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    June 26: 1997: Betsy Nutt, 41, and her son Cody, 15, were shot to death execution style in their Refugio, TX home. Jermaine Herron and Derrick Wayne Frazier were both convicted and executed for their murders.

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Deadly Wives: Pamela Sanders Williams Lanier poisoned her husband, Ivy Dorian Lanier for the insurance money; Sentenced to LWOP

DV 2014Summarized only to the extent required to discuss the assignments of error brought forward on appeal, the evidence presented at defendant’s trial tended to show that she and Dorian Lanier were married in 1993 and lived near Chinquapin.   Dorian and defendant had a contract to grow turkeys for Nash Johnson and Son Farms.   Dorian used a turkey medication called Nitro-3 on his turkeys, which was administered through the turkeys’ water supply.   Dorian had a proportional medication system between his house and his turkey houses, where Nitro-3 was mixed with water in a bucket called a proportioner;  the mixture then ran through a water hose to the turkey house.   The hose had a bypass valve that allowed one to draw fresh water, without Nitro-3, out of the hose.   Nitro-3 contains arsenic and stains yellow any object with which it comes in contact.

The evidence showed that Dorian hurt his leg while operating his bulldozer the first week in September 1997, after which his health began to decline, and his behavior changed as well.   Alli Bradshaw (“Bradshaw”), a family friend, testified that she lived with defendant and Dorian from September until 4 November 1997.   Bradshaw testified that during that period, Dorian was frequently bedridden and delirious, lying in his bed naked.   On other occasions, Dorian sat in his recliner and was too weak to cross his legs.   Bradshaw described one incident when Dorian was bedridden for three days, unable to move or talk and had soiled the bed.   Dorian ate only melted ice cream during this period, which defendant fed him from her fingers.   On another occasion in late September, Dorian returned home and fell out of his truck onto the driveway where he lay, “acting like a zombie.”   Dorian had diarrhea and “messed up his pants” before defendant could get him inside the house.

Several witnesses testified that defendant tried to prevent family and friends from seeing Dorian while he was ill.   Defendant became furious when anyone asked her to take Dorian to the doctor, even though he was ill and was not eating.   Numerous witnesses documented that Dorian did not like doctors and did not want to go to the doctor, relying instead on defendant to “doctor” him.   Defendant often opened up capsules which she said were antibiotics and poured them into Dorian’s soft drinks;  she also administered injections of Phenergan and Nubain.  Phenergan is used to reduce nausea and vomiting;  Nubain is a painkiller, sufficient quantities of which will put a person into a stupor.   Despite his illness, Dorian received professional medical care only sporadically between September and his death in November.

The evidence also showed that defendant suffered from numerous medical problems in 1997, including migraine headaches.   She had sores on her buttocks, which she thought were shingles, and frequently showed the sores to other people.   As a result of her illnesses, defendant used a lot of medication, including Nubain and Phenergan.   Over a four-year period ending in 1998, defendant purchased over $10,000 worth of prescription medication from the Kenansville Drug Store.   She also went to an urgent care clinic as often as three days each week to get shots of Phenergan and Nubain until January 1997.   Defendant had no insurance to cover her medical expenses.

Dr. Richard Jordan first treated Dorian on 14 September 1997, when Dorian complained of a bitter taste in his mouth.   When Dorian came in for an office visit on 27 September 1997 he was delirious and sick.   Despite his declining health, Dorian Lanier did not see a doctor until 13 November 1997.   During this doctor’s appointment on 13 November 1997, Dorian was in terrible pain and his cognitive function was impaired.   Defendant stated that she had been giving Dorian injections of Phenergan, which the nurse instructed defendant to stop doing so that an upcoming diagnostic test would give accurate results.   Despite this advice, defendant continued giving Dorian injections of Phenergan.

Dorian saw Dr. Jordan on 17 November 1997 with symptoms of nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.   He had lost 21 pounds since his office visit on 27 September.   Dorian was disoriented and could hardly walk or talk.   Dr. Jordan instructed defendant to take Dorian to the emergency room immediately because he thought Dorian was on the verge of death.   Defendant took Dorian to the emergency room, but did not stay for treatment.

Because Dorian’s condition was worsening, he was unable to complete the diagnostic test scheduled for 18 November 1997.   Defendant called the doctor’s office on 19 November and stated that Dorian was nauseated, moaning in pain and vomiting.   Defendant did not follow instructions to take Dorian Lanier to the emergency room immediately and continued to care for him at home.

Jackie Hatcher, a family friend, visited Dorian on the afternoon of 19 November 1997, to find him “wobbling” with orange skin.   Hatcher insisted on taking him to the hospital and went to find help to carry Dorian to his truck.   Defendant was preparing Pedialyte for Dorian to drink and checking his blood pressure.   When Hatcher returned to the house, Dorian had a seizure and Hatcher told defendant to call 911.

Dorian arrived at the emergency room by ambulance at 6:25 p.m. He was vomiting, weak, and his skin looked orange.   After a short time, Dorian began vomiting undigested food and a red liquid that smelled like alcohol.   Efforts to resuscitate Dorian were unsuccessful and he died at 10:57 p.m.

Murder suspect surrenders to court
State of North Carolina v Pamela Sanders Lanier 2004
Excerpt from “Deadly Dose

Deadly Women: If Looks Could Kill


PamelaLanier prison mug

Offender Number: 0745655
Inmate Status: ACTIVE
Probation/Parole/Post Release Status: INACTIVE
Gender: FEMALE
Birth Date: 11/09/1955
Age: 58
Current Location: NCCI WOMEN


Most Recent Incarceration Summary

Incarceration Status: ACTIVE
Total Incarceration Term: LIFE
Conviction Date: 11/29/2001
Projected Release Date: LIFE
Primary Crime Type: FELON
Special Characteristics: LIFE
Current Status: FELON
Admission Date: 11/29/2001
Admitting Location: NC CI WOMEN
Next Control Review: UNKNOWN
Custody Classification: MEDIUM
Next Custody Review: 12/01/2014
Current Location: NCCI WOMEN
Previous Location: SOUTHERN CI
Last Movement Date: 03/14/2011


Psycho For Love: Antoine Bosley Sr. charged with killing his girlfriend, Amy Ndao, and then set her body on fire

DV 2014

Amy Ndao
Amy Ndao

DUI stop leads to murder arrest
Man charged with killing girlfriend, burning body
Man arrested for killing girlfriend, burning corpse
Man accused of killing girlfriend, burning body faces judge
Suspect accused of murdering girlfriend and burning corpse arraigned
Neighbors shell-shocked after Louisville man accused of killing girlfriend, then torching body
New details about murder case revealed
LMPD Makes Arrest in Iowa Avenue Homicide

Antoine Bosley
Antoine Bosley Sr.

Samuel Del Brocco murder 9/11/2010 Miami, FL *Who killed Sam Del Brocco? Charges dropped against John Snavely*

Samuel Del Brocco
Samuel Del Brocco

Samuel F. Del Brocco obituary
Sam Del Brocco Was Found Dead In Pompano Beach Home
Who killed Sam Del Brocco? Two years later, case remains unsolved
Who Killed Sam Del Brocco?
$25,000 Murder Reward
Man Charged In 2010 Pompano Beach Murder
John Snavely arrested in St Lucie County charged in Broward County murder of Samuel Del Brocco
Arrest made in 2010 slaying in Pompano Beach
John Snavely arrested for Samuel Del Brocco slaying
Millionaire’s Murder Case Opens the Book on Flings With Male Porn Stars, Strippers
Behind the death of Alexandria’s Sam Del Brocco: the life of accused killer John Snavely
This Story About A San Antonio Stripper/Accused Murderer Is Nuts
Fla. prosecutors decline to appeal dismissal of murder case in Va. man’s slaying

Young, Hot & Crooked: Killer Looks

Tyler Burns murder 10/05/2014 Cheyenne, WY *16-year-old Phillip Sam has been charged with his murder*

remembering the victims

Cheyenne teen shot multiple times
16-year-old shooting suspect charged as adult
Shooting suspect charged as adult
Witness: Wyoming shooting victim begged for his life
Tyler Burns Murder Update
Execution-style killing
Prosecutors Charge 16 Year Old With First Degree Murder in Cheyenne Shooting

Phillip Sam
Phillip Sam

Devontavius H. McClain murder 4/20/2013 Atlanta, GA *Marquayvian Gude charged with his murder*

Devontavius McClain
Devontavius McClain

Man Found Inside Trunk Of Parked Car Identified
Missing Griffin man Devontavius McClain found dead in trunk in SW Atlanta
Missing Griffin man found in car trunk
Family of Griffin man found dead in abandoned car speaks out
Teen arrested, decomposed body found in car trunk
Arrest made in Griffin man’s death

Inside Homicide: Body in a Trunk

Marquayvian Gude
Marquayvian Gude

Nathan Edward Poellnitz murder 5/1/2013 Millvale, OH *Found shot to death, still unsolved*

Nathan Poellnitz
Nathan Edward Poellnitz

Man shot and killed in Millvale
Police ID man shot and killed in Millvale
Police identify 24-year-old found dead after North Fairmount shooting
Police ID man shot and killed in Millvale
Cincinnati homicide detectives return to TV Thursday

Inside Homicide: Body in a Trunk

Psycho For Love: Victoria Rickman charged with killing on-and-off again boyfriend, William James Carter, Jr.

DV 2014

William Carter
William James Carter, Jr.

William James Carter, Jr. obituary
SE Atlanta Man Killed to be Memorialized Saturday
No bond for Atlanta woman accused of killing ex-fiance
Atlanta woman accused of shooting, killing lover
Woman Charged in Overnight Shooting Death in Southeast Atlanta
Police: Woman fatally shot man at Clifton Road home
Woman charged with murder of acquaintance in her East Atlanta home
MHS grad’s character targeted in murder case

Inside Homicide: The Black Widow

Victoria Rickman
Victoria Rickman

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