Boyfriends From Hell: Logan Hunter Rogers killed his girlfriend’s son, Silas Anthony Ojeda; Sentenced to 18-20 years in prison

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Silas Anthony Ojeda

Justice for Silas Ojeda
Arrest made in death of missing Cheyenne toddler
Wyoming man arrested in connection with death of missing baby boy
Man Arrested In Connection With 13-Month-Old’s Death
Wyoming police charge suspect in death of baby, dumped and buried in landfill
Man arrested in death of missing 13-month-old in Cheyenne; Logan Rogers facing manslaughter charge
Weld County, Wyoming officials search Ault landfill for 13-month-old’s body
Wyoming man pleads guilty to manslaughter in baby’s death
Man guilty of manslaughter in death of infant that prompted landfill search sentenced to 18-20 years
Wyoming man who prompted landfill search for toddler’s body sentenced in boy’s death
Man who prompted Colorado landfill search for toddler’s body sentenced in boy’s death

Logan Hunter Rogers

Body in the basement: Did wife Linda Greene kill Allen Ross?

remembering the victims

No one was convicted in the murder of Allen Ross. Police believe Linda Greene, Allen’s wife, committed the murder, but she died before they could charge her. Julia Williams, another member of Samaritan Foundation (the cult) was convicted of accessory after the fact, but she was not involved in the actual murder. She was sentenced to 24-3 months in prison. Maybe there will never be justice for Allen, but there is not a statute of limitations on murder.

Williams arrested as accessory to filmmaker’s death
The Allen Ross Mystery: A Body in the Basement
Death of Allen Ross

Searching for Allen

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