Deadly Duo: Sean Finnegan and Rebecca Elizabeth Dishman are charged with the horrific murder of Jennifer Gail Paxton, who was found in a freezer

Jennifer Gail Paxton

Jennifer Gail Paxton obituary
Victim identified in gruesome murder in Oak Ridge
Oak Ridge police identify woman murdered, dismembered in home
Detective: Woman tortured, raped, strangled, stuffed in freezer
Bond for Finnegan set at $1 million in murder, rape, kidnapping case
Victim identified, bond set at $1 million for Dishman
Tennessee couple admits to raping, torturing woman, storing her in freezer: police
Couple Allegedly Admits to Storing Dead Body of Woman in a Freezer After Raping and Killing Her
Tennessee Couple Stored Murdered Woman’s Mutilated Body In Freezer, Police Say
Tennessee couple tortured, raped and killed woman: cops
Couple charged in Oak Ridge murder could face death penalty
Couple charged in Tennessee woman’s murder could face death penalty
Both suspects accused in OR torture-killing to get mental health evals
What happened with previous rape charge against suspect in gruesome Oak Ridge murder

Sean Finnegan
Rebecca Elizabeth Dishman



Psycho For Love: Larry Dinwiddie charged with the murder of his wife, Cynthia Dinwiddie, who was found in the freezef, apparently since 2015

Cynthia Dinwiddie cause of death: Cardiac event brought on by trauma
Marshfield man confesses to killing wife, freezing remains: Sheriff offers exclusive details
Missouri man charged after wife found dead in freezer
Missouri man smashed wife’s head with hammer and then kept dead body in freezer for 4 years
Missouri man charged in death of wife found in freezer
Southwest Missouri man charged in death of wife found in freezer
Marshfield man charged with killing wife, sticking her in freezer
Coroner reveals cause of death for Marshfield, Mo. woman found inside freezer
Confessed killer faces charges of murder, abandonment of corpse

Larry Dinwiddie

Murder In The Family: Omar Carmona arrested for the murder of his father, Marco Carmona, after his body was found in a freezer

dv awareness

Provo man’s body found in freezer; police arrest adult son
Provo man’s body found in freezer; son arrested in homicide investigation
Son booked on suspicion of murder after missing Provo man’s body found in freezer
Man accused of hiding father’s body in freezer had previously assaulted him
Son arrested after missing father found dead in Provo freezer
Man arrested on suspicion of killing father, putting body in freezer
Man accused of hiding father’s body in freezer had previously assaulted him
Provo man accused of killing father was previously charged with kidnapping, assaulting him


Omar Carmona jail mug

Offender Name: CARMONA, OMAR
Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 27
Race: Hispanic
Contact Facility: UTAH COUNTY JAIL

Psycho For Love: Leonard Tyburski killed his wife, Dorothy Tyburski, and kept her body in the freezer

dvawareness3This case arises from defendant’s killing of his wife on September 28, 1985. This fact is not in dispute. The case has received a great deal of publicity because of the unusual manner in which defendant disposed of the body: he stored it in a chest freezer in his basement for over three years. The body was discovered by his elder daughter on January 2, 1989.

Defendant admits killing his wife, Dorothy Tyburski, but claims that it was not murder but a killing in the heat of passion, thus manslaughter, or that he killed in self-defense. Defendant admitted the killing in his own testimony. He stated that his wife told him that she wanted him to leave for a couple of weeks and that she no longer loved him. Defendant replied that he still loved her and refused to leave. He then asked the victim whether she was having an affair with the eighteen-year-old boyfriend of their elder daughter. The victim refused to answer. She grabbed a knife and fork and went downstairs to get something out of the freezer. Defendant followed her to continue the conversation.

In the basement, the victim took some plastic containers out of the freezer. Defendant again asked her if she was having an affair with their daughter’s boyfriend. The victim responded with words to the effect of, “Yes, I am. I love Craig. He’s a man. You’re not a man. You’re a wimp, a punk, a bastard. You’re leaving. Get out of here.” The victim threw the frozen food containers, along with the knife and fork, at defendant as she said the words.
[445 Mich. 611]

The victim came at defendant with her hands. Defendant pushed her away. The victim retrieved the knife and lunged at him with it. Defendant stated that he was in shock at this point over learning of the affair and afraid because of the physical attack. After he stopped the victim from stabbing him, he slammed her head into a beam many times. He then flung her into the freezer. He went upstairs, cleaned up, and returned to the basement a half-hour later. He noticed that the victim was motionless and was not breathing. At this point, he closed the freezer and never opened it again.

I have heard that a TV movie was made about this case, but I can’t find it. If anyone knows the name of it, please tell me!

Woman found dead in a freezer in her
The husband of a long-missing woman was
Tyburski told police wife overdosed
The Nation
Nightmare a Reality As Body of Mother Is Found in Freezer
Victim in Michigan’s freezer slaying described during trial as seductress
Tyburski describes wife’s beating death
Jury took less than two hours to decide…
People of the State of Michigan v Leonard Tyburski 1994

Deadly Affairs: Bound and Determined

Leonard Tyburski
Leonard Tyburski

Parents Gone Wild! Sara Lynn Kreuger and her boyfriend Ryan Scott Warner charged with her daughter’s, Kayleigh Jayne Slusher, beating death

Say NO to Child Abuse

Kayleigh Slusher
Kayleigh Jayne Slusher

Kayleigh Slusher obituary
Vigil honors Napa girl as couple faces possible homicide charges
Napa Police Arrest Couple In Young Child’s Death
Read the Police Report and Criminal Complaints in the Kayleigh Slusher Murder Case
Napa woman, boyfriend arrested in slaying of daughter, 3
Couple faces murder charges in child’s death
Police: Napa Couple Stored 3-Year-Old’s Body In Suitcase, Freezer
Napa Woman, Boyfriend Set For Arraignment In Sex Assault, Death Of 3-Year-Old
Slain Napa girl kept in suitcase, freezer, police say
Mother Charged After 3-Year-Old Daughter Is Killed, Stored in Freezer
Mom, boyfriend plead not guilty in slaying of Northern California 3-year-old

Krueger and Warner
Sara Lynn Kreuger and Ryan Scott Warner

Murder In The Family: Jeffrey Vogelsberg charged with torturing and murdering his stepbrother, Matthew Graville

Matthew Graville

Missing Mazomanie man found tortured, killed
Matthew Graville: Missing man from Wisconsin Found
Mutilated body of missing autistic man discovered in Sauk County; arrests made in death
What Did They Do To Matthew Graville? Body Found; Stepbrother, Stepmother Charged
Neighbors say they were frightened by Mazomanie man accused of murdering half-brother
The Body Of Matthew Graville Found; Half-brother Arrested For First Degree Intentional Homicide
The Body of Matthew Graville Found; Stepbrother Arrested

Jeffrey Vogelsberg, 28 (stepbrother) – first degree intentional homicide, hiding a corpse
Laura Robar, 49 (stepmother) – suspicion of ID theft and party to hiding a corpse
Robert McCumber, 28 – hiding a corpse

Update: Terry Lee Jackson murder *Elmer Seetot convicted and sentenced to 91 years in prison*

Seetot home

Terry Lee Jackson murder 10/19/07 Anchorage, AK *killed with frying pan, then dismembered and put in freezer; police now searching for suspect: Elmer Seetot*
Seetot Formally Arraigned; Charged with Murder
Man accused of murder, mutilation, starts trial
Forensic experts take stand in murder, dismemberment trial
Jury still out on murder verdict for dismembermen
Seetot guilty of second-degree murder
Murder conviction in Anchorage freezer body case
Judge sentences man to 91 years for killing his buddy
Seetot Sentenced to 91 Years for Friend’s Murder
Man accused of 23 counts of rape in prison case
Anchorage Jail Inmate Elmer Seetot Accused Of Raping Fellow Inmate Berry Jack 23 Times In Five Days
A Cold-Served Dish Of Unjust Desserts



Offender Name: ELMER G SEETOT
Offender ID:494252
Date of Birth:10/17/1985
Age: 26
Race: Native Alaskan Inupiat
Gender: Male
Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Lemon Creek Correctional Center

Scheduled Release Date: 06/24/2068

Psycho For Love: Bruce Dillon charged with the murder of wife, Sherry “Sissy” Gauze Dillon, after her body was found in a freezer, buried in their backyard

Sherry “Sissy” Gauze Dillon

New Release: Missing Person Investigation
Police seek help finding Belfry woman missing since July 7
Man Arrested For Murder, Abuse Of Corpse
Autopsy Complete On Body Found In Freezer
Husband of missing woman charged with murder, police work to ID body found
Aflex man arrested for murder


Offender Name: BRUCE DILLON
Offender ID:2012022966
Date of Birth:07/31/1960
Age: 52
Race: White
Gender: Male

Custody Status: In Custody
Location of Offender:Pike County Detention Center

Update: Arletha Hopkins murder *Husband, Anthony Jujuan Hopkins convicted of killing his wife, molesting stepdaughter; sentenced to life in prison plus 51 years*

Arletha Hopkins

Arletha Hopkins murder 11/04/2004 Jackson, AL *Husband, Anthony Hopkins, arrested for her 2004 murder; her body was found in a freezer*
Traveling evangelist on trial for wife’s murder
Hopkins’ Daughter Testifies in Freezer Murder Trial
Hopkins’ trial: Autopsy photos released
Jurors View Autopsy Photos In Freezer Murder Trial
Victim’s father speaks out
Detectives:Jaws of Life to remove murder victim from freezer
Hopkins takes stand in murder trial
Full Story: Jury finds preacher guilty of murdering wife, sexually abusing stepdaughter
Hopkins sentenced to life plus 51 years

Blood, Lies & Alibis: The Perverted Preacher


AnthonyHopkins prison mug

AIS: 00272562
Race: B
Sex: M
Birth Date: 10/1/1970
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: BROWN
Height: 5′ 7″
Weight: 125
Custody MEDIUM


HopkinsA info

Murder In The Family: Amelia Espinoza murder 24/2011 (approximately) Maywood, CA *Son, Moises Meraz-Espinoza, admitted to killing mother, dismembering her body and putting it in a freezer, sentenced to 25 years to life in prison*


Amelia Espinoza

Graphic Details Released to KTLA: Son Admits Butchering Mother, Storing Body Parts in Freezer
Homicide Report: Amelia Espinoza
Maywood Teen Admits to Dismembering Mother With Saw, Storing Body Parts in Freezer
Woman’s body found in Maywood home freezer
Moise Espinoza Wanted To Keep Mom Fresh,So He Cut Her Up & Put Her In Freezer
Satan Worshiper Gets Life in Prison for Killing, Skinning Mom
Moises Meraz-Espinoza, Calif. man, gets 25 years in death, dismemberment of mom
Man given 25 years in mother’s ‘satanic’ killing


CDCR#: AP9687
Age: 21
Admission Date: 08/06/2013
Current Location: Wasco
701 Scofield Avenue
Wasco, CA 93280
(661) 758-8400

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