Yes, another abandoned baby! What the hell is wrong with people?

What the hell is wrong with some people? This newborn was abandoned in an apartment building with only a blanket around her. And in Chicago right now, the temperature is about 19 degrees. This baby is so lucky to have not frozen to death. Thank goodness someone noticed the baby and called police. I hope that the parent(s) are located and prosecuted. This is uncalled for, especially when there are Safe Haven Laws. And don’t cry about there being too much snow and the weather there. The parent could have called the fire department or police department for help. They would have helped too rather than having the baby just abandoned like trash.

Baby Found Abandonded In Apartment
Newborn Girl Found In Bag Near Uptown Building

Idiot of the Day: Charles Dodson

The Dreamin Demon is one of my favorite blogs and I try to read it regularly. They truly tell it like it is. I was reading it today, and here is a story I want to share with you guys. This guy is a true idiot. And I hope he suffers for the rest of his life for this idocracy.

Charles Dodson Was Burnin’ Down The House

Parents Gone Wild! Justine Rabell and Kevin Folk took their baby to a drug deal

             Kevin Folk                  Justine Rabell

Yes, here is another set of “parents” who take their child with them to a drug deal. I guess they could not find a babysitter, huh?

Arizona Couple Arrested After Bringing Baby to Drug Deal
Tempe couple takes baby to drug deal
Police: Tempe couple bring baby to drug deal
Police: Tempe Couple Takes Baby To Drug Deal

Update: Alijah Mullis murder *Mother, Caren Kohberger, charged with child endangerment*

Alijah James Mullis

News Archive: Alijah James Mullis murder
Police looking for mother whose son was found dead
Caren Kohberger arrested
Slain Baby’s Mother Remains In New York
Affidavit: Slain Baby’s Mom Knew Dad Could Hurt Son
Mom Of Slain Baby Arrested In NYC
Texas mother of slain Seawall baby arrested in NY
Mom of slain baby arrested at New York hospital

Travis James Mullis
Caren Kohberger

Wendy Cook: What a shining example of motherhood – NOT!

“Mothers” like this make me ill. OK, she is a prostitute. I guess I could get past that (but not really), but this shining example of motherhood was snorting cocaine off of the stomach of her 8 week old son. It was also determined the she committed sex acts in the car WITH HER CHILDREN IN IT (she also has a 5 year old daughter) and was smoking crack in the car. What was she thinking? OK, I know – she wasn’t thinking, obviously. Well, the children have been taken away and are now with other family members. Hopefully they are better off.


Cops: Prostitute Mom Used Tot as Drug Prop
Cops: Prostitute Snorted Cocaine Off Infant’s Stomach While Breastfeeding
Mother of two faces prostitution, drug charges
Daughter of Funny Cide owner faces new drug charges

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