Cold Case: Terry Eugene Rouse was killed by his cousin, Craig Lester Thrift, over an affair with his wife; Sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole

Terry Eugene Rouse

Find-A-Grave: Terry Eugene Rouse
Ware authorities file murder charges in 21-year-old disappearance case
Ware authorities file murder charges in 21-year-old disappearance case
Ware County names suspect in 1991 killing
205DMGA – Terry Eugene Rouse
Charley Project: Terry Eugene Rouse
Murder of Terry Rouse by Craig Lester Thrift investigated on Evil Lives Here
Craig Lester Thrift v State of Georgia 2020 (conviction and sentence affirmed)

Evil Lives Here: He Fed Them to Gators



Monsters Among Us: Steven Thurman placed a bomb in the car 11-year-old Adam Joseph Cook was in, which killed him; Thurman sentenced to life in prison

Adam Joseph Cook

Find-a-Grave: Adam Joseph Cook
Capital murder charge filed in blast (part 1)
Cook (part 2)
W.V. man faces hearing June 27 on murder charge in bombing
W.V. man to face trial in bombing death
Judge orders life sentence for car bomb killing
Pardons member still doesn’t believe Steven Thurman, who killed child with bomb in ’91
The Justice Files: 1991 murder of 11-year-old Adam Cook
The Justice Files: Parole granted for man who murdered 11-year-old Adam Cook Pt. 2
Pardons member still doesn’t believe Steven Thurman, who killed child with bomb in ’91
The Justice Files: 1991 murder of 11-year-old Adam Cook
The Justice Files: Parole granted for man who murdered 11-year-old Adam Cook Pt. 2


Offender Number: 72258
DOB: Thu, 23 Jan 1958
Height: 5 Feet 11 Inches
Weight: 188
Sex: M
Housing Facility: CUCF BOULDER
Parole Date: 05/16/2023

Cold Case: Psycho For Love: Theodore Dill Donahue charged with the 1991 murder of his girlfriend, Denise Sharon Kulb

Denise Sharon Kulb

Theodore Dill Donahue died in custody 11/18/2020.

Arrest made in woman’s 1991 murder; body found in Delaware County
Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, PA State Police Announce Homicide Charges in 1991 ‘Cold Case’
Pennsylvania Authorities Announce Arrest In 1991 Cold Case Homicide
Socks Help Solve 28-Year-Old Cold Case Murder, Authorities Say
A Pair Of Yellow Socks Helped Lead To An Arrest In Woman’s Nearly Three Decade-Old Murder, Authorities Say
A Pair of Socks Helps Crack 28-Year-Old Cold-Case Murder
Judge: Man Will Stand Trial In 1991 Delaware County Cold Case Murder After Pair Of Socks Link Him To Case
Ex-boyfriend will stand trial for murder in 28-year-old cold case
Suspect in 1991 murder of Denise Sharon Kulb dies in custody
Suspect In Delco Woman’s 1991 Killing Dies In Jail

Theodore Dill Donahue

Murder In The Family: Priscilla Matula killed her mother, Margaret Abernathy, over money with their business; Sentenced to life in prison

From Matula’s appeal:

Priscilla Matula and her husband entered into an agreement to purchase a Jeep Eagle dealership. Matula’s mother, Margaret Abernathy, made it possible for the Matulas to secure financing by backing them both personally and also through her real estate company; further, Mrs. Abernathy loaned them substantial sums of money, signed a guaranty, and pledged a certificate of deposit and her home as collateral.

Despite Abernathy’s support, the dealership experienced difficulties. To manufacture the positive cash flow required to obtain a line of credit from the bank and authorization of the dealership from *674 Chrysler, Matula, who had signature authority on several dealership accounts, her mother’s company’s account, and her personal account, forged and kited checks. On the Friday before her murder, Abernathy learned that Priscilla Matula was not making required lien payoffs and that her failure to do so had resulted in problems for both the bank and the dealership’s customers. The following day Abernathy, upset by her daughter’s schemes, went to the bank and attempted to have Matula’s name removed from the checking account signature card for the real estate company. Bank employees told her that because it was a Saturday, she would have to wait until Monday to complete the process.

On Monday morning at approximately 7:15, a witness saw Matula at a convenience store not far from her mother’s home; the witness, who had known her for many years, described her as upset and distracted. Matula arrived at work around 8:15 a. m., but left again around 10:00, ostensibly to buy stamps at the post office. However, another witness, who had gone to inquire about renting a house across the street from Mrs. Abernathy’s house, saw Matula in the convenience store near her mother’s house at about 10:00 a. m., and a few minutes later saw her car at her mother’s house. The witness testified further that as she left the rental house she heard a gunshot and that at that time Matula’s car was still in Abernathy’s driveway. Matula returned to the dealership around 10:30 a. m. but left again a little after 12:00 p. m., saying that she was worried about her mother. Around 12:30 p. m., Matula called to report that her mother had been hurt. It was not until Abernathy was taken to the hospital that it was discovered that she had two gunshot wounds to the head. A nurse at the emergency room testified that Matula, upon learning that her mother would die, burst out and said, “Oh my God, what have I done?” At this point, Matula’s husband said “Shut your damn face.” Later, however, after her husband had left, the nurse again heard Matula say, “Oh my God, what have I done?”

Police investigators who processed the scene of the murder testified that it was their strong belief that the burglary of Abernathy’s home had been staged because the hole that had been made in the back window was too small for an arm to pass through to open the door and because the belongings that had been taken from drawers and cabinets had been neatly stacked on the floor.

Find-A-Grave: Margaret Christine Boyd Abernathy
Priscilla Matula v State of Georgia 1994 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Lady Decides To Murder Her Mother After Running Family Business In To The Ground
Woman Decides To Murder Her Mother After Running Family Business Into The Ground

Snapped: Priscilla Matula


Brenizer-Berentson Family Murders: Son, Bruce Brenizer, pled guilty, sentenced to life in prison; Spent 20 years in mental institution, now in prison

Rick Brenizer, 35
Ruth Berentson, 31
Crystal Brenizer, 5
Mindy Berentson, 7
Heidi Berentson, 10

Find-A-Grave: Rick Brenizer
Find-A-Grave: Ruth Ann Berentson
Find-A-Grave: Crystal Ann Brenizer
Find-A-Grave: Mindy Lynn Berentson
Find-A-Grave: Heidi Berentson
16-Year-Old charged with killing five members of his family
Trial Ordered for Youth in Deaths of Five Family Members
Plea agreement reached in family slaying case
Teen gets life for killing family
Teen Gets Life Sentence for Slaying Five Family Members
Appeals Court Says Wis. Killer Should Remain In Mental Hospital
State of Wisconsin v Bruce C. Brenizer 2017 (ordered to be returned to hospital)
Bruce Brenizer pen pal ad
‘I Did It. I Killed Them All’: 15-Year-Old Shot And Incinerated 5 Family Members

Main Street Mysteries: Murder in a Small Town
Hometiown Homicide: Brenizer Family
Family Massacre: Brenizer


Birth Year: 1975
Age: 46
Ethnicity: UNKNOWN
Weight: 217
Height: 6′ 0″
Eye Color: BROWN
Hair Color: BROWN
Dexterity: LEFT HANDED
DOC: 00231345


Maximum Discharge Date: 01/20/9999
Mandatory Release/Extended Supervision Date: 01/20/9999
Parole Eligibility Date: 01/18/2023

Mendota Mental Health Institute
301 Troy Drive
Madison, WI 53704

Fathers From Hell: Ronald “Silly the Clown” Schroeder charged with the cold case murder of his 7-week-old daughter, Catherine

Find-A-Grave: Catherine Marie Schroeder
Former professional clown charged with killing infant daughter 30 years ago
‘Silly the Clown’ charged with first-degree reckless homicide in daughter’s 1991 death
Greenfield child death cold case; man charged 30 years later
Cold case solved: Former Milwaukee clown charged with killing newborn daughter in 1991
‘Silly the Clown’ Charged with Murdering His Infant Daughter 30 Years Ago
Wisconsin Man Formerly Known as ‘Silly the Clown’ Charged With Cold Case Killing of 7-Week-Old Daughter
Former Professional Clown Charged in 30-Year-Old Cold Case Killing of Daughter


Deadly Wives: Patricia Brown hired her sister and brother-in-law, Sheila and Leroy Wentzel, to kill her husband, Frederic Brown; All sentenced to prison

From Patricia Brown’s appeal: At trial, the evidence tended to show that in March or April of 1990, defendant contacted her sister and brother-in-law, Sheila and Leroy Wentzel, in New Hope, Alabama, and asked if they knew anyone who would shoot and kill her husband, Fred Brown, in High Point, North Carolina.   Leroy Wentzel volunteered.   Defendant met with the Wentzels in Alabama to discuss how her High Point house was arranged and to plan the murder.   Defendant paid the Wentzels $1,000 up front to kill her husband and offered to pay them an additional $30,000 upon completion of the killing.   After this initial meeting, Leroy Wentzel started driving to North Carolina.   On his way, Wentzel decided that he could not continue with the murder plans, and he called defendant and told her that he “couldn’t do it at that time.”

Several months later, Leroy and Sheila Wentzel visited defendant in her High Point home and met defendant’s husband, Fred Brown.   After this visit, on 23 April 1991, Leroy Wentzel again spoke with defendant, and they made arrangements for the murder of defendant’s husband.   Wentzel testified that they planned that he would call Fred Brown at his house on 24 April 1991, under the pretext that Wentzel’s car had broken down.   Defendant made arrangements to be at a real-estate meeting and to have her daughter out of the house so that her husband would be the only one home to receive Wentzel’s phone call.   At approximately noon on 24 April 1991, Wentzel called defendant and told her that he was on his way.

Wentzel drove to High Point.   He took a .22-caliber revolver and wore a yellow and black sweatshirt.   At approximately 9:30 p.m., Wentzel arrived in High Point and, from a dark area along Highway 68, called defendant’s home and told defendant’s husband that his car had broken down.   After learning Wentzel’s location, the victim said he would be out in a few minutes to assist him.   Wentzel opened the hood of his car and pulled the coil wire off so the vehicle would not start.   When the victim arrived, he turned the hazard lights of his vehicle on, and he and Wentzel looked under the hood of Wentzel’s vehicle and discussed what to do next.   Wentzel then suggested that they walk away from the car a distance.   While doing so, he told the victim that the victim’s wife wanted him dead and showed him the gun from under the sweatshirt.

The victim begged Wentzel not to kill him and started to run.   Nonetheless, Wentzel shot the victim once in the back, and he fell to the ground;  Wentzel then shot the victim twice more in the head from close range to make certain he was dead.   Wentzel returned to his car and proceeded to drive down the road.   However, upon remembering that defendant had told him to make the murder look like a robbery, Wentzel returned to the crime scene, removed the victim’s wallet from his back pocket, turned the hazard lights of the victim’s vehicle off and then started home to Alabama.   As he drove home, Wentzel threw the victim’s wallet away.   Several months later, he threw the gun into the Coosa River.   A passerby discovered the victim’s body lying facedown in a ditch beside Highway 68, with a sweatshirt wrapped around his right arm.   A pool of blood surrounded the victim’s head.   An autopsy indicated that the victim had sustained three gunshot wounds, one to the back and two to the left side of the head.   Over the course of the next few months, defendant paid Wentzel approximately $3,500.

Thereafter, in June 1994, when Leroy Wentzel was on the verge of suicide, he wrote two letters which he gave to his daughter, Janelle, with instructions to open only after his death.   In these letters, Wentzel stated that he “shot Fred Brown by his wife, Pat,” and that he was to be paid $30,000.   On 13 July 1994, Wentzel was arrested and jailed in Pennsylvania for failure to pay child support.   Also, on 13 July 1994, Janelle Wentzel gave her father’s letters to the police in Reading, Pennsylvania, and she confirmed that her father also had told her about the murder of Fred Brown and that he did it for his wife’s sister, the defendant.   The Reading Police Department contacted the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department with regard to the alleged homicide.   In November 1994, detectives from the Guilford County Sheriff’s Department talked with Wentzel regarding the killing of Fred Brown.   Wentzel gave statements to the detectives about the murder and his involvement.   Both of Wentzel’s sons confirmed that their father also had told them about the murder and that it was done for defendant, who was to receive insurance money as a result of her husband’s death.

Find-A-Grave: Frederic Chester “Fred” Brown Jr.
State Man Arrested, Fighting Extradition
Brown/Wentzel [news story about the murder, that day or the next]
Trial begins in 4-year-old murder case
Son gives jurors new perspective of Fred Brown
Convicted murderer testifies against sister
Jurors get two portraits of Patricia Brown
Wife convicted in murder for hire
State of North Carolina v Patricia Brown 1999 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Prison houses veterans block
A Fight Over Exotic Birds Led A Woman To Hire Her Brother-In-Law To Execute Husband
Find-A-Grave: Patricia Gayle DeRosa Weber Brown
North Carolina man serving life for murder-for-hire TV case to be paroled
Killer in 1991 case released from prison

Twisted Sisters: Wentzel/Brown Sisters
Snapped: Patricia Brown

Patricia Brown – convicted, sentenced to life, died in prison 1/10/2002
Sheila Wentzel – convicted, sentenced to 50 years in prison, paroled 2001
Leroy Wentzel – convicted, sentenced to life, paroled 12/22/2022


Offender Number: 0485109
Inmate Status: INACTIVE
Gender: FEMALE
Ethnic Group: UNKNOWN
Birth Date: 01/21/1948
Age: 71


Offender Number: 0474960
Inmate Status: INACTIVE
Probation/Parole/Post Release Status: INACTIVE
Gender: FEMALE
Ethnic Group: UNKNOWN
Birth Date: 10/06/1956
Age: 63


Offender Number: 0473193
Inmate Status: ACTIVE
Gender: MALE
Birth Date: 03/08/1943
Age: 76


Parents Gone Wild! Brook Graham pled no contest in the cold case murder of her newborn daughter, Julie Valentine, who was discarded in a box in a field

The Julie Valentine Center

**Update 5/26/2019** Brook Graham has now been linked by DNA to another newborn that was found dead in 1989, so she will have new charges added.

The Julie Valentine Center
Vigil honors infant known as Julie Valentine
Community holds vigil after break in Julie Valentine cold case
Greenville police make arrest in Julie Valentine homicide case
Police: Julie Valentine cold case cracked
Greenville police announce arrest of woman in homicide of infant known as Julie Valentine
SLED lab results confirm Brook Graham is biological mother of Julie Valentine
Greenville police arrest woman believed to be baby’s mother in Julie Valentine killing, father not charged
Greenville police solve ‘Julie Valentine’ cold case, arrest mother decades after baby found in field
Birth mother of ‘Julie Valentine’ now faces murder charge 29 years after infant’s body found, police say
Mother of Julie Valentine charged in connection with death of son in 1989
Charges against Julie Valentine’s mother are now amended to murder
Mother in Julie Valentine case to be freed on bond
Brook Graham, the woman charged in deaths of 2 babies found in Greenville in 1989 & 1990, released on bond
Detective: Julie Valentine’s father spoke of another incident where Brook Graham put baby in toilet
Brook Graham pleads guilty in ‘Julie Valentine’ death
Mother of 2 dead babies found decades ago enters Alford plea

The baby was found here in this box


Psycho For Love: Bradford King shot & killed his wife, Diane Newton King because he was upset that she wanted to quit her job to be with her children;

Diane Newton King

Find-A-Grave: Diane Marler King
TV Anchor Is Slain in Michigan
Clues hunted for TV anchor’s killer Woods combed after slaying of newscaster.
Ex-Policeman Gets Life Term For Killing Wife, a TV Anchor
Ex-cop Guilty In Murder Of Tv News-anchor Wife
Death in a Small Town
A Small-Town Murder Solved
Diane Newton King murdered – Ex officer Bradford King – Pontiac PD
Shot in cold blood Loving mother ruthlessly killed in her own driveway

Eye of the Beholder: The Almost Perfect Murder of Anchorwoman Diane Newton King
Love Kills: The Stalking of Diane Newton King

Deadly Sins: Kiss ‘n Kill
Forensic Files: News at 11


MDOC Number: 228745
SID Number: 1642698J
Racial Identification: White
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 208 lbs.
Date of Birth: 01/15/1947 (70)

Current Status: Prisoner
Earliest Release Date: LIFE
Assigned Location: Thumb Correctional Facility
Maximum Discharge Date: LIFE


Scar- Left Eye
Scar- Stomach – APPENDIX SCAR
Tattoo- Left Arm
Tattoo- Right Arm

Sentence 1

Offense: Homicide – Open Murder – Statutory Short Form
Minimum Sentence: LIFE
MCL#: 750.316C
Maximum Sentence: LIFE
Court File#: 92949
Date of Offense: 02/09/1991
County: Calhoun
Date of Sentence: 01/06/1993
Conviction Type: Jury

Sentence 2
Offense: Weapons – Felony Firearms
Minimum Sentence: 2 years 0 months 0 days
MCL#: 750.227BA
Maximum Sentence: 2 years 0 months
Court File#: 92949
Date of Offense: 02/09/1991
County: Calhoun
Date of Sentence: 01/06/1993
Conviction Type: Jury

Deadly Wives: Joann Curley poisoned her husband, Bob, to death with rat poison; Sentenced to 20 years in prison

Bob Curley

POMC: Robert Curley “Bobby”
With The Iced Tea Came A Painful Death — Wife Accused Of Poisoning Her Husband – Even In Hospital
Woman who poisoned, killed husband denied parole
Notorious killer Joann Curley denied last chance at parole
Joann Curley will eventually get out of prison but Bobby’s sentence will never end
Murderer Joann Curley Freed from Prison
Woman who killed husband with rat poison released from prison
Woman who killed husband with rat poison in food released from prison
The Joann Curley Case: The making of a plea agreement

Forensic Files: ‘Til Death Do Us Part
Autopsy 5: Dead Men Do Tell Tales
The Coroner: I Speak for the Dead: Touch Me and Die
A Wedding and a Murder: The Lovesick Groom

Joann Curley

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