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Susann Smith murder 2/12/2013 Bothell, WA *Husband, Alan Justin Smith, has been named as a suspect*

Susann Smith
Susann Smith

Investigation continues in death of Bothell woman
Murdered Bothell Women and Husband Reportedly in Bitter Custody Battle
Investigation of Bothell mother’s murder centers around bicycle
Alan Smith named suspect in murder Suspect in wife’s murder denies any role in the killing of estranged wife
Husband of murdered Bothell mother arrested after police serve search warrant
Husband now murder suspect in killing of Bothell woman
Judge orders Bothell murder suspect to hand over passport
News Archive: Susann Smith murder

200 block of 240th St. S.W. in Bothell
200 block of 240th St. S.W. in Bothell

Did a Catholic priest, John Feit, kill 20-year-old Irene Garza? Evidence points to him…

Irene Garza 1960
Irene Garza

Timeline: The killing of Irene Garza
Police: Evidence in killing of former beauty queen points to ex-priest
Police Quiz Suspects In Murder Probe
Hunted Priest ‘Can’t Flee’
Coed Names Priest, 27, In Assault
Priest Faces Rape Charge; Murder Inquiry
50 years after Irene Garza was murdered, her family still hopes for justice
Altar Ego
New hope for family seeking justice
Retired priest denies role in 1960 slaying
Monk: I Helped Church Shield Priest Who Killed Parishioner
The Last Confession Altar Ego
The 81-year-old grandfather who was once a priest before being exiled after he was accused of murder of beauty queen 53 years ago – and the victim’s family still claim he did it

48 Hours: The Last Confession
Beauty Queen Murders: Sins of the Father

John Feit 1960 and 2007
John Feit

Arla “Caroline” Christensen murder 6/20/2013 Sandy, UT *Granddaughter’s husband, Kevin Cuillard, arrested for her murder*


Man alledgedly beat grandmother to death in Sandy home
Police: Sandy woman beaten to death with golf club
Sandy man beat his wife’s grandmother to death with a golf club, police say
85-Year-Old Woman Beaten To Death In Sandy
Sandy woman allegedly murdered by grandson-in-law


Kevin Cuillard

Sex: M
Age: 41
Height: 509
Weight: 190
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: BROWN

Inmate Information
Booking #: 13031178
SO#: 367541
State ID:
COB: California

Incarceration Information
Current Location: MAIN
Current Housing Section: HS
Current Housing Block: HS
Current Housing Cell: 52
Current Housing Bed: B
Booked Date: 06/21/2013
Release Date:

Alias Information
There are no aliases for this inmate.

Bond Information
Case #:
Amount: $0.00
Status: Open
Posted By:
Post Date:

Charge Information
Case #
Offense Date 06/21/2013
Code 76.5.203
Description Homicide/Murder
Grade F
Degree 1

Guest Post: Offset Umbrella – Not just for your patio

Offset Umbrella-Not just for your patio

Offset umbrellas not just for your patio

Offset Patio Umbrella Offers More than Just Shade
Enjoying your patio or backyard is important for any homeowner. You don’t just want your backyard or patio to be a place to relax at, but a place that enhances your personality. If your backyard or patio is screaming for an update, then now is the time to do it. You can turn your outdoor space into a space of beauty along with a place to entertain, relax and be an all-around multi-function outdoor space.
Start off with your offset patio umbrella and work off of it to add life to your outdoor space. Use your patio umbrella for your focal point, then work off of that to create an oasis. Your umbrella can offer more than just shade for your patio.

Select the size
Patio umbrellas come in all sizes and shapes. Gone are the days that you had to choose the ordinary round umbrella that goes in the middle of a patio table. The offset umbrellas design allow for a conversation at your patio table without having to look around a patio pole. The most purchased size in patio umbrellas is the 9 foot. This gives an excellent shading from the sun as well as keeps rain drops from stopping entertainment. Add character with the shape. You can go with a rectangle or round shape. Choose a style that you want your outdoor space to represent.

Pick a color
Select a color for your umbrella. This is the start to creating your backyard retreat. The color that you want should be one that you can incorporate fabrics with. You want it to match your patio furniture. A nice red will bring a bold fresh color that you can work around. It can match all types of furniture and looks great around a table or dining set. You can also choose a soft tan that matches any décor.

Patio table
The patio table has improved over years. Years ago the only kind of patio table you could get for your patio was the picnic table. They were uncomfortable and unsightly, then the round patio table became the choice for tables. There are so many designs available now for a patio table. You can choose from a rectangle glass, round, square and even a sleek modern table. Bring your personality to your outdoor space with your table. Vision how you want your table to represent your space. Choose a nice centerpiece for your table that will work with your umbrella.

In your seating not only do you want comfort, but you also want your seating to make a statement. Add fabrics to your seating that will go along with the color you have choose for the umbrella. Add stripes to throw pillow to enhance the furniture. A nice loveseat with throw pillows brings invitation to any patio and enhances your space.
Plants and flowers accent any outdoor patio. Beautiful blooms not only makes the space welcoming, but the natural scent that flowers bring is an added bonus for your space. Choose many types and colors with you flowers and plants and place them all around the deck. A tomato plant adds character as well. These are excellent ways to decorate and grow some vegetables.
Don’t think of your patio umbrella as a shading feature, but use it to be your focal point. Incorporate the umbrella into the design and décor. You can find many patio umbrellas at TheLAShop.

Organized Crime – Chicago Outfit: Richard Cain, made man of the Chicago Outfit, shot to death at Rose’s Sandwich Shop in Chicago

Richard Cain
Richard Cain

Find-A-Grave: Richard Cain
Consider theories about slaying
Murder remains a mystery
Wikipedia: Richard Cain
Spartacus Educa

The Tangled Web: The Life and Death of Richard Cain – Chicago Cop and Mafia Hitman

Judith Rolfe murder 1/19/2013 Nashua, NH *Brother, Duane Rolfe, charged with her murder*

8 Belmont St Nashua NH
8 Belmont St Nashua NH

Brother Charged in Murder of Sister on Belmont Street
Duane Rolfe Indicted for First-Degree Murder of Sister
Attorney May Seek Insanity Plea in Rolfe Murder Case
Duane Rolfe arraigned on first-degree murder charges in beating death of his sister, insanity defense considered
Insanity defense may be used in Nashua murder trial
Psychiatrist: Rolfe was psychotic when he bludgeoned his sister to death

Duane Rolfe
Duane Rolfe

William and Eleanor Grant murders 6/17/2013 Nashua, NH *Couple found stabbed to death in their home*

37 Newbury St. Nashua NH
37 Newbury St. Nashua NH

‘Suspicious Death’ Investigation at Newbury Street Home
Double Homicide: Couple Died of Stab Wounds
Elderly Nashua couple died of stab wounds; police rule deaths homicides
Elderly Nashua couple were stabbed to death
Elderly Nashua couple died of stab wounds
Nashua couple died of stab wounds
Nashua neighborhood shaken by elderly couple’s murder


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