flat out lie. There is no way a mother would not realize that their 1-year-old child weighed 2 pounds less than she did at birth. She was tiny and looked like a concentration camp survivor. She must have had bones showing through and a hollow look in her eyes. She wore clothes made for a 3-month-old – but she never noticed? NO WAY. And her father never held her (or any of the other 10 children). They go to trial in January 2018 and the State is seeking the death penalty. There is no excuse, no defense.

How did baby Tayla Aleman starve to death?
Dad of infant who starved to death: ‘There’s no law that I have to hold my daughter’
Coverage of Tayla Aleman
Indictment (very long – 245 pages)
Mother of little girl who starved: I didn’t realize how small she was
Chilling police interviews released of Loxahatchee couple charged with starving 1-year-old daughter
More disturbing police interviews in Loxahatchee baby starvation case
Reports detail girl’s one year of life and missed opportunities by DCF
Doctor Called Tayla Aleman, 13mos, Worst Starvation Death Ever
FL – Tayla Aleman, 13 mos, starved & neglected to death, Loxahatchee, April 2016



Parents Gone Wild! Nicole and Joseph Finn are charged in the starvation death of their daughter, Natalie, and also of neglect for their other children

Natalie Finn

This is a shameful, inexcusable situation. These parents let their children go without any food or water for many reasons. And often, as well. The children resorted to begging, when they could get out of the house. Joseph at some point nailed boards over the windows so that the children could not get out. When they went to school, they were smelly, unbathed and wearing the same dirty clothes over and over again. I cannot even fathom that. Why on earth would you do that? Why would you starve your children or not give them medical attention? These children were not just abused, but they were tortured. They were held in a home that smelled of feces and urine (human and animal). These two are not just disgraceful excuses of parents, but they are disgraceful “human beings”. There are many things that I would prefer to call them, but I leave my potty mouth at home when I am on here. But I am sure many of you would agree. I hope the other two children will be okay. I am so sorry that it took the death of this beautiful 16-year-old girl for someone to do something.

16-year-old West Des Moines girl died of starvation
Iowa parents arrested in teen daughter’s starvation to death
Parents Charged in Connection to Death of 16 Year-Old West Des Moines Girl
Starved teen found in diaper on linoleum floor, records reveal
Adopted girl dies after life in most horrific circumstances imaginable
Parents facing charge after Iowa 16-year-old found starved to death
Teen, siblings were tortured by parents, court documents say
Neighbor: Iowa agency never followed up on complaint of starving child
Search warrant reveals new details in Natalie Finn case
Lawmaker: Case workers didn’t take abuse reports seriously before teen starved
Iowa: Nicole Finn ran an animal rescue while she tortured and starved her daughter to death, say court records. (VERY good article)

Nicole Marie Finn
Joseph Michael Finn


Offender/Name ID 282225
Book Date 12/8/2016 9:11 AM
Age 42
Height 5′ 06″
Weight 130
Race White
Sex Female
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown


Offender/Name ID 176759
Book Date 12/8/2016 9:55 AM
Age 46
Height 6′ 02″
Weight 270
Race White
Sex Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown

Parents Gone Wild! Brandy K. Jaynes charged with child abuse when her 12-year-old son is found locked in a bathroom – for at least 1 year – weighed 30 pounds

stand up for children

This woman is a piece of work. She is charged with child abuse, having locked her 12-year-old son in the bathroom for at least a year. WTF! However, get this – she is complaining about the conditions in jail! Jail is not a hotel. It is not supposed to be comfortable. Has she even thought how her son may have felt in his jail cell? She gets more benefits than he did. At least she gets a bed/cot to sleep in, 3 meals a day, a real shower, clean clothes, and so much more. I am floored by her narcissistic thoughts and behavior.

‘Heinous’ condition of 12-year-old boy leads to mother’s arrest
Police: 12-year-old boy locked in bathroom for at least a year
Southern Utah mom arrested after son found emaciated, in ‘deplorable’ conditions
Utah mother charged after 12-year-old was found weighing 30 pounds
Police: 12-year-old boy locked in bathroom for at least a year
Mother allegedly locked emaciated boy in bathroom for 2 years
The ‘heinous’ case of a child whose mother allegedly kept him locked in a bathroom for months
Jaynes denied bail reduction, husband also charged with child abuse
Father of emaciated boy now faces child abuse charge
Defense: 30-pound 12-year-old locked in bathroom might be autistic
Utah mother charged with two more counts of child abuse after her 12-year-old was found weighing 30 pounds
Toquerville mother facing new charges in case of severely abused son
Attorney: Jaynes’ jail conditions are ‘torture’
She locked her son in a filthy bathroom for years, police say. Now she says jail is ‘torture.’
Update: Brandy Jaynes of Toquerville, UT – pled guilty to child abuse, sentenced to 3-45 years in prison

Brandy K. Jaynes
Russell Orin Jaynes – not in jail



Offender Name: JAYNES, BRANDY K
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 36
Race: White

Parents Gone Wild! Aaron and Elizabeth Ramsey starved 10-year-old Johnathan Ramsey to death; Sentenced to life in prison

child abuse prevention

Johnathan Ramsey
Johnathan Ramsey

Why do people think it is okay to starve a child? Especially as a punishment? Withholding treats, sugar, soda, candy, etc. is one thing, but it seems like there is a rash of people who withhold ALL food and liquids. It makes no sense to me that people think this is okay.

In The Arms Of The Angels: Johnathan Ramsey
Dallas PD Searching For Body Of 11-Year-Old Boy
Missing 11-year-old starved to death in locked bedroom, Dallas police say
Remains found in search for missing Texas boy Johnathan Ramsey. I.D. awaited
Johnathan Ramsey, Missing 11-Year-Old, Presumed Dead; Dad, Step-Mom Arrested as Police Search for Body
Police find missing 10-year-old’s body
Johnathan Ramsey: 11-Year-Old Starved To Death In Texas Home, Ate Own Feces To Try To Stay Alive
Starved Boy’s Biological Mother Says Ex-Husband Withheld Food
Ten-year-old locked in bedroom, starved and tossed out like trash. Stepmother faces life sentence.
Dallas stepmom found guilty in starvation death of boy, 10
Elizabeth Ramsey, Stepmother Who Starved 10-Year-Old Boy, Gets Life In Prison
Murderpedia: Elizabeth Ramsey


Aaron Ramsey

SID Number: 07927515
TDCJ Number: 01853774
Race: W
Gender: M
DOB: 1978-03-20
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Current Facility: BILL CLEMENTS
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2042-03-30
Next Parole Review Date: 03/30/2042

Offense History:
Offense Date: 2011-07-01
Sentence Date: 2013-04-23
County: DALLAS
Case No.: F-12-53925-I
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 9999-99-99



SID Number: 50035095
TDCJ Number: 01942389
Race: W
Gender: F
DOB: 1980-11-04
Maximum Sentence Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Projected Release Date: LIFE SENTENCE
Parole Eligibility Date: 2042-03-31
Next Parole Review Date: 03/31/2042

Offense History:
Offense Date: 2011-07-01
Sentence Date: 2014-07-23
County: DALLAS
Case No.: F-1253926-I
Sentence (YY-MM-DD): 9999-99-99

Parents Gone Wild! Matthew Theurer is charged with starving and neglecting his 14-month-old son, Matthew, to death


Matthew Theurer Jr
Matthew James Theurer Jr.

Matthew James Theurer obituary
Indiana airman accused of murdering son, dumping body on side of the roadF
Report: Child of Seymour Johnson AFB airman found dead
Military investigating airman accused of killing son
SJAFB Airman charged with murder in death of young child
Starvation, neglect led to boy’s death, autopsy says
Baby of N.C. airman died from ‘severe malnutrition,’ autopsy says
Court-Martial Set For NC Airman In Son’s Death

Matthew Theurer
Matthew Theurer

Parents Gone Wild! Carlotta Brett-Pierce sentenced to 32 years to life in prison, but says “I’m not perfect”, and takes no responsibility for beating and starving her daughter

Marchella Brett-Pierce

Parents Gone Wild! Carlotta Brett-Pierce arrested for beating and starving to death her 4-year-old daughter
Son, 6, testifies he never saw mom abuse sister Marchella Brett-Pierce before she died
Carlotta Brett-Pierce Found Guilty of Murder in Battered Daughter’s Death
Marchella’s mom guilty of murder
Mother guilty of murder in 4-year-old Marchella Pierce starvation death
Carlotta Brett-Pierce, mother of starved girl, gets 32 years to life in prison for murder
B’klyn mom who beat, drugged and starved daughter sentenced for 32 years to life — but she’s still blaming others

Carlotta Brett-Pierce

Breaking News: 4 year old child starved to death by Aunt and Grandmother

People just piss me off when they hurt little children. Especially when they are family! I don’t understand how they can do this. And this is a very sad story.

What is wrong with these people? 4 year old child starved to death – Aunt and Grandmother arrested and charged with his murder

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