Psycho For Love: Kolton Barnes beat, stabbed and strangled his fiancee, Kayla Matulka, to death by her children, along with killing their dog; Sentencing in July

Kayla Matulka

Kayla Elaine Matulka obituary
Find-A-Grave: Kayla Elaine Matulka
Sheriff: Fiancé arrested after 2 children find mother stabbed to death in Saunders County
Man Charged With Killing Fiancée, Dog and Leaving Bodies for Her 11-Year-Old Son to Find
Nebraska man found guilty of fatally stabbing fiancée while her 2 children slept
Man pleads not guilty to stabbing fiancée to death, leaving her body for kids to find
Malmo murder trial is underway
Jury spends sobering day seeing crime scene photos in Malmo killing
Jury finds 27-year-old Nebraska man guilty of first-degree murder in fiancée’s death
Nebraska man found guilty of fiance’s death
Jury finds 27-year-old Malmo man guilty of first-degree murder of fiancée
Nebraska Man Convicted Of Murdering Fiancée And Dog While Her Kids Slept
gofundme: Support Kayla Matulka’s children

Kolton Barnes

Pervert Alley: Timothy Lewis Blackmon charged with participating in and filming sexual acts with dogs and then SELLING them!

There are no words to describe exactly how disgusting this abuse is to the animals. I know they they are safe now, which is important. This “person” needs to be taught how to be a decent human, although I bet he never will be. I do hope other inmates find out why he is there.

Forsyth County man charged with crimes against nature
Man arrested for filming sex acts with dogs, selling videos, police say
Man arrested for filming sex acts with dogs, selling videos, police say
Winston-Salem man arrested for filming and performing sexual acts with dogs
N.C. man accused of filming sex acts with dogs, selling videos


Deadly Moms: Tasha Haefs charged for the murder and decapitation of her 6-year-old son, Karvel Stevens, and the family dog – claiming the ‘devil’ was trying to attack her

7312 Indiana Ave, Kansas City, MO 64132, USA

Kansas City woman charged with first-degree murder in death of 6-year-old son
Kansas City woman charged with murder of 6-year-old son
Mother charged with murder in connection with death of 6-year-old son; child identified by police
Kansas City woman decapitated her 6-year-old son, authorities say
6-year-old boy who was slain in Kansas City identified by police
After 911 Caller claims ‘Devil’ Was Trying to Attack Her, Police Dispatch to Home and Find Child Decapitated
Kansas City woman allegedly decapitated son, dog
Missouri Mom Decapitated 6-Year-Old Son and Family Dog, Told 911 ‘The Devil Was Trying to Attack Her’: Police


Psycho For Love: Philip Schwab charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Kaylynn Blue, who was buried in their backyard

Kaylynn Marie Blue

Kaylynn Marie Blue obituary
Facebook: In Memory of Kaylynn Blue
Kaylynn Blue’s sister remembers her as the ‘sweetest, kindest, most innocent soul I’ve ever met’
gofundme: In memory of Kaylynn Blue
Police make arrest in murder investigation
Police arrest Idaho man after woman and dogs found stabbed to death
‘It’s a disturbing scene.’ Man stabbed girlfriend and 2 dogs before burying her in the backyard, police say
Kaylynn Blue tried to run as boyfriend stabbed her to death, court documents reveal
Man admits to killing girlfriend as she attempted to flee
Man accused of murder had hundreds of disturbing posts on his Facebook page


Custody Status: In Custody
Age: 33
Location: Bonneville County Sheriff’s Office
Race: White
Contact Facility:
Offender ID: 137189
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 11/24/1985
Additional Information:

Central, UT murder-suicide: Landon Jorgensen shot & killed girlfriend, Adria Jordan Parker, and her daughter, Eliza Kate Parker, then killed himself

Eliza and Adria ‘AJ’ Parker

3 dead in murder-suicide in town of Central, Utah
Police confirm man killed woman, girl in double murder-suicide
Victims identified in double murder-suicide in Washington County
Before Southern Utah murder-suicide, victim sought a good life
Southern Utah double murder-suicide victim called a wonderful mom (please ignore the HUGE photo of the killer on this, even though the story is supposed to be about Adria Parker)

Landon Jorgensen

Nicholas the kitten

Yes, once again I found a horrible animal cruelty story. These truly anger me.

8 week old kitten set on fire and left to die in Springfield, MA

Yup – another animal cruelty story – worse then before (if possible)

What is wrong with these people. I will let the story tell you:

And yet, ANOTHER animal cruelty situation

OK, another rant from me about stupid people

As many of you know, animal cruelty and abuse is another one of my pet peeves. And here is one that truly angered me. I love all of my pets and would never think of hurting an animal, my pet or not. It truly amazes me how inhumane people have become or are being taught to be. I was taught to be respectful to all living things, humans AND animals.

Polly the kitten was kicked around like a football by some teenagers – what is wrong with them?

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