Ronald Wojcik murder 6/3/1982 Harrison County, MS *Attina Cannaday and David Randolph Gray convicted for his murder*

Ronald Wojcik
Ronald Wojcik with his daughter Dolly

Thank you Dolly for sharing your photos with us!

Some time after midnight on June 3, 1982, Ronald Wojcik and Sandra Sowash were awakened and forced by knifepoint from Wojcik’s Biloxi apartment by Attina Cannaday, David Gray, and Dawn Bushart. All five got into Wojcik’s van and Cannaday drove to a remote wooded area north of Gulfport.On the way, Gray raped Sowash at knifepoint in the rear of the van.After the van stopped, Cannaday told Wojcik to get out. When he hesitated, Gray pulled him out. Holding a butcher knife to Wojcik’s back, Gray marched him 50 to 60 feet into the woods. Cannaday yelled “Kill him”, and Gray yelled back for Cannaday to bring Sowash into the woods to him.Sowash turned and ran down the road. Cannaday threw her knife at Sowash but the handle hit her in the back. Sowash hid at a nearby house, while Cannaday, Gray and Bushart fled to Slidell, Louisiana. At sunrise, the body of Ronald Wojcik was found with 19 stab wounds to the head, hands, upper body, and back.Gray stated that after he yelled for Sowash to be brought out, Wojcik hit him. Dropping the knife, Gray had a fist fight with Wojcik in which Gray knocked him to the ground, breathless. Picking up the knife, Gray suddenly saw Cannaday who asked for the knife and said she wanted to talk to Wojcik. Gray did so, telling her to say what she had to, but to make it fast. Gray then returned to the road. About five minutes later, Cannaday returned. He asked her what happened, and she replied, “Nothing, he got up and ran off.” Gray denied using the butcher knife against Wojcik at any time during or after the fight. He said Cannaday did not return with the butcher knife. He likewise denied ever using either of the folding knives in his possession against Wojcik.Sowash gave the police a detailed description of Wojcik’s white van, as well as the name of Tina as a participant. Sheriff’s deputies knew that Cannaday had connections in Slidell, Louisiana, and informed the Louisiana authorities to be on the lookout for the white van and occupants. Wojcik’s wallet was found on the highway near Slidell.Wojcik’s van was sighted near Slidell, and Gray and one Timmy Page were arrested. Cannaday was arrested at Page’s residence

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Important news for this case:

One of the defendents, Attina Cannaday, is coming up for parole. The victim’s family does not want her to receive parole. I am trying to get the information on when the parole hearing is and the address to send letters in support of the family. I hope to update this on Monday.

*update 3/5/2008*

Attina will be released on parole on 3/7/2008

Attina Cannaday #42451


DavidGray prison mug

MDOC# 01440
Date of Birth 5/29/1954
Height 5′ 10”
Weight 205
Complexion FAIR
Eye Color GREEN
Hair Color GREY OR
Entry Date 8/19/1982
Location SMCI
Unit SMCI 2
Location Change Date 2/11/2013 4:41:59 PM
Number of Sentences 3
Total Length LIFE
Offense 1
Sentence Length 1 3 YEARS
County of Conviction 1 JONES
Sentence Date 1
Offense 2

Sentence Length 2 2 YEARS
County of Conviction 2 JONES
Sentence Date 2
Offense 3

Sentence Length 3 LIFE
County of Conviction 3 HARRISON
Sentence Date 3
Tentative Release


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