Update: Bentler Family Murder *Shawn Bentler found guilty of the murders of his family; Sentenced to life in prison*

bentler-familyShawn Bentler was convicted of killing his family by a State District Judge. In his 35 minute statement, the Judge stated that Bentler’s alibi did not hold up, as the timeline would allow for him to had been able to commit the crime. He also stated as strong evidence the 911 call by his sister (which is heartbreaking to hear). He also said that even if the lights were off, his mother and sisters would not have misidentified him. Personally, I was amazed that he would have even said that was possible. To me, that says his relationship with them was not as good as he said, if he thought that they would think someone else was him. Just does not ring true to me either. For me, the 911 call did it. I cannot imagine the terror his sister felt while on that call. Imagine the last person you ever saw being your killer, and that it was your brother, who professed to love you so much. I can only imagine how much anger and hate Shawn had to have inside of him to have killed each member of his family as they begged for their lives, from another member of their own family, one that they all loved so much.  And for what?  Money?  From everything I have read, his parents continually helped him out as it was.  I am sure if he needed money, they would have helped.  But maybe (and I am only speculating here as I do not know him) his greed was greater than just the day to day stuff.  But, was it worth it?  I don’t think so.  Shawn, your family did not deserve this. Now, you will spend the rest of your life in prison.

The Family: Bentler Family murder 10/14/2006 Bonaparte, IA *Son, Shawn, charged with their murders*
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Shawn Bentler takes stand
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Bentler found guilty of 5 murders
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Wikipedia: Shawn Bentler



Name Shawn Michael Bentler
Offender Number 6140607
Sex M
Birth Date 2/5/1984
Age 32
Location Anamosa State Penitentiary
County Of Commitment Van Buren
Commitment Date 6/19/2007
Duration LIFE

Murder In The Family: Bentler Family murder 10/14/2006 Bonaparte, IA *Son, Shawn, charged with their murders*

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Michael Bentler, 53
Sandra Bentler, 47
Sheene Bentler, 17
Shelby Bentler, 15
Shayne Bentler, 14

5 family members shot to death in Iowa
Officials: Family of 5 Shot Dead in Iowa
Son Suspected As 5 in Iowa Family Slain
Cops question Iowa man in slayings of his parents, sisters
Son charged in five family deaths
Man Accused of Killing His Five Family Members
Five Family Members Killed
Son Charged With Murdering Iowa Family
Son Charged With Murdering Iowa Family
Iowan Sent Home to Face Murder Charges
Bentler being returned to Iowa to face murder charges
Bentler waives extradition
Harmony coping with tragedy
Murder suspect back in Iowa
Stunned, tearful relatives pack hearing for accused killer
22-year-old charged with murdering his family
Family of 5 is slain
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Funeral Services for Slain Bentler Family
Residents grieve, unite after slayings
Mourners pack Bentler funeral
Hundreds attend Bentler family funeral in Farmington
22 Year-Old Iowa Man Charged with Murdering 5 Family Members
‘Good-faith effort’ shown for Bentler’s two daughters
Jarring obituary recounts five lives
‘Once you met them, you loved them’
Update: Bentler Family Murder *Shawn Bentler found guilty of the murders of his family; Sentenced to life in prison*

Shawn Bentler

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