The kidnapping and torture of Christine Aragao and her 2 sons; Five men convicted, sentenced to federal prison*

16425 Collins Ave Sunny Isles Beach, FL

Brazilian businessman’s sons, wife rescued from kid
Teen held in abduction of woman, two children
Woman Charged In Abduction
Kidnappers Guilty In Sunny Isles Case
Siblings plead guilty in Miami abduction of Brazilian family
Kidnapper Praises Victim, Gets Life
US v Ferreira, Caraballo-Martinez, and Martinez 2001
US v Ewin Oscar Martinez 2007
US v Edgar Alexander Torrealba 2003
Court upholds 23-year prison sentence in Miami kidnapping

FBI: Criminal Pursuit: Unholy Season

Jean Carlo Ferreira, 22 – convicted; sentenced to life in federal prison
Ewin Oscar Martinez, 46 – convicted; sentenced to life in federal prison
Pedro Rafael Caraballo-Martinez, 20 – convicted; sentenced to life in federal prison
Adda Torrealba, 19 – pled guilty; sentenced to 16 years in prison
Edgar Torrealba, 20 – pled guilty; sentenced to 23 years in prison


Register#: 60135-004
Age-Race-Sex: 35-White-M
Release Date: LIFE


Register#: 60137-004
Age-Race-Sex: 59-White-M
Release Date: LIFE


Register#: 60136-004
Age-Race-Sex: 32-White-M
Release Date: LIFE
Location: LEE USP


Register#: 61932-004
Age-Race-Sex: 31-White-F
Release Date: 07-27-2015


Register#: 66367-004
Age-Race-Sex: 33-White-M
Release Date: 05-22-2021


Update: Dania Rosiles murder *Juan Pablo Aguilar-Rivera pled guilty; sentenced to 5 years to life in prison*

Dania Rosiles

As I know this will come up, he did not get sentenced to just 5 years in prison. It is 5 years minimum up to life. I certainly do not hope he gets out in five years, and he won’t if he does not take responsibility. He is still claiming to be innocent. But he did tell detectives that he punched the little girl and Dania’s brother witnessed the attack.

Boyfriends From Hell: Juan Pablo Rivera-Aguilar beat his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter to death
Man sentenced for killing toddler, family claims innocence
Judge doesn’t buy explanation, sends man to prison for killing 2-year-old girl
Man gets 5 to life in death of girlfriend’s child
Man gets 5 to life in death of girlfriend’s child

Sex: M
Age: 32
Height: 507
Weight: 210
Hair Color: BLACK
Eye Color: BROWN
Inmate Information
Booking #: 11034149 SO#: 215974
State ID: 462077 FBI: 977639DB1
Citizen: MEXICO

Incarceration Information
Current Location: MAIN County: SALT LAKE
Current Housing Section: 05 Current Housing Block: C
Current Housing Cell: 25 Current Housing Bed: A
Booked Date: 07/06/2011 Release Date:
Alias Information

Detainer Information
There is no detainer information for this inmate.

Bond Information
Case #: Amount: $0.00 Status: Open Posted By: Post Date: 07/06/2011
Case #: Amount: $0.00 Status: Open Posted By: Post Date:
Case #: 011404042 Amount: $201.00 Status: Paid Posted By: Post Date: 07/06/2011

Charge Information
Case # Offense Date Code Description Grade Degree
07/06/2011 76.8.309.5.2.ii Hold for (specify jurisdiction or judge) F 3
07/06/2011 76.5.109 Physical Endangerment of a Child/Reckless F 2
07/06/2011 Domestic violence in presence of child M B
07/06/2011 76.5.109 Physical Endangerment of a Child/Reckless F 3
011404042 07/06/2011 23.13.11 Wildlife Violations M B

Guest Post: Common Home Invasions and How to Prevent Them

Common Home Invasions and How to Prevent Them

A home invasion occurs when a stranger enters your home without your permission when you are in it. Invasions are more frightening than burglaries, as your safety and the safety of your family is put at risk. Invaders use several methods to get into your home. Always be alert and on your guard, especially at night, when most invasions happen.

Coming to the Door

One method invaders use to get into your house is simply ringing the doorbell or knocking on the door. When you open the door, they push their way inside. In some cases, invaders will use a decoy, such as a woman or girl, who will ring the bell while the others hide in a car or behind a bush. Also, sometimes invaders pretend to be cable repairmen, police officers or they act like they are delivering pizza.

Prevention Tips:
*Be cautious about opening up the door at night or if you are home alone, especially if you are a woman.
* Do not open the door if you are not expecting anyone. Even if you have a chain lock, an intruder can push the door the rest of the way open once you have opened it slightly.
*Consider installing a peephole on the door if you do not have one. Always look through the peephole when someone knocks or rings the bell. Don’t open it if you do not recognize the person on the other side or if no one is standing in front of the door.

Walking Through an Unlocked Door

Unlocked doors make a home invasion all too easy. An invader simply has to turn the knob and walk in. If you stash a spare house key under a flower pot or under the door mat, an invader can easily find it and use it to open the door.

Prevention Tips:
*Lock all of the doors to the house, even in the daytime or when you are at home.
*Never leave a spare key in an open area, even if you think it is hidden. Instead, give the key to a trusted neighbor or leave it with a family member who lives nearby.
*If people are working on your house (such as construction workers or the gardener), check to make sure everything is locked after they leave. In many cases, a home invader is someone who has been to your house before. They may unlock a back door or a window so they can get in easily later.

Picking a Lock or Breaking Down a Door

Some locks are easier to break into than others. It does not take much skill for an invader to jimmy a lock on your front or back door or to break the lock on a window. Even if a chain lock is in place, they can force it open once they have picked the lock on the knob.

Another common method of entering a home is by breaking down the door. For example, hollow doors can be broken easily and doors with glass panel are easy to shatter.

Prevention Tips:
*Invest in a solid door, which is more difficult to break than a hollow door. If you want glass panes, look for a door that has reinforced glass or glass that has ironwork embedded into it.
*Install a dead bolt lock that needs a key for entry on either side of the door. Choose a lock that is pick and bump-proof so that an invader cannot open it without the key.

Going Through the Garage

If a garage door is open and the garage is attached to the house, some invaders use that as their entryway. A garage invasion is very frightening, as suddenly a stranger is in your house. Some invaders will follow your car home and enter the garage as you exit the car.

Prevention Tips:
*Always keep the garage door closed, even if you are working in your front or back yard.
*Close the garage door as soon as you pull into it in your car. Scan the garage to make sure no one is in there before you get out of the car.
*Always lock the door that leads from the garage into your home.

While home invasions happen everyday across the country, you do not have to be a victim. Practice common sense and preventative measures to keep strangers out of your home. Always remain alert, even when you are relaxing at home.

About the Author: Allen writes about home security and other topics. You can reach him on Google+.

News Archive: Sierra LeMar murder

Sierra LaMar

Missing: Sierra LaMar from Morgan Hill, CA since 3/16/2012 *Items of interest found; Believed to have been abducted
Update: Sierra LaMar disappearance *Antolin Garcia-Torres taken into custody for her murder and kidnapping*
Update: Sierra LaMar murder *Antolin Garcia-Torres indicted for her kidnapping and murder*


Antolin Garcia-Torres

First Name: ANTOLIN
Middle Name: TORRES
Last Name: GARCIA
CEN: 12022749
Housing Facility: DOC INTAKE
Sex: M
Bail Amount: No Bail Allowed
Booking Date: 05/21/2012

Update: Sierra LaMar disappearance *Antolin Garcia-Torres taken into custody for her murder and kidnapping*

Sierra LaMar

News Archive: Sierra LeMar murder
Morgan Hill Man, 21, Arrested in Sierra LaMar Case
Suspect taken into custody in Sierra La Mar case
Authorities announce arrest in Sierra LaMar disappearance
Report: Arrest Made in Sierra Lamar’s Disappearance
The search for Sierra LaMar


First Name: ANTOLIN
Middle Name: TORRES
Last Name: GARCIA
CEN: 12022749
Housing Facility: DOC INTAKE
Sex: M
Bail Amount: No Bail Allowed
Booking Date: 05/21/2012

Boyfriends From Hell: Stephan Perebeynos charged with severly beating his girlfriend’s 18-month-old son and hurting a 2-year-old child as well; Bail set at $5 million*

Mikai and Tyrone Hampton

Missing Fircrest boy turns up at hospital with serious injuries
18mo Found Beaten, 3yo Injured, Mom’s Boyfriend Stephan Perebeynos Arrested
Man accused of beating 18-month-old, 3-year-old, charged with child assault
Father of beaten boys says he tried to get them out of ‘bad situation’
Russian citizen accused of abusing Fircrest boys could flee, prosecutors say
Bail set at $5 million for accused child abuser

Stephan Perebeynos

Ronnie Robinson murder November 1990 *Eugene Washington convicted of beating Ronnie to death with a hammer, now up for parole*

Ronnie Robinson

I could not find anything on this murder, however, it was heinous. Eugene Washington had assaulted his ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Johnson, who filed charges against him. While he was in jail, Gene Washington called and threatened to kill her and her new boyfriend, Ronnie Robinson. The judge, Judge Gilbert Bettman. I do not know if he was aware of the threats or not, however, he released Washington on an OR bond. That very night he went to their home and beat Ronnie to death with a hammer. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Now, the Ohio Parole Board has granted him a parole date of May 29. Prosecuting Attorney Joe Deters is protesting this. So far, I can’t find any updates, but will keep looking. *UPDATE* 5/29/2012 – Eugene Washington’s parole has been stopped. I am not sure what will happen, but I will check on it *UPDATE* 9/7/2012 – Eugene Washington was denied parole and has a new parole hearing June 2017.

I urge everyone to send the Parole Board a letter protesting his release. Maybe if their office is flooded, they will reconsider. Even the prosecutor believes that he is still dangerous, especially to Kimberly Johnson. She should not have to have this fear in her life again. A sample letter is below, under the INMATE INFORMATION that you can use every time he is up for parole.

Prosecutors Fight Against Parole For Hammer Murder Suspect
Sample parole letter



Number: A248619
DOB: 08/19/1962
Gender: Male
Race: Black
Admission Date: 09/30/1991
Institution: Chillicothe Correctional Institution
Offense Information
ESCAPE Counts: 1 ORC: 2921.34 3
Committing County: HAMILTON Admission Date: 09/30/1991 Degree of Felony: Fourth
MURDER Counts: 1 ORC: 2903.02 3
Committing County: HAMILTON Admission Date: 09/30/1991 Degree of Felony: MR

Sentence Information
Indefinite Sentence Min: 16 years and 6 months
Indefinite Sentence Max: Life Sentence
Expiration of Max Sentence: 01/01/8888

Parole Hearing Information
Next Parole Board Hearing/Review Month: April 201
Latest Parole Board Hearing/Review Type & Results: CONTINUED/PAROLE-MAJ VOTE
POA/PRD Date: 05/29/2012
Supervision Start Date: 06/11/2012

Email addresses:
Prosecutor Joseph Deter
Fax: (513) 946-3100

Here is a sample letter, one that I personally used.

Cynthia B. Mausser, Chairperson
Board of Parole Hearings
770 West Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43222

Ms. Mausser and Members of the Ohio Board of Parole Hearings:

* * * Confidential * * *
Re: Parole Hearing Planned for Eugene Washington, Inmate # A248619
Please DO NOT grant parole to Eugene Washington, Inmae # A248619. As a concerned citizen, I am writing to protest the projected parole of this convicted murderer.

In November 1990, Washington was facing a domestic violence charge filed by ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Johnson. While in jail, Washington called and threatened to kill both Kimberly and Ronnie. When he went to court, Judge Gilbert Bettman released him on OR bond. That very night Washington went to their home and he beat Ronnie Robinson to death with a hammer.

The heinous nature of the murder of Ronnie Robinson, the multiple crimes committed and his past history of violent crimes should preclude any consideration of parole for Eugene Washington. His actions have shown that he is extremely volatile and that he has no regard for human life. For this heinous crime, Washington was sentenced to 16 years to Life in prison but he sentenced the Robinson family and friends to a lifetime of grief and sorrow.

In the interests of justice, public safety, and to lessen the emotional trauma for the victim’s family, please consider giving Washington a three year set off before any future parole reviews.

Thank you for your consideration,
____________________________________________________ Date____________________
City _______________________________________ State ___________ Zip _________


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