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Boyfriends From Hell: Anthony Pierson charged with the murder of 2-year-old James Lee Livesay, his girlfriends child; Faces the death penalty

James Lee Livesay
Suspect arrested, charged for death of 2-year-old boy
No bond for suspect in toddler’s murder
No bond for suspect in toddler’s murder
Dad of murdered 2-year-old says death could have been stopped
Man Could Face Death for Sycamore Township Toddler’s Death

Anthony Pierson

Trayvon Martin murder 2/26/2012 Sanford, FL*Shooter, George Zimmerman, claims self-defense, but nothing supports that; Instead, it appears to be racially motivated, but he has not been charged yet – WHY?*

Shooting mystery: Miami-Dade teen killed by a crime watch captain
Miami teen shot dead while visiting family in Central Florida
Justice for Trayvon Martin petition
Family of teen killed by neighborhood watch captain calls for answers
Lawyer: Girl on phone with Trayvon Martin cuts shooter’s self-defense claim
Sanford chief: Shooting death of Miami teen turned over to state attorney
Grand jury to probe Trayvon Martin killing
Self-defense? Trayvon Martin was using cellphone, attorney says
Neighborhood watch leader may have uttered racial slur before shooting
Trayvon Martin’s shooter had a domestic violence altercation in 2005
Shooter of Trayvon Martin a habitual caller to cops
Trayvon Martin’s Killer Had Been Accused Of Violence In The Past
Trayvon Martin: Sanford to hold special meeting tonight at City Hall

George Zimmerman

Missing: Hailey Dunn Darlene from Colorado City, TX since 12/27/2010 *Human remains found near Big Spring Airport, could it be Hailey?

Hailey Dunn

Her mother’s ex-boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, is still the only person of interest in this case. And there is something very wrong here. Both Hailey’s mom, Billie Dunn, and her ex, Shawn Adkins, have moved away from Colorado City. What?? Why would a mother move away from where her child has gone missing? That does not sit right with me. If these remains are Hailey’s, what will happen? Will Billie suddenly come back and be the grieving mother? I would not put any stock into whatever grieving she thinks she is doing. She abandoned her child while she was missing. No real mother would do that. OK, let me add, when the time has been so short. Billie moved from there before her daughter was missing for even a year! Just a few months. Now, if Billie Dunn had protected Hailey half as much as she protected her “boyfriend”, a man her daughter was afraid of (both Dunn & Adkins failed polygraph tests), maybe Hailey would be home, safe and sound.

Help Find Hailey Dunn – Missing From Texas
FBI Missing Poster
Hailey Dunn has not been kidnapped, but she’s missing
Missing Texas Girl Hailey Dunn ‘Scared’ of Shawn Adkins
Documents Point To Mother, Boyfriend In Hailey Dunn’s Disappearance
Investigation narrows in case of missing Texas cheerleader
Officials believe Hailey Dunn is dead, change reward scope
Hailey Dunn’s Mother, Billie, Gets Probation – And Moves 250 Miles Away
Hailey Dunn still missing after one year
Searchers Come Together to Search for Missing Colorado City Teen
Hailey Dunn Missing: Possible Remains of Texas Teen Cheerleader Found
Skeletal Remains Found: Could it be Hailey Dunn?
Source: Big Spring Remains Likely Hailey Dunn’s
Remains found in Big Spring may be those of Hailey Dunn
Where Are Hailey Dunn’s Parents? Billie Jean Returns, Clint Working Off-Shore
Breaking News: Remains found on March 16 have been identified as 13-year-old Hailey Darlene Dunn – now, who killed her?

Billie Dunn                        Shawn Adkins

Crawford County, MO triple murder-suicide

Adewunmi family

Christine Adewunmi, 3
Lauren Adewunmi, 8
Samantha Adewunmi, 6
Kate Adewunmi, 3

Police investigate shooting deaths of mom and 3 daughters as possible triple murder-suicide
Four victims identified in shooting at eastern Missouri campground
UPDATE: Missouri Campground Deaths Identified
Husband Fearful Wife Was Suicidal Before Murder-Suicide
Mo. mom suspected in children’s deaths at campground was depressed, family says

Missing: Samantha Koenig from Anchorage, AK since 2/1/2012

Samantha Koenig

Arrest made in case of missing Alaska barista Samantha Koenig, police say
Search for Koenig continues a month after her abduction
Search for Koenig continues a month after her abduction
“Samstock” Raises Money For Koenig’s Reward Fund
Koenig Family Hopes New Flyers Will Gather Fresh Information on Keyes
Samantha Koenig Case: Who is Israel Keyes? – Man Arrested in Texas
Arrest made in Texas in disappearance of barista
Arrest Made in Missing Anchorage Barista Case
Koenig Boyfriend Responds To Keyes Arrest
News Archive: Suspected Serial Killer Israel Keyes

Israel Keyes

Oral “Buddy” Alfred Stuart Jr. murder 11/10/1974 (approximately) Long Beach, CA *ID’d after 37 years, cold case reclassified as homicide*

Oral “Buddy” Alfred Stuart Jr.

It is very sad that this man, Oral Stuart Jr. was not identified for 37 years, especially since he was identified with technology available in 1974 when he was found. That is right, not new technology like DNA, but technology available when his body was found. Due to this, he was listed as a deserter for the US Marines. Right now, it has been suggested that he was possibly the victim of serial killer Randy Kraft, but I think that is just one theory at this point. I hope they are able to figure it out.

‘John Doe’ found naked and murdered in 1974 ID’d after 37 years as Marine branded as deserter
After 37 years, Long Beach slaying victim ID’d as Marine
1974 Cold Case Victim Identified As Marine Stationed At Camp Pendleton
Camp Pendleton Marine Declared AWOL in 1974 Was Murder Victim
Is serial killer to blame for Marine’s 1974 death in Long Beach?

Boyfriends From Hell: Ryan Welch charged with the stabbing death of girlfriend, Jessica Ann Pripstein

Jessica Ann Pripstein

Jessica Ann Pripstein remembered
Slaying victim Jessica Ann Pripstein recalled at vigil as kind, funny, generous
Murder of Easthampton resident Jessica Pripstein stuns her former employer
Court documents: Ryan Welch and Jessica Ann Pripstein seen arguing just before she was killed in Easthampton
Murder suspect expected in court
Ryan Welch, charged with murdering Jessica Pripstein in Easthampton, moved from hospital
No bail for Easthampton murder suspect
DA: Easthampton homicide victim Jessica Pripstein died from ‘sharp force injury to the neck’
Ryan D. Welch pleads not guilty to murder in death of Jessica Ann Pripstein

Ryan Welch


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