Monsters Among Us: Mark David Latunski has been charged with the mutilation, murder and cannibalism of hairstylist Kevin Richard Bacon; However, currently he is incompetent to stand trial

Kevin Richard Bacon obituary
Find-A-Grave: Kevin Richard Bacon
Family, friends react to grisly details in Kevin Bacon slaying
Family searching for Swartz Creek man
Kevin Bacon pays tribute to murdered Michigan man with same name
Parents of slain Swartz Creek man talk about son, homicide investigation
YouTuber Jeffree Star donates $20k toward funeral expenses for Swartz Creek man
Missing Swartz Creek man found dead; one arrested on murder charge
Michigan man charged in Grindr murder says he ate part of victim after killing, court docs show
Grisly cannibalism, murder case update, what we know so far
Police reports reveal alleged Grindr killer’s checkered past
Man Accused Of Brutally Killing Hairstylist Named Kevin Bacon Is Found Unresponsive In His Cell
Mark Latunski Arraigned on Open Murder Charge
Suspect in Shiawassee County ‘horror book’ murder, cannibalism case set to stand trial
Mark Latunski to stand trial for allegedly murdering Kevin Bacon


Age 52
Date of Birth: March 28, 1969
Case Number: 2019001676 and 2019006274

Shiawassee County Jail
201 E. McArthur St.
Corunna, MI 48817

Update: Tammy Jo Blanton murder *Joseph Oberhansley found guilty; Jury recommends LWOP*

Tammy Blanton
Tammy Jo Blanton

Monsters Among Us: Joseph Oberhansley got out of prison for killing his girlfriend Sabrina Elder, now he is charged with killing another woman, Tammy Jo Blanton
Testimony begins in 2nd trial of Indiana man accused of killing, cannibalizing woman in 2014
As Indiana cannibalism case begins, attorney says evidence resembles ‘a horror movie’
‘It’s Worse Than Anything You’d See In A Horror Movie’: New Trial Begins For Man Accused Of Killing Ex And Eating Her Organs
Joseph Oberhansley trial: ‘There was blood everywhere’
‘A horror movie’: Grisly photos produced after man allegedly ate ex-girlfriend
Jury examines gruesome evidence photos during day 4 of Joseph Oberhansley murder trial
Accused Indiana cannibal Joseph Oberhansley takes stand in his own murder trial
Joseph Oberhansley pleads his innocence to Clark County jury
More outbursts from accused cannibal Oberhansley as jurors hear closing arguments
Jury finds Joseph Oberhansley guilty of murder and burglary
Joseph Oberhansley found guilty in murder of Tammy Jo Blanton
Jury finds Joseph Oberhansley guilty of 2 charges in Indiana cannibalism case
Jury recommends Joseph Oberhansley spend life in prison for Jeffersonville woman’s brutal murder
Joseph Oberhansley: Jurors recommend life in prison without parole


Joseph Oberhansley

Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 39
Location: Clark County Jail
Race: White
Contact Facility:
Offender ID:6506
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 03/29/1981
Additional Information:

Serial Killer: Sean Vincent Gillis *The Other Baton Rouge Killer* killed at least 8 women, sentenced to LWOP

Gillis victims

Ann Bryan, 81 [March 21, 1994]
Katherine Ann Hall, 29 [January 4, 1999]
Annie Hardee Schmidt, 52 [May 30, 1999]
Joyce Williams, 36 [November 12, 1999]
Lillian Gorham Robinson, 52 [January 2000]
Marilyn Nevils, 38 [October 2000]
Johnnie Mae Williams, 45 [October 2003]
Donna Bennett Johnston, 43 [February 26, 2004]

Find-A-Grave: Annie Hardee Moseley Schmidt
Find-A-Grave: Johnnie Mae Williams
Find-A-Grave: Donna Bennett Johnston
Gillis Confession Solves Two More Murders
Gillis Confesses To Another Murder
Gillis confesses on tape to FBI agents
State of Louisiana v Sean Vincent Gillis 2008 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Profile of Sean Vincent Gillis
Murderpedia: Sean Vincent Gillis
Wikipedia: Sean Vincent Gillis
Susan D. Mustafa: Sean Vincent Gillis

The Devil You Know: A Twisted Mind
Twisted: Dead End in Baton Rouge
Dead of Night: The Graveyard Shift
Born to Kill? Sean Vincent Gillis: The Other Baton Rouge Killer



Offender Name: SEAN V GILLIS
Offender ID: 526798
Date of Birth: 06/24/1962
Age: 58
Race: White
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender: Louisiana State Penitentiary

Psycho For Love: Frederick Hengl arrested for murdering and dismembering his wife, Anna Marie Faris

400 block of North Ditmar Street Oceanside CA

Cross-Dressing Man Accused Of Dismembering His 74-Year-Old Wife (EXCELLENT post)
Man arrested for allegedly killing, dismembering wife
Husband Arrested in Woman’s Grisly Murder
Oceanside man charged with murder of dismembered wife
Woman’s dismembered body found in house; husband arrested
Frederick Hengl,, pleads not guilty to killing, cooking wife
Man accused of dismembering wife dies: Frederick Hengl had cancer, authorities say
Man Accused of Killing and Cooking Wife Dies in Jail

Frederick Hengl
Frederick Hengl

William E. Nelson murder 11/28/1991 Costa Mesa, CA *Wife of 2 months, Omaima Aree Nelson, bludgeoned him, skinned him, dismembered him, then cooked him; She was convicted and sentenced to 27 years to life in prison*

dv awareness

William E. Nelson

Woman held in dismemberment
Police find cut-up body, jail woman
Woman’s background mystery to detectives
Omaima Aree Nelson, ex-model who killed and ate her husband, is now seeking parole
Omaima Aree Nelson, Who Killed, Chopped Up, Cooked and Ate Husband of 2 Months, Seeks Parole
Ex-Model Denies Cooking, Eating Husband; Says She’s Not a Monster
Omaima Aree Nelson and the Prosecutor Trying to Keep the Model-Cannibal in Prison: Then and Now

Till Death Do Us Part: True Stories of Newlywed Murder Cases

Deadly Women: Love You To Pieces
Happily Never After: Devoured By Love
Snapped: Omaima Nelson
Model Killer: Finger Licking Good


CDCR#: W47435
Age: 43
Admission Date: 03/18/1993
Current Location: Women’s Facility
23370 Road 22
Chowchilla, CA 93610
(559) 665-5531

Patricia Mak murder 7/20/1984 Los Gatos, CA *Bradfield Clark pled guilty; sentenced to 18 years to life in prison*

excerpt from Born Evil, about Bradfield’s brother
excerpt from Eat Thy Neighbour
Monsters Among Us: Hadden Irving Clark

Born Evil
Eat Thy Neighbour: A History of Cannibalism


Age: 61
Admission Date: 06/25/1985
Current Location: Pleasant Valley

Monsters Among Us; Thomas Evan Noffsinger convicted for 1 murder, now charged with another, and person of interest in another

Victor Aguilar [3/3/1990] Marie Callender’s downtown 52 W. 200 South (no picture)
Felicia Pappas [4/6/1989] found at 4511 S. 600 East
Annette Hill [missing since 5/5/1989]

Victor Aguilar murder
Thomas Evan Noffsinger aka Thomas Trujillo – convicted of Victor Aguilar’s murder; sentenced to life in prison; parole board decided he will spend natural life in prison
Grant David Stensrud – convicted; sentenced to 5 years to life in prison; paroled 2007

Parole board orders killer to stay in prison until he dies
Is suspect in murder linked to other case? (part 1)
Missing (part 2)
Lawyers want confessions inadmissible in chef’s slaying
Murder trials delayed
Co-defendant pleads guilty in slaying of W.V. man
Grant D. Stensrud pen pal ad
Killer faces victim’s family, questions about other missing woman
Killer apologizes for 1990 murder; denies knowledge of other slaying
Man to spend life in prison for 1990 murder
Family thinks murderer is responsible for woman’s disappearance
Unified Police Solve a 23 Year Old Cold Case Homicide
Convicted murderer charged with cold case murder
UTAP: Cold Case Files: Felicia Pappas
Missing Persons: Annette Hill (Annette Cundiff) (almost to the bottom)
The Doe Network: Annette A. Hill
Is convicted murderer Thomas Noffsinger a serial killer?
Golden Gloves boxer fights in murdered dad’s memory


Name: Grant David Stensrud
Location: Community Supervisor (paroled 2007)


Offender Number: 60345
DOB: Sat, 8 Jul 1967
Height: 5 Feet 10 Inches
Weight: 185
Sex: M


Serial Killer: David Gail Meirhofer killed at least 4; Committed suicide in jail


Bernard Louis Poelman, 13 [3/19/1967] Gallatin County, Montana
Michael Edward Raney, 12 [5/7/1968] Yellowstone County, Montana (no picture)
Susie Jaeger, 7 [6/25/1973] Gallatin County, Montana
Sandra Dykman Smallegan, 19 [2/10/1974] Gallatin County, Montana

Find-A-Grave: Bernard Louis Poelman
Find-A-Grave: Michael Edward Raney
Find-A-Grave: Susan Marie Jaeger

Find-A-Grave: Sandra Mae Dykman Smallegan
Dave Meirhofer case file
Forgiving: Marietta Jaeger
The David Meirhofer murder case
50 American serial killers – Montana
Confessed Murderer Hangs Himself (part one)
Confessed Murderer Takes His Life (part two)
Confesses (part three)
Murderer Kept Victim’s Hand, Fingers In Freezer
Man Admits Killings, Found Hanged In Jail
Man Admits Killings, Hangs Self
Officers Examine Meirhofer’s Possessions (part one)
Meirhofer (part two)
Personal items belonging to 1974 murder victim found in Manhattan
Murderpedia: David G. Meirhofer
Wikipedia: David Meirhofer
Items owned by ’74 murder victim found
Old Wounds

The Lost Child

The FBI Files: Dark Woods
FBI: The Untold Stories: The Meirhofer Case

David Gail Meirhofer

Monsters Among Us: Gary Michael Heidnik *One of the models for “Silence of the Lambs”*

Josefina Rivera, 25 [survived] [kidnapped 11/25/1986]
Sandra Lindsay, 24 [kidnapped 12/3/1986, murdered 2/1987]
Lisa Thomas, 19 [survived] [kidnapped 12/23/1986]
Deborah Dudley, 23 [kidnapped 1/2/1987, murdered 3/19/1987]
Jacqueline Askins, 17 [survived] [kidnapped 1/18/1987]
Agnes Adams [survived] [kidnapped 3/23/1987]

Gary Heidnik was a sexual sadist. The victims went through hell before the end, whether it was murder, or escape. However, one of the worst things I have heard is the horrible way the surviving victims were treated by the public and the people of Philadelphia after the trial. It was as if the public blamed the victims for the crimes committed against them. People kept calling them the “Heidnik girls” (which kept them from having any kind of privacy or normal life) and called them “Alpo” (referring to the dog food that Heidnik forced them to eat). I am sure that not all of the people of Philadelphia are that cruel, but those that did this do not know or understand empathy or compassion. The things that Gary Heidnik did to these women will stay with them forever. None of them have had an easy time. I hope that in time, they will have peace in their lives.

Gary Heidnik ordered held on murder-rape charges
Torturer’s macabre ways lost in violence of Philly neighborhood
Gary Heidnik jurors to be selected in Pittsburgh
Heidnik jury selection begins
Judge: Missing work no hardship
Heidnik guilty of first-degree murder, kidnap
Heidnik gets death sentence
Convicted Murderer Gets Death Sentence
Killer Ruled Competent To Choose Death Gary Heidnik’s Lawyer Vowed After The Ruling To Begin Another Round Of Court Appeals.
Lawyers for ‘House of Horrors’ killer fight execution
Execution fails to satisfy victims’ kin (part one)
Family not satisfied (part two)
Inside the House of Heidnik
Return to the House of Horrors
Murderpedia: Gary Michael Heidnik
Wikipedia: Gary M. Heidnik
Criminal Minds: Gary Heidnik
Gary Heidnik (2nd one down)
A Family Reunion Like No Other
25 years later Heidnik captive recalls the horror
JOTU & GEMS Remembers the precious souls taken tragically & Celebrating the lives of those who, Survived a Serial Killer
After Surviving ‘House Of Horrors,’ Where Are ‘Monster Preacher’ Gary Heidnik’s Victims Today?
Before Gary Heidnik Was Exposed As A ‘Monster Preacher,’ He Committed Another Shocking Crime
Gary Heidnik’s attorney talks ‘insane’ house of horrors killer in doc: ‘There was a method to his madness’

Gary Heidnik’s House of Horror

Cellar of Horror: The Story of Gary Heidnik
Slave Girls
The Basement: True Crime Serial Killer Gary Heidnik
Mr. Monster (fiction)

Crime Shack: The Monster Preacher, Gary Heidnik

Monster Preacher
Evil, I: House of Horrors
Escaped: Cellar of Terror
The Silence of the Lambs
Killer Profile: Gary Heidnik
It Takes a Killer: The House of Horrors

Gary Michael Heidnik

Porn Star Cannibal: Luka Rocco Magnotta accused of killing lover Jun Lin and eating his body parts; He is a suspect in the Valerie Leblanc murder as well

Jun Ln

Body-parts victim identified as Chinese student
International Manhunt for Canadian Porn Star Killer Who May Have Fled Continent
Luka Rocca Magnotta investigation shifts to Vancouver after hand, foot sent to schools
Luka Rocco Magnotta allegedly ate victim as grisly search for missing head and limbs continues
Luka Rocco Magnotta accused of eating part of slain student
Luka Rocco Magnotta case linked to body parts sent to Vancouver schools, police confirm
Luka Rocco Magnotta captured while Web surfing porn and his own press (with video)
Luka Rocco Magnotta may have posted videos while on the run, Montreal police say
Police probe Luka Rocco Magnotta links after human foot, hand sent to Vancouver schools
Murder suspect Luka Rocco Magnotta arrested in Berlin: police
Timeline: Luka Rocco Magnotta arrested in Berlin looking at news reports about himself
Magnotta awaits extradition as investigation continues
Packages with body parts discovered at two Canadian schools may be linked to Luka Rocco Magnotta case, police say
Luka Rocco Magnotta linked to grisly 2011 cold case killing in Quebec

Luka Rocco Magnotta

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