Gregov family massacre: Mate Ivanov escaped from a mental hospital and killed his brother-in-law, Peter Gregov, and his entire family as revenge for putting him in the hospital

Find-A-Grave: Peter Gregov Sr.
Find-A-Grave: Veronica Terelak Gregov
Find-A-Grave: Peter Gregov Jr.
Find-A-Grave: Ronald Gregov
Find-A-Grave: Michael Gregov
Family of five knifed to death
Seek mental patient for family massacre
Suspect in N.Y. slayings found in Miami
“Cuban Refugee” unmasked as mad killer of family
Famous Long Island Crimes (about 1/2 down and for the next few pages)
Metropolitan Briefs: Fugitive

Monsters Among Us: Darrell Devere Poulson raped and killed 11-year-old Karen Ann Mechling; Sentenced to death, which was changed to life in prison

Karen Ann Mechling

Find-A-Grave: Karen Ann Mechling
Utah begins hunt for girl’s slayer
2 Attorneys interview suspect in girl slaying
3 witnesses testify in baby-sitter death (part 1)
Poulson (part 2)
Murder suspect moved to Provo
12 of the most notorious murderers with ties to Utah County (about 1/2 way down)
State of Utah v Darrell Devere Poulson 1962
State of Utah v Darrell Devere Poulson 1964 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Darrell Devere Poulson v John W. Turner, Warden 1966 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Death Commutation Hearing For Slayer
Board of Pardon’s denies slayer Poulson’s appeal
Killer of babysitter, 11, will be freed by Utah
The Unforgiven: Chapter 6

The Unforgiven: Utah’s Executed Men

Darrell Devere Poulson

Serial Killer: Gayno Gilbert Smith killed 6 people – all family members – in Iowa; Sentenced to life in prison

Juanita Smith, [11/1961] (stepmother) (no picture)
Andrew Rex McBeth, 51 [5/27/1962] (uncle)
Dora Mae Smith McBeth, 41 [5/27/1962] (aunt)
Amos Rex McBeth, 19 [5/27/1962] (cousin)
Anna McBeth, 19 [5/27/1962] (cousin)
Donna Jean McBeth Kellogg, 17 [5/27/1962] (cousin)
Patsy Lou McBeth, 15 (survived) (no picture)

Find-A-Grave: Andrew Rex “Andy” McBeth
Find-A-Grave: Dora Mae Smith McBeth
Find-A-Grave: Amos Rex McBeth
Find-A-Grave: Anna Katherine McBeth
Find-A-Grave: Donna Jean McBeth Kellogg
Massive Hunt for Killer (about 1/3 way down)
Gayno Smith stepmother’s body found 1
Gayno Smith stepmother body found 2
“She Hit Him…He Knocked Her Down”
Gayno Smith Sentence-d to Six Consecutive life Terms
Man serving five life sentences for killing family dies
Notorious killer dies in custody
Find-A-Grave: Gayno Gilbert Smith
Murderpedia: Gayno Gilbert Smith
Wikipedia: Gayno Smith

Gayno Gilbert Smith

McBeth Family Murders-Nephew goes on Killing spree in 1962

Spree Killers: George Ronald York and James Douglas Latham killed 9 people in a multi-state killing spree; Both were executed on 6/22/1965


Althea Ottavio and Gene Reed

Althea Ottavio, 43 [5/29/1961 Jacksonville, FL]
Patricia Hewitt, 25 [5/29/1961 Jacksonville, FL]
John Whittaker, 71 [6/7/1961 Tullahoma, TN]
Albert Eugene “Gene” Reed, 35 [6/8/1962 Edwardsville, IL]
Martin Drenovac, 69 [6/8/1962 Edwardsville, IL]
2 men [St Louis, MO]
Otto Ziegler, 62 [6/9/1961 Wallace, KS]
Rachel Moyer, 18 [6/10/1961 Craig, CO]

Find-A-Grave: Althea Watts Ottavio
Find-A-Grave: Rachel Maria Moyer
Two youths calm in telling about murderous tour
Tragic irony for killers
Young killers spend the night in Colorado
State of Kansas v James Douglas Latham & George Ronald York 1962 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
York, Latham Gain Stay Of Execution
Death on Route 66: The Murders of Gene Reed and Martin Drenovac – Part One (GREAT post)
Death on Route 66: The Murders of Gene Reed and Martin Drenovac – Part two (GREAT post)
Former prison official recalls notorious case
Two racist, mentally disturbed AWOL soldiers go on killing rampage across the country in 1961
Pair dies on gallows in Kansas
truecrimelibrary: James Latham and George York
40 years later, killers’ graves still a draw
Killer’s sister: ‘In Cold Blood’ inaccurate
Murder research brings woman to Kansas

Gary York and James Latham
They were executed 6/22/1965

Parents Gone Wild! Mary Rae Morgan killed her 4-year-old stepdaughter, Michele LeAnn Morgan in 1961; 35 years later she pled guilty and sentenced to 5 years in prison

stand up for children

Michele LeAnn Morgan
Michele LeAnn Morgan

In The Arms Of The Angels: Michele LeAnn Morgan
Unforgotten Children: Michele LeAnn Morgan
After 35 Years, Stepmother Charged In Murder Of Girl, 4
A Stepmother Faces Charges In 1961 Death
Woman waives extradition in murder case
Step-daughter died in 1961 Scots mother admits killing child
Uncovering Answers in Child’s Death
Wikipedia: Murder of Michele LeAnn Morgan
Cold Case Files – Through the Eyes of a Child; The Killer Next Door (transcripts)

Cold Case Files: Through Eyes of a Child

Betty Williams murder 3/20/1961 Odessa, TX *Infamous ‘Kiss and Kill’ murder – Boyfriend Mack Herring said she asked him to kill her, he did and was acquitted at trial due to temporary insanity*

dv awareness

Betty Williams
Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Jean Williams

Blast of shotgun kills Odessa girl
Texas Youth Admits Girl’s ‘Kiss-Murder’
Youth Says His Girl Asked, So He Killed Her
Jury Acquits Herring With ‘Insanity’ Verdict
Jury Finds Youth Insane
A Kiss Before Dying
Author revisits Odessa’s infamous ‘Kiss and Kill’ murder case
The Meaning of a Life

Washed in the Blood
Texas & Christmas: A collection of traditions, memories, and folklore

A Crime To Remember: Bye Bye Betty

Mark Herring
Mack Herring

Psycho For Love: Donnell Clyde “Spade” Cooley beat and stomped to death his wife, Ella Mae Evans


Ella Mae Evans
Ella Mae Evans

Find-A-Grave: Ella Mae Evans Cooley
Ex-Western Bandleader Arrested in Wife’s Death
Bandleader Charged In Wife’s Death
Spade Cooley convicted in wife’s murder
People v Cooley 1962 (conviction and sentence affirmed)
Heart Attack Is Fatal For ‘Spade’ Cooley
Murderpedia: Donnell Clyde Cooley
Spade Cooley held in wife’s death
Wikipedia: Spade Cooley
Biography: Spade Cooley
Find-A-Grave: Spade Cooley

L.A. Despair: A Landscape of Crimes & Bad Times

Tabloid: Fame and Misfortune

Donnell Spade Cooley
Donnell ‘Spade’ Cooley

Parents Gone Wild! Janice Summerfield confessed to killing her infant son, William Earl Summerfield III, in 1961; Could she be responsible for the deaths of 2 of her other children?

child abuse prevention

Summerfield children
William (in seat in front of Phil)
and Brenda & Beth Summerfield

After 53 years, a mom confesses: ‘I killed that baby’
Investigation underway into 1961 infant death after a mother’s confession
After mother’s confession, family awaits investigation
Mother’s remarks open probe of Michigan boy’s death in 1961
Michigan mom confesses to killing her infant son 53 years ago
53 years later, mother confesses “I killed that baby”
“I killed that baby:” Elderly woman admits to killing infant son 53 years ago, blaming it on another son

Janice Summerfield
Janice Summerfield

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