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Monsters Among Us: Lester Edwards Eubanks raped and killed 14-year-old Mary Ellen Deener; Escaped from prison during a shopping trip! Yes, an ex-death row inmate was allowed to go shopping unescorted! Since 1973

Mary Ellen Deener

Find-A-Grave: Mary Ellen Deener
Cold case: Killer has been on run for 43 years in ’65 case
Cold Case: Ohio killer still on the run 44 years later
U.S. Marshals: Lester Eubanks
Reward upped to $50,000 for tips leading to arrest of Lester Eubanks, man convicted in 1966 murder of teen girl
U.S. Marshals increases reward in cold case of Ohio fugitive Lester Eubanks
Unsolved: Death Row Fugitive
Mary Ellen Deener’s Murder: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her?
New clues point to Southern California in long-running manhunt for child killer
Escaped Murderer, Lester Eubanks, In Ohio Being Sought In Los Angeles Area
Convicted child killer on the run for nearly 50 years may be captured soon, authorities say

The One That Got Away: The Murder of Mary Ellen Deener

Unsolved Mysteries: Death Row Fugitive
America’s Most Wanted: Lester Eubanks


Deadly Wives: Irene Smith Maxcy and her lover, John Sweet, hired William Harold Kelley to kill her husband, Charles Von Maxcy; Kelley was sentenced to death

dv awareness

Charles “Von” Maxcy

Find-A-Grave: Charles VonCanon Maxcy
Attorneys Want Conviction Erased In Maxcy Killing
Murder Mystery Has Taken On Life Of Its Own
’66 Killing Of Citrus Grower Reopened
Death Row Inmate May Be Freed
Sentence Reinstated In 1966 Murder Case
Death verdict in sensational case restored
Commission on Capital Cases: Kelley, William Harold
Murderpedia: William Harold Kelley
Gets Life Term in Kill-for-Hire Murder
John J. Sweet v State of Florida 1970 (overturned)
William H. Kelley v US Court of Appeals 2004
Florida: Delray Beach
Excerpt from “World Encyclopedia of 20th Century Mur

Truth Is Stranger Than Florida: Murder in the Groves

William Harold Kelley – first trial hung; then convicted, sentenced to death
John J. Sweet – first trial hung; then convicted, sentenced to life in prison; then overturned (has since died)
Irene Von Maxcy – convicted of perjury, sentenced to life, served 4 1/2 years in prison

John J. Sweet



DC Number: 093417
Eye Color: BLUE
Height: 6’05”
Weight: 250 lbs.
Birth Date: 12/08/1942
Initial Receipt Date: 04/06/1984
Current Facility: UNION C.I.
Current Custody: MAXIMUM
Current Release Date: DEATH SENTENCE


Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date 10/03/1966
Sentence Date 04/02/1984
Case No. 8100535
Prison Sentence Length DEATH SENTENCE

Incarceration History:
Date In-Custody 04/06/1984
Date Out-of-Custody Currently Incarcerated

Serial Killer Richard Grissom Jr. – Four victims confirmed, but there are more (at least 4 that have not been found)

Grissom victims

Hazel Meeker (no picture)
Joan Butler, 24
Theresa Brown, 22
Christine Rusch, 22

Charley Project: Joan Marie Butler
Doe Network: Joan Marie Butler
Charley Project: Theresa Brown
The Doe Network: Theresa Brown
Charley Project: Christine Rusch
The Doe Network: Christine Rusch
Autopsy report: Beasley shot four times
Prosecutor prepares for Grissom case
Grissom trial continues (part 1)
Grissom trial continues (part 2)
Families of victims hope Grissom will speak up
D.A. says women killed for $3,600
Missing women’s items found in Grissom’s car
Witness may link Grissom, Brown
Former prosecutor recalls Grissom case
Serial Killers Podcast: Richard Grissom Jr
3 Kids Were Home When Mom Sarah Beasley & BF John Salazar Were Murdered
Murderpedia: Richard Grissom Jr.
20 Years Later, Killer Refuses to Reveal Bodies’ Location
Victims are still missing 20 years after trial
Excerpt from Bitter Harvest: A Woman’s Fury

Suddenly Gone: The Terrifying True Story of a Serial Killer’s Grisly Kidnapping-Murders of Three Young Women

On The Case With Paula Zahn: Gone in an Instant

Richard Grissom Jr.

(KDOC# 0033728)
Name Type Name
Alias T MONEY,

Birthdate Type Birthdate Age
True Nov 10, 1960 55

Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5′-11″
Weight 223
Gender Male
Race Black

Monsters Among Us: Richard Speck raped and murdered 8 student nurses

Speck Victims
Corazon Amurao

Valentina Paison
Pamela Wilkening
Patricia Matusek
Suzanne Farris
Mary Ann Jordan
Merlita Gargullo
Gloria Davy
Nina Jo Schmale
Corazon Amurao (only survivor)

Find-A-Grave: Valentina Pasion
Find-A-Grave: Pamela Wilkening
Find-A-Grave: Patricia Ann Matusek
Find-A-Grave: Suzanne Bridgit Farris
Find-A-Grave: Mary Ann Jordan
Find-A-Grave: Merlita Gargullo
Find-A-Grave: Gloria Jean Davy
Find-A-Grave: Nina Jo Schmale
8 Chicago Student Nurses Butchered in Town House (part 1)
Chicago (part 2)
8 nurses stabbed, strangled to death in Chicago dorm (part 1)
8 Chicago nurses slain in dormitory (part 2)
Surviving girl provides tips on description (part 1)
Surviving (part 2)
Slayer of 8 sketched on girl’s description
Sketch of slayer distributed by cops
New leads raise hopes of police in nurses’ deaths
Nurses murder suspect held
Cops hold suspect in murder of nurses
Speck tabbed by top police work (part 1)
Speck (part 2 scroll down)
Survivor of massacre a jail hospital visitor (part 1)
Survivor (part 2)
Surviving nurse gives police details on slayer
Survivor says she favored nurses resisting the intruder
Surviving nurse sees man held in Chicago massacre
Speck sentenced to 1.200 years
Chicago Sun-Times Special Section: Richard Speck 40 Years Later
Murderpedia: Richard Franklin Speck
Richard Speck, Born to Raise Hell
Wikipedia: Richard Speck
Richard Speck
Haunted Chicago
Richard Speck – Born to Raise Hell

Born to Raise Hell: The Untold Story of Richard Speck — The Man, The Crime, The Trial
The Crime of The Century — Richard Speck and The Murder of Eight Student Nurses

Biography: Natural Born Killer: Richard Speck
Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck
Richard Speck: Born to Raise Hell
Richard Speck
A Crime To Remember: And Then There Was One

Richard Speck

The Texas Tower Sniper – Charles Whitman


Margaret Whitman (mother)
Kathleen Frances Leissner Whitman (wife)
Edna Townsley, 51. Bludgeoned and shot by Whitman in the Tower reception.
Marguerite Lamport, 56. Killed by a shotgun wound to the chest.
Mark Gabour, 16. Killed by a shotgun wound to the head.
Claire Wilson, 18. Lost the baby she was carrying after being shot through the abdomen.
Thomas Eckman, 18. Shoulder wound. Kneeling over Claire Wilson when he was shot
Dr. Robert Boyer, 33. A physics professor killed by a single shot to the lower back.
Thomas Ashton, 22. A Peace Corps trainee killed by a gunshot to the upper left chest
Karen Griffith, 17. Gunshot wound through the lung. Died August 8.
Thomas Karr, 24. University senior. Killed by a single shot through the spine.
Billy Speed, 23. Police officer. Killed by a shot to his shoulder which traveled into his chest.
Harry Walchuk, 38. Doctoral student. Killed by a single shot to the chest.
Paul Sonntag, 18. Shot through the mouth while hiding behind construction barriers.
Claudia Rutt, 18. Fiancé of Sonntag. Killed by a gunshot to the chest.
Roy Schmidt, 29. An electrician killed by a single shot to the stomach.
David Gunby, 58. Gunshot wound of lower back. Died in 2001. Death ruled a homicide.

Allen, John Scott
Bedford, Billy
Ehlke, Roland
Evgenides, Ellen
Esparza, Avelino
Foster, F. L.
Frede, Robert
Gabour, Mary Frances
Gabour, Michael
Garcia, Irma
Harvey, Nancy
Gunby, David[71]
Heard, Robert
Hernandez Jr., Aleck
Hohmann, Morris
Huffman, Devereau
Kelly, Homer J.
Khashab, Abdul
Littlefield, Brenda Gail
Littlefield, Adrian
Martinez, Dello
Martinez, Marina
Mattson, David
Ortega, Delores
Paulos, Janet
Phillips, Lana
Royuela, Oscar
Snowden, Billy
Stewart, C. A.
Wilson, Claire
Wilson, Sandra
Wheeler, Carla Sue

Whitman letter
Whitmn, Charles Joseph
The Cops Who Stopped Charles Whitman
crimelibrary: Charles Whitman: The Texas Bell Tower Sniper
Murderpedia: Charles Joseph Whitman (Has a lot of pictures)
Wikipedia: Charles Whitman
Kickstart Your Weekend: ‘Tower’
Houston McCoy, police officer who shot UT Tower sniper Charles Whitman, dies

A Sniper in the Tower: The Charles Whitman Murders
The Case of Charles Whitman

The Deadly Tower
A Sniper in the Tower
A Crime To Remember: The 28th Floor

Charles Whitman
Charles Whitman

Deranged Killers: Charles Whitman (2009)

Monsters Among Us: Charles William Yukl *The Piano Teacher* – Killed 2 young women; Committed suicide in prison

Suzanne Reynolds, 25 [10/24/1966]
Karen Irene Schlegel, 23 [8/20/1974]

Find-A-Grave: Karen Irene Schlegel
The Piano Man
Pianist Held In Slaying Of Aspiring Model
Police Accuse Pianist Of Mutilation Slaying
Man Held In Second Murder
Paroled Killer Faces New Murder Charged (part 1 – scroll to the left and down a bit)
Questions Raised on Plea Bargaining (part 2)
Plea bargaining under fire again in sex murders
Murderpedia: Charles William Yukl
Repeat Offender: Charles Yukl (about 2/3 way down)

The Piano Teacher: The True Story of a Psychotic Killer

Fatal Encounters: The Final Act
Fame Kills: Fatal Audition


Charles Yukl

Identifying and Location Information
DIN (Department Identification Number) 76A2190
Date of Birth 02/14/1935
Race / Ethnicity WHITE
Custody Status DISCHARGED
Housing / Releasing Facility
Date Received (Original) 06/08/1976
Date Received (Current) 06/08/1976
Admission Type
County of Commitment NEW YORK
Latest Release Date / Type (Released Inmates Only) 08/22/82 DECEASED

Crimes of Conviction
Class: A

Sentence Terms and Release Dates
Aggregate Minimum Sentence Years, Months, Days
Aggregate Maximum Sentence Years, Months, Days
Earliest Release Date
Earliest Release Type
Parole Hearing Date 07/1989
Parole Eligibility Date
Conditional Release Date NONE
Maximum Expiration Date LIFE

Irene Brandt murder 9/29/1966 Blue Point, NY *Julius Klein convicted, sentenced to life in prison; William Reuther pled guilty, sentenced to 2 years in prison*

Irene Brandt

Julius Klein
William Reuther

Go-Go Girl Murdered
Bank theft suspect, girl found murdered
L.I. Embezzler Indicted In Slaying of Go-Go Girl
Julius F. Klein v. Attica Correctional Facility & Harold Smith


Identifying and Location Information
As of 02/05/12
DIN (Department Identification Number) 68A0140
Date of Birth 05/28/1928
Race / Ethnicity WHITE
Custody Status RELEASED
Housing Releasing Facility EASTERN
Date Received (Original) 06/05/1968
Date Received (Current) 06/05/1968
Admission Type
County of Commitment NEW YORK
Latest Release Date / Type (Released Inmates Only) 04/12/94 PAROLE DIV OF PAROLE

Crimes of Conviction
Crime Class

Sentence Terms and Release Dates
Under certain circumstances, an inmate may be released prior to serving his or her minimum term and before the earliest release date shown for the inmate.
As of 02/05/12
Aggregate Minimum Sentence 0020 Years, 00 Months, 00 Days
Aggregate Maximum Sentence LIFE Years, 99 Months, 99 Days
Earliest Release Date
Earliest Release Type
Parole Hearing Date 09/1994
Parole Eligibility Date 05/02/1988
Conditional Release Date NONE
Maximum Expiration Date LIFE
Maximum Expiration Date for Parole Supervision
Post Release Supervision Maximum Expiration Date
Parole Board Discharge Date 01/10/2001

Spree Killers: Walter Kelbach & Myron Lance

Steven Shea, 18 [12/18/1966]
Michael Holtz, 18 [12/19/1966]
Grant Strong, 30 [12/21/1966]
James Sisemore, 47 [12/21/1966]
Fred William Lillie, 20 [12/22/1966]
Beverly Mace, 34 [12/28/1966]
Verl Meads, 24 (survived)

[I have not located any pictures of any of the victims. If you have one you would like to share, please email me. Thanks.]

These two originally received the death penalty, but when the death penalty was struck down in 1971, they received life in prison (with a chance for parole). However, in 1992, the Parole Board decided that they would spend the rest of their natural lives in prison. Myron Lance died in prison in 2010 (now spending eternity in hell, just waiting for his special friend Walter to join him – who did in 2018)

Find-A-Grave: Steven Allen Shea
Find-A-Grave: Michael Kent Holtz
Find-A-Grave: Grant Creed Strong
Find-A-Grave: James Louis “Pete” Sisemore
Find-A-Grave: Fred William Lillie
Find-A-Grave: Beverly Janice Mace
Second kidnapped youth found dead (part 1)
Second teen found slain (part 2)
On trail of killers (part 1)
Rewards spur hunt for killers (part 2)
Both slaying victims friendly, liked cars (part 1)
2 victims, friendly, loved cars (part 2)
Police checking clothes in slayings
Rewards up to $6000 for slayers
Grissly Count: 5 in 5 days
Pair charged in S.L. murders
Counties push legal action in 5 slayings (part 1)
Legal action spurred in 5 Utah murders (part 2)

Tipster Claims Accused Men Identified Before Killings
Deaths In Utah’s Five-Day Period Of Violence Last Week Rise To Six
2 Utah Men Get Death Sentences
Wife Held In Inmate ‘Rescue’
9 Utah ‘Security’ Cons Escape
‘Hey’ Sets Trap For 3 Escapees
Walter Kelbach & Myron Lance
Kelbach & Lance
Walter Kelbach’s appeal for his disability claim! (He was denied disability and the Appeals Court affirmed the denial)
Serial killer Myron Lance dies after years in prison(not a serial killer)
Myron Lance’s application for a pardon on a previous charge
Documentary Gives Insight Into Minds of Two Killers
Shocking Documentary Stars Death Row Killers
Don’t free duo, victims’ relatives plead
Murderpedia: Walter B. Kelbach
Murderpedia: Myron Lance

Walter Kelbach Myron Lance

Movies Based On True Crimes: Till Death Us Do Part (Cheryl Perveler & Marlin Cromwell murders)

Cromwell and Perveler

The names in the movie were changed:
Henry Stockton: Marlin Cromwell (murdered 12/11/1966)
Judy Davis Palliko: Cheryl Perveler (murdered 4/20/1968)
Katherine Palliko: Lela Halvorson (survived)

Find-A-Grave: Cheryl Perveler
Ex-Cop, Girlfriend Held in Two Murders
Officer Accused In Death
Former Policeman, Girl Friend Held In Murder, Fraud Plot
‘Double Indemnity’ Murder Trial Opens
Sentence Couple In Double Slaying
Death Sentence Imposed in Slaying of 2
Slay Trial A ‘Rerun’ Of Old Movie
Ex-Officer in Prison for Killing Fails in Parole Bid
Perveler appeal
Victims of Domestic Violence: #240 Mrs. Cheryl Perveler
The 1968 Cheryl Perveler Murder
gofundme: Kristina Rapier’s funeral cost

Till Death Us Do Part: A True Murder Mystery

Till Death Us Do Part
A Crime To Remember: The Newlydeads

Alan Palliko: Paul Perveler (convicted, sentenced to death, commuted to life)
Sandra Stockton: Christina Cromwell [Kristina Cromwell] (convicted, sentenced to life in prison; paroled) – died 1/16/2017, had remarried to a man named Rex Rapier

Kristina Cromwell


Paul Perveler

CDCR#L B20642
Age: 80
Admission Date: 05/02/1969
Current Location: Mule Creek

What do you think of this case? Walter T. Barclay shooting 11/27/66 *died this week* Should murder charges now be applied?

walter-t-barclay.jpgwilliam-j-barnes.jpgI believe this situation is really unique, although now unheard of completely. Police Officer Walter T. Barclay was shot while in the line of duty in 1966. He survived at the time. William Barnes was convicted of attempted homicide and was sentenced to 7 – 15 years in prison. Since then, it appears he has been in and out of prison. In fact, when he was arrested this week for the muder orf Officer Barclay, he was in a halfway house. Now, there is a real possibility that he will be tried for the murder of Officer Barclay, as the Medical Examner determined that Walter Barclay died from his injuries recieved in the shooting.

So, what do you think? Should he be prosecuted for a crime he has already spent time in prison for?

Death of Officer 40 Years After Shooting May Bring New Charges for Gunman
Death Notice
Philadelpia patrolman succumbs to gunshot wounds
Patrolman Walter T. Barclay Jr.
Officer dies from 40-year-old gunshot
Officer Dies 40 Years After Shooting

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