Breaking News: Shooting at Virginia Tech – 2 people dead; *Believed gunman is one of the victims*

I am listening to the news conference and they are not giving out a lot of info, as they are still investigating. It does appear to besuicide I will post more as I hear more.

2 dead, including police officer, after Virginia Tech shooting incident
2 killed in Va. Tech shootings
At Least 2 Dead in Virginia Tech Shooting
Officer killed at Va. Tech; Gunman believed dead (this was NOT confirmed in the news conference)
Virginia Tech shootings: Authorities believe gunman is second victim; alert lifted

Elizabeth Ennen murder 1/5/2011 Lubbock, TX *Her remains found and identified; Humberto Salinas Jr. arrested*

Elizabeth Ennen

Searchers for missing Lubbock teen find body
Lubbock body ID’ed as that of missing 15-year-old
Body identified as Texas baby sitter, 15
Missing Texas Girl Elizabeth Ennen Strangled
Medical Examiner: Elizabeth Ennen strangled to death
Murdered teen was asphyxiated, police & M.E. say.
Man arrested in disappearance of Lubbock teen
ME says 15-year-old Lubbock girl was strangled
Security video captures abduction of Elizabeth Ennen by boyfriend’s father
Update: Elizabeth Ennen murder *Humberto Salinas Jr pled guilty, sentenced to LWOP*

Humberto Salinas Jr.

Breaking News: Porn actor goes on rampage – kills 1, wounds 2

I guess it just does not pay to be a porn actor/photographer these days.

Porn actor goes on rampage at video production office, police say; 1 dead, 2 wounded
One Killed in Machete Attack
Man attacks coworkers w/ Samurai-style sword
Porn actor allegedly kills 1, hurts 2 at LA studio

Breaking News: Shon Pernice indicted in Renee Pernice’s murder; he has been arrested

Now the road the justice has started. My heart breaks for the family and loved ones of Renee, but it also feels a bit of happiness that this has now occurred. I know that so many people were worried that he would get away with this, but sometimes, things have to move slow so that it is done correctly. Remember, you want the conviction to stick, not be dismissed on a technicality. I think those who have worked on this case have worked hard and it is now paying off for them. They were striving for justice and for the family. I hope and pray that the family will remain strong through this tough battle they have ahead of them. They should know that there are so many people standing behind them. And if I can find a way to attend the trial whenever it is, I will be there. (Missouri DOES have the death penalty, right??)

[Question for those of you there – on the MySpace page they talk about the bracelets you can get. Can someone tell me how I can get one since I am not physically in the area?]

News Archive: Renee Pernice murder
Shon Pernice accused of wife’s murder (one of my favorite blogs!)
Shon Pernice indicted in wife’s disappearance
Shon Pernice Indicted In Missing Wife’s Death
Shon Pernice Indicted for Murder of Wife
Husband of Kansas City woman missing since January 2009 charged with first-degree murder
Renee Pernice’s Family Returns To Home To Collect Items
Shon Pernice indicted for murder of wife whose body hasn’t been found
Shon Pernice indicted for murder of his wife
MySpace for Renee Pernice Justice
Mother of Shon Pernice Says Renee Pernice Ran Away on Her Own

Shon Pernice

Jude Michael Mirra murder 2/5/2010 New York, NY *8-year-old boyf found dead in NY hotel from failed murder-suicide; mother Gigi Jordan in the hospital*

Mother Held in Death of Boy, 8, at Luxury Hotel
‘Socialite’ Allegedly Kills Son, 9, in N.Y.C Hotel, Attempts Suicide
Socialite Gigi Jordan slays son, 8, in failed murder-suicide at Manhattan’s Peninsula hotel

Breaking News: Body wrapped in plastic and duct tape found near West Wendover, NV *Update – it is a male hispanic body*

Well, a body, wrapped in plastic and duct tape was found in a very desolate area near West Wendover, NV, just over the Utah border. The area is called Pilot Valley area. They are having trouble keeping cell phone service working there. This is close enough that it could be a place that Susan Powell could be, an area close to where Josh Powell said he went camping that night. They have not said if it is male or female, but the height is 5’4′ to 5’6′. Susan is 5’4′. Right now, my gut and my heart says it is her. I will update as I hear more. Please, keep Susan and her family and loved ones in your hearts, thoughts and prayers.

Interestingly enough, Josh Powell came back to Utah yesterday to sell his house and pack it up to move back to Washington. He has been fired from his job as well. Now, why would you sell your house and move while your wife is missing? Does he know she is not coming back? That is the only reason you would. She has been missing a month, but still, if my loved one was missing, I would stay and look FOREVER until that person was found. To me, it is a huge red flag, along with the fact that he has apparently (from what I have read) has now refused to help the police at all. Great husband huh?

Apparently the body is of a male hispanic, so it is not Susan Powell. However, they do not have an ID yet and no one missing by the description.

BREAKING NEWS: Body found west of West Wendover
Body found wrapped in plastic and tape west of West Wendover
Body found near Utah-Nevada border

Breaking News: 3 dead in shooting at Seward Market in Minneapolis

Police: 3 Dead After Minneapolis Shooting
3 men shot dead in apparent robbery in Minneapolis
3 shot to death at Seward Market in south Minneapolis

Breaking News: Shootout at Federal Courthouse in Las Vegas, NV – 2 dead, 1 wounded

Security Guard Killed, U.S. Marshal Shot in Federal Building in Las Vegas
Guard killed, marshal injured in Las Vegas courthouse shooting
Shooting at Federal Courthouse
2 Killed In Vegas Courthouse Shooting
Officer dies in federal courthouse shooting; suspect dead

Video shot outside of courthouse:

Breaking News: 4 Police Officiers ambushed and killed in Seattle, near McChord AFB

Authorities are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person involved in this morning’s fatal shooting, described as a black man who is between 5-feet-7-inches and 5-feet-10-inches tall, and wearing a black coat and blue jeans in the Lakewood, Wash. area. Anybody with information is asked to call 253-591-5959 or 866-977-2362.

4 Police Officers Shot Dead Near Washington State Air Force Base
4 police shot dead in coffee shop
Official: 4 police officers shot dead in Wash
Four police officers shot to death in Lakewood in apparent ambush
4 officers killed in Pierce County
Multiple Officers Shot And Killed At Coffee Shop In Parkland

Breaking News: Verdict in the Letalvis Cobbins trial: GUILTY of Felony Murder on many counts (so far most)

I am working right now on a post to cover the last few days, but the jury just came back, so I wanted to post this now.

Letalvis Cobbins

GUILTY! on both murders (but he has been found not guilty on some counts, but not the major ones)

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