Review: True Detective Episodes 3 & 4

true-detective-posterTrue Detective is written by Nic Pizzolatto and directed by Cary Fukunaga. It centers on two detectives, Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Martin Hart (Woody Harrelson), whose lives collide and entwine during a seventeen-year hunt for a serial killer in Louisiana. The investigation of a bizarre murder in 1995 is framed and interlaced with testimony from the detectives in 2012, when the case has been reopened.

Episode 3 starts out with Rust and Martin checking out a church that the victim went to, but it had been burned out, with painting all over it. They went to a tent revival type church where the church basically moved to. People there vaguely seemed to remember her, but not her name. In episode 3, we get to know the detectives a little bit more. Rust and Martin talk a bit about religion. It is obvious how much Rust hates religion and becomes even more negative about life and religion. Martin gets upset with Rust for bringing back his lawn mower and mowing his lawn. He starts showing his control freak side. In episode 4, they seem to make some headway with the investigation, even focusing on a suspect. However, during this time, Martin’s personal life blows up on him. For all of his preaching about how having a family is so important, Martin has a mistress, which starts to become a problem for him. His mistress goes to his home and talks to his wife and tells all. When Martin gets home, she has left him a note along with his packed suitcases.

Rust and Martin seem to have their ups and downs as partners, even showing a a bit of friendship, strained as it is. They find some common ground while working on the case, trying to find their suspect. You get to see a bit of Rust’s past undercover life, as he tries to get in with the group he infiltrated previously, where their suspect is a cook (meth). It all turns very unexpected and intense, which will change the course for Rust and Martin. But wow is it great. And I wanted more right now! Yes, I am loving this show. Great actors that make it even better!

Parents Gone Wild! Rachel Allein Fryer charged with the death of her daughter, Tariji Gordon; Police still looking for her boyfriend, Timothy Gordon

Say NO to Child Abuse

Tariji A. Gordon
Tariji Gordon

Sanford child, 2, missing; mother charged with child neglect
Sanford mother told police where she buried 2-year-old, arrest report says
Sanford police recover missing child’s body; Mother arrested
Mom of missing Sanford girl: I buried child in Putnam
Missing Toddler Found Buried In Shallow Grave
Mom of Sanford girl found in shallow grave arrested
Arrest Affidavit
Tariji Gordon,2

Fryer and Gordon
Rachel Fryer and Timothy Gordon

Ruthanne Lodato murder 2/6/2014 Alexandria, VA *Police searching for gunman who killed music teacher*

Ruthanne Lodato
Ruthanne Lodato

Mrs. Ruthanne Giammittorio Lodato obituary
Ruthanne Lodato Killed, Another Woman Wounded in Alexandria Shooting
Ruthanne Lodato killed in double shooting
Police look for gunman, clues in fatal shooting in Alexandria
Police hunt for killer who gunned down popular Virginia teacher
VA music teacher killed answering door; Suspect sought
FBI Joins Music Teacher Murder Investigation, Vets Tips
Alexandria Police have released suspect sketch in fatal shooting of music teacher Ruthanne Lodato

suspect sketch
Sketch of suspect

Update: Darlene Hayes murder *Julie Corey trial – Closing arguments will begin tomorrow morning*

Darlene Haynes2
Darlene Haynes

News Archive: Darlene Hayes murder
Julie Corey was 30 weeks pregnant before fetal abduction killing
Julie Corey trial: Phone records say Corey called boyfriend Alex Dion from victim’s phone
Julie Corey trial: 11 things we learned in the first week
Julie Corey trial: Thoroughness of police investigation questioned
Police case targeted by Julie Corey’s legal defense team
Defense rests in cut-from-womb trial

Frenemies: Mommy Dearest


Julie Corey

Offender Name: JULIE COREY
Offender ID:A111066
Date of Birth:
Gender: Female

Custody Status: In Custody

Parents Gone Wild! Sara Lynn Kreuger and her boyfriend Ryan Scott Warner charged with her daughter’s, Kayleigh Jayne Slusher, beating death

Say NO to Child Abuse

Kayleigh Slusher
Kayleigh Jayne Slusher

Kayleigh Slusher obituary
Vigil honors Napa girl as couple faces possible homicide charges
Napa Police Arrest Couple In Young Child’s Death
Read the Police Report and Criminal Complaints in the Kayleigh Slusher Murder Case
Napa woman, boyfriend arrested in slaying of daughter, 3
Couple faces murder charges in child’s death
Police: Napa Couple Stored 3-Year-Old’s Body In Suitcase, Freezer
Napa Woman, Boyfriend Set For Arraignment In Sex Assault, Death Of 3-Year-Old
Slain Napa girl kept in suitcase, freezer, police say
Mother Charged After 3-Year-Old Daughter Is Killed, Stored in Freezer
Mom, boyfriend plead not guilty in slaying of Northern California 3-year-old

Krueger and Warner
Sara Lynn Kreuger and Ryan Scott Warner

Guest Post: Cyberbullying


Dena Michelle Raley-McCluskey murder 10/13/1999 Modesto, CA *Russell Todd Jones convicted of manslaughter, sentenced to 11 years in prison*

Dena Raley
Dena Michelle Raley-McCluskey

Search for Raley-McCluskey ends at the grave
Modesto Police Press Release
Ex-detective says he first suspected victim’s boyfriend in Modesto murder
Modesto Man Arrested in 1999 Disappearance of Dena Raley
Man arrested in 1999 disappearance; police believe they’ve found Raley-McCluskey’s body
Friends say suspect told them about old murder
Dena Raley’s Stepmother Discusses Murder Case
Raley-McCluskey family surprised by manslaughter conviction
Modesto man gets maximum sentence in death of Raley-McCluskey
Callous killer gets 11 years
Dena Raley: Modesto, California (several articles)

On The Case With Paula Zahn: Cry On My Shoulder


Russell Jones

CDCR#: AK4853
Age: 54
Admission Date: 12/20/201
Current Location: Deuel
Address: 23500 Kasson Rd
Tracy, CA 95304
Phone:(209) 835-4141


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