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Psycho For Love: Joseph Pikul killed his wife, Diane, after she found out he was a cross-dresser and he worried she would tell family court


Diane Pikul
Diane Pikul

Find-A-Grave: Diane Jackson Whitmroe Pikul
Head injuries, strangulation caused death of Diane Pikul
Accused wife killer fights to keepkids
Testimony Opens in Murder Trial of Stock Analyst
Tears come during Pikul murder trial
Pikul murder trial continues
A Phone Call Ends Custody For A Father
Wife Killer Dies While He Waits For Prison Term
The Wall Street Analyst, A Bitter Divorce, and The Murder of Diane Pikul (great article)
Conviction Is Vacated In Pikul Murder Case
Matter of Pikul 1993

Deadly Masquerade (good book)
Marrying the Hangman: A True Story of Privilege, Marriage and Murder

The 1980s – Deadliest Decade: The Black Monday Murder
Dominick Dunne’s Power, Privilege and Justice: Mystery in the Hamptons
My Dirty Little Secret: Behind Closed Doors

Joseph Pikul
Joseph Pikul


Psycho For Love: Michael Douglas charged with the murder of girlfriend, Rockelle Harper


Baltimore woman fatally shot in face in domestic dispute
Mann Arrested Sunday After Domestic Dispute
Murder Ink: Sunday, Feb. 3



Last Name: DOUGLAS
First Name: MICHAEL
Date of Birth: 08/10/1984
Holding Facility: Baltimore City Detention Center
Address: 401 E. Eager St., Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: 410-209-4290

Update: Phylicia Simone Barnes murder * Michael Maurice Johnson trial has begun; Jury is now deliberating*

Phylicia Simone Barnes

Live updates from the trial in the Phylicia Barnes case
Phylicia Barnes sex tape may be played publicly at murder trial
News Archive: Phylicia Simone Barnes murder
Prosecutors say sex video includes Phylicia Barnes
Defense claims man saw Phylicia Barnes alive in Cecil Co
Trial in Phylicia Barnes case set to start
Tearful Deena Barnes describes day Phylicia went missing
Accused Barnes killer speaks in tape made days after disappearance
Jury hears Barnes’ alleged killer talk of fleeing country
Witness testifies that he saw Phylicia Barnes’ body
Judge concerned about evidence in Phylicia Barnes case
Jurors begin deliberating in Phylicia Barnes murder trial
Barnes jury re-watches controversial tape, continues deliberations

MichaelJohnson jail mug
Michael Maurice Johnson

Guest Post: Free giffgaff SIMs offer viable alternative to fixed-length contracts – for UK (not crime related)


Free giffgaff SIMs offer viable alternative to fixed-length contracts

Using your mobile phone to its full potential needn’t be expensive, but in many cases it is. On average, people overpay for services that they don’t end up using to the tune of around £195 per year, according to a 2011 survey conducted by the Oxford-based BillMonitor. And even if they realise they are doing it, there is nothing that they can do about it until their contract is up for renewal.

giffgaff, a UK mobile operator that makes use of O2’s network, offers an interesting alternative to this model, in the form of SIM-only deals that don’t tie you in for any length of time. This means that you can change your tariff on a month to month basis, and that there is no charge if you want to stop using the network. To order one of their SIMs for free today, and find out all about their great value monthly bundles, visit the giffgaff website.

With a giffgaff SIM in your phone, you can make UK calls for as little as 10p per minute – that’s 15p cheaper than the nearest competitor – and send texts for just 6p each. In addition, you can also access the mobile internet for just 20p a day, which is a lot cheaper than an Americano at your nearest Wi-Fi café.

While this puts them ahead of the pay-as-you-go pack, it is really the inexpensive monthly bundles that offer the best value. For just £5 a month, you can enjoy unlimited texts and free calls to other giffgaff mobiles. And for £12, they’ll give you unlimited internet and texts along with 250 free UK minutes. For those that use their phone to make a lot of outgoing calls, you can get versions of this same deal with more free minutes, with the premium £25 bundle giving a colossal 25 hours worth of free voice calls to UK numbers per month.

If you find that you need to upgrade your package, then you can simply switch to a more expensive tariff next month, and if you think that you are paying for more than you need, then you could just cut down to a cheaper tariff. With automatic payments set up, and an inclusive bundle in place, your phone will behave exactly as if it were on a contract, which means that you can use it whenever you want to. The upshot of all this is that you don’t need to lock yourself into a restrictive contract to enjoy the savings and convenience of a contract phone.

advertorial pic

Murder In The Family: Brandon Scott Knuckles a person of interest in the murder of his mother, Marjorie Knuckles, whose body was found in a trash can


Marjorie Knuckles
Marjorie Knuckles

**Update**Brandon Scott Knuckles has been charged with Marjorie Knuckles murder. He has also allegedly confessed to her murder.

Body of S.C. woman found in trash can
Gaffney Woman’s Body Found In Trash Can; Person Of Interest In Custody
Investigators: SC woman’s body found stuffed in trash can
Son questioned after mother found dead in trash can
Coroner: 78-year-old woman killed, body left in trash can behind house
Coroner: Woman found dead in trash can was beaten, strangled
Gaffney Police Charge Brandon Knuckles In Murder Of His Mother
Police Say Son Confesses to Trash Bin Murder

Brandon Scott Knuckles
Brandon Scott Knuckles

Genelle Conway-Allen murder 1/31/2013 Fairfield, CA *Teen found strangled in Allan Witt Park*

Genelle Conway-Allen
Genelle Conway-Allen

I have also seen her name as Janelle Allen.

Missing Teen Found Strangled To Death In Park (EXCELLENT article, more details)
Teen Girl Found Dead in Park
Fairfield police investigate girl’s death
Teen Found Dead: Witnesses Come Forward, Cops Check Park Surveillance
Fairfield police canvassing area where girl was found dead
Fairfield Girl Dead
Mourners Gather for Teen Found Dead in Fairfield
Autopsy performed on body of girl found dead in Fairfield park
Police Confirm Identity Of Girl Found Dead In Fairfield Park
News Archive: Genelle Conway-Allen murder

Allan Witt Park in Fairfield
Allan Witt Park

Breaking News: FBI rescued 5-year-old Ethan, the child hostage safely, but abductor Jimmy Lee Dykes is now dead, hostage situation over in Alabama; Bus driver Charles Albert Poland Jr. shot & killed trying to protect children on the bus

Charles Albert Poland Jr
Bus driver Charles Albert Poland Jr

5-year-old Ethan was rescued today when the FBI stormed the bunker where Jimmy Lee Dykes has held him for 7 days, after killing bus driver Charles Albert Poland, Jr. Ethan is safe and will get to spend his birthday with his family! A wonderful ending for this family. Jimmy Lee Dykes, however, is dead, but it has not been said how he died.

Slain Bus Driver Raised in Idaho Was Sister’s Hero
Alabama mourns school bus driver; town prays for gunman to release boy
Escambia bus drivers attend funeral of slain Ala. peer Charles Albert Poland Jr.
Casket of Charles Albert Poland Jr taken to Ozark Civic Center
Residents near Alabama hostage standoff pray, cook and provide comfort
Details emerge about man at center of Ala standoff
Hostage situation over – Child is OK
Boy in center of Alabama hostage standoff released, abductor dead
Ala. hostage situation: Fearing child was in danger, officials stormed bunker
Alabama Hostage Standoff Over: Jimmy Lee Dykes Dead, Child Safe
Alabama Standoff Update: Boy, 5, safe, kidnapper dead, in raid on Ala. bunker, FBI says
Pictures, Video & Links: Midland City school bus shooting and hostage standoff
FBI: Ethan removed in raid of bunker that ended Midland City hostage crisis; neighbor reports hearing explosion, gunfire
Ethan safe after FBI rescue, Alabama hostage standoff in Midland City ends

Jimmy Lee Dykes
Jimmy Lee Dykes

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