Are you kidding me? Marvin Potter & Jamie Curd charged with killing Billy Payne Jr. & Billie Jean Hayworth because they unfriended Potter’s daughter…on Facebook!

Payne familyI guess this is the adult version of junior high games. Marvin Potter Jr. is 60 years old, and yet he is accused of killing Billy Payne Jr. & Billie Jean Hayworth (while she was holding her baby, too) because they unfriended his adult daughter on Facebook. I think the world is coming to an end now! This is just plain stupid and juvenile! I must not be very social conscious or whatever, but I did not think it was the end of the world if someone unfriended me or I unfriended them on Facebook! It is just Facebook, not real life! I wonder what they think about those who don’t accept all friend requests! Well, I enjoy some things on Facebook, but it is not my life! If I want, I will unfriend everyone! But really, is that worth killing another human being over? Two persons, REAL LIFE PERSONS, are now dead. Their child is an orphan. Their families are grieving their loss. All over them unfriending Potter’s daughter. I am waiting to see people now start blaming the victim’s for their own murders. After all, they unfriended her! My heart goes out to their young child (only 8-months-old!) and their families and friends. This was senseless and they did not deserve this.

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Double murder investigation underway in Johnson County
Sheriff: Facebook spat led to shooting deaths of couple whose baby found OK in mom’s arms
Sheriff: Interviews continue in Johnson County double slaying
TBI: Suspects murdered couple, left baby unharmed in mom’s arms
Facebook spat led to 2 shooting deaths, sheriff says
Two men charged in a double-murder case will be arraigned this afternoon
Men charged with Johnson County double-murder in court today
Update: Bill Payne Jr. and Billie Jean Hayworth murders *All 3 Potters and Jamie Curd sentenced to prison*

Marvin Potter & Jamie Curd

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