David Wintermyer murder 6/10/2012 Springettsbury Township, PA *Neighbor Spencer Newcomer acquitted of all charges from an ongoing feud*

David Wintermyer

David Edward Wintermyer obituary
Man fatally shoots neighbor in chest
York Co. forensic lab, real life crime scene investigations
Eyewitness testifies about the murder of David Wintermyer in Springettsbury Township
Spencer Newcomer acquitted of murder/manslaughter
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Spencer “Lee” Newcomer IV
Facebook: Spencer Newcomer

Fear Thy Neighbor: Monkey in the Middle

Spencer Newcomer

Dan Fryman murder 1/12/2004 Prospect, TN *Ex-wife, Donna Fryman, acquitted of murder as it was in self-defense*

Danny Fryman

Find-A-Grave: Melvin Daniel Fryman
Couple find contemporary furniture has local Pizazz
Jury Will Decide Whether Woman Murdered Ex-Husband Or Killed In Self Defense
Woman Acquitted In Ex-Husband’s Death
Woman found not guilty after shooting her X husband
Taylor woman convicted of murdering husband to be featured on TV show, ‘Snapped’
Facebook: Donna Fryman

Snapped: Donna Fryman
Hear No Evil: Death by Design

Donna Fryman

Not Guilty: Cherelle Baldwin acquitted of killing ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Brown, while trying to escape his abuse

Jeffrey Brown

Jeffrey Brown obituary
Woman Killed Boyfriend With Car: Cops
Connecticut woman crushes lover to death with car: cops
Mistrial for Woman Accused of Ramming Boyfriend to Death
This Woman Is On Trial For Killing A Man She Says Tried To Kill Her
Jury Begins Deliberations In Trial Of Woman Accused Of Killing Her Alleged Abuser
Woman found not guilty in boyfriend’s death
Bridgeport Woman Accused of Fatally Hitting Boyfriend With Car Found Not Guilty
Woman Accused Of Murdering Her Abusive Ex Goes Free After Almost 3 Years Behind Bars
Cherelle Baldwin on Being Found Not Guilty for Defending Herself Against Abusive Ex
Facebook: Cherelle Baldwin is Innocent

Scene of the Crime with Tony Harris: Abused or Abuser?

Cherelle Brown with her son

Darlene “Dee Dee” Foley murder 2/7/2009 Coldwater, MI *Husband, Tom Foley, was convicted, but was acquitted at his 2nd trial*

Darlene Foley
Darlene “Dee Dee” Foley

Darlene M. “DeeDee” Weber-Foley obituary
Find-A-Grave: Dee Dee May Weber Foley
Couple’s relationship dominates testimony
Investigator pooh-poohs break-in theory in Foley case
Foley final arguments made; jury about to get case
Man acquitted in retrial over teacher-wife’s death
Michigan man acquitted in retrial over teacher-wife’s death
You’re The Judge: Grieving Hubby Or Callous Killer?
National Registry of Exonerations: Thomas Foley
Man who has made many headlines shares his story

Mystery at Heath Bar Farm
Love the Way You Lie: Shattered

Tom Foley
Tom Foley

Bonnie Lee Bakley murder 5/4/2001 Studio City, CA *Husband, Robert Blake, charged in her murder, but acquitted at trial*

Bonnie Lee Bakley
Bonnie Lee Bakley

Find-A-Grave: Bonny Lee Bakley
Blake’s murdered spouse buried in Hollywood plot
Actor arrested, a suspect in death of wife
Robert Blake arrested in wife’s shooting death
Blake formally charged in killing
Murder charges against Blake now formal
Robert Blake pleads innocent to killing wife
Actor proclaims innocence in jailhouse interview
Stuntmen said to implicate Blake
Blake Murder Trial to Begin
Actor Robert Blake acquitted of murder
crimelibrary: Who Murdered Bonny Lee Bakley?
A Question of Guilt: The Bakley Murder
Wikipedia: Bonnie Lee Bakley
Find-A-Death: Bonny Lee Bakley
The Unsolved Murder of Bonny Lee Bakley and the Trial of Robert Blake
Robert Blake on his murdered wife Bonny Lee Bakley: “I think she was a con artist”
Bonny Lee Bakley: Friend Signs Book, Movie Deal

Love The Way You Lie: The Hitman and Her
Barbara Walters Presents American Scandals: Robert Blake: A Hollywood Hit

Billy Mac Fleming murder 4/12/1985 Livingston, TX *Hurley Fontenot charged with his murder, but acquitted at trial*

Billy Mac Fleming
Billy Mac Fleming

Find-A-Grave: Billy Mac Fleming
Principal faces trial for murder in slaying of coach
Love Triangle Rocks Small Texas Towns
Murder Trial Inflames Small East Texas Town
Teacher Told About Gun
Prosecutor’s Attempt to Destroy Principal’s Alibi
Defense Attorney Says No Love Triangle
Former principal acquitted in murder of football coach
The Final Gun
Find-A-Grave: Hurley R. Fontenot

Texas Love Triangle Murder

Heartbreakers: Shot Through the Heart

Hurley Fontenot
Hurley Fontenot

Psycho For Love: Lydia Ann Salce tried to kill her husband, Michael McKee because of his biker lifestyle; She was sentenced to 16 years in prison


*Update* Lydia Salce had her original conviction overturned. She was tried a second time and was acquitted, as experts showed that she acted in self defense.

Two theories of stabbing
Jury to begin deliberating in Salce stabbing case
Jury deliberating fate of Lydia Salce, accused of stabbing her husband
Jury convicts Lydia Salce of second-degree attempted murder after she stabbed her husband
Halfmoon woman to be sentenced Friday for stabbing husband
Husband: You have scarred me
Lydia Ann Salce sentenced for stabbing ex-husband
Woman wins new trial in knifing case
The National Registry of Exoneration: Lydia Salce
Jury acquits in Saratoga County attempted murder trial

Wives With Knives: When a Biker Comes to Bible Study


Lydia Ann Salce

Identifying and Location Information
As of 01/03/14
DIN (Department Identification Number) 12G0761
Inmate Name SALCE, LYDIA A
Date of Birth 12/20/1960
Race / Ethnicity WHITE
Custody Status IN CUSTODY
Housing / Releasing Facility BEDFORD HILLS
Date Received (Original) 09/04/2012
Date Received (Current) 09/04/2012
County of Commitment SARATOGA
Latest Release Date / Type (Released Inmates Only)

Crimes of Conviction
If all 4 crime fields contain data, there may be additional crimes not shown here. In this case, the crimes shown here are those with the longest sentences.
As of 01/03/14
Crime Class

Sentence Terms and Release Dates
Under certain circumstances, an inmate may be released prior to serving his or her minimum term and before the earliest release date shown for the inmate.
As of 01/03/14
Aggregate Minimum Sentence 0000 Years, 00 Months, 00 Days
Aggregate Maximum Sentence 0016 Years, 00 Months, 00 Days
Earliest Release Date 04/23/2025
Parole Hearing Date 02/2025
Parole Eligibility Date
Conditional Release Date 04/23/2025
Maximum Expiration Date 08/07/2027
Maximum Expiration Date for Parole Supervision

Cold Case: Vickie Lynne Long murder 9/10/1984 Jupiter, FL *DNA points to Todd Campbell, but he is acquitted at trial*

Vickie Lynne Long
Vickie Lynne Long

DNA Leads to Arrest of Florida Man in 1984 Murder
Father celebrates as police crack 25-year-old murder of Jupiter woman
Cold case murder suspect in court
Taking stand in own defense, man denies strangling Jupiter woman in 1984
Todd Campbell acquitted in 1984 cold-case murder of Jupiter mom Vickie Long

On The Case with Paula Zahn: Murder at Sunrise

Todd Campbell
Todd Campbell

Felicia Tang Lee murder 9/11/2009 Monrovia, CA *Boyfriend Brian Lee Randone charged with her murder, but acquitted at trial*


Felicia Tang
Felicia Tang Lee

Homicide Report: Felicia Lee, 31
Former Softcore Performer Felicia Tang Found Dead
Ex-Preacher Brian Lee Randone Charged with Killing Porn Star Felicia Tang
“Preacher” To Stand Trial for Torture, Murder of Porn Star Girlfriend
Defense Attorney Says Felicia Lee Died of GHB Overdose
Randone Acquitted of Murder, Torture
“Sexiest Bachelor in America” Contestant Acquitted of Charges He Murdered His Porn Star Girlfriend
48 Hours: The mysterious death of Felicia Tang
Felicia Tang and Brian Randone: The backstory
Wikipedia: Felicia Tang

48 Hours: The Preacher’s Passion
Final Cut: Hollywood & Crime

Brian Lee Randone
Brian Lee Randone

Jay Lovett murder 7/15/1944 Salinas, CA *Socialite Frances Andrews acquitted of his murder*

Woman Indicted in Boy’s Death
Bail Denied Socialite in Lovett Case
Try To Get Jury For Lovett Case
It’s Exciting, Says Socialite On Trial For Her Life
Mrs. Linde Tells Of Jay Lovett’s Last Few Hours
Revolver, Said Murder Gun, Is Lovett Case Evidence
Jay Lovett’s Mother Takes Witness Chair
Victor McLagen to Testify in Jay Lovett Case
Society Matron Murder Trial Witnesses Testimony Varied
No Prints Found On Pistol Which Took Boy’s Life
State Rests In Socialite’s Trial
Defense Opens Argument For Mrs. Andrews
Socialite Tells Of Of ‘Liking Boy’
Socialite Accused of Slaying Youth Grilled On Stand
Says Jealousy Was Motive In Lovett Murder
Woman Awaits Murder Verdict
Final Arguments Slated In Murder Trial Tomorrow
Jury Considering Fate of Woman in California Murder
Socialite Free in Murder Case